Kate’s Maid Training

You may recall the ending of St.Helena’s Part 2 which focused on Kate. Here is a reminder to jog your memory:

‘Kate was leaving St. Helena’s School soon and she had asked if she could come to see Miss Kenworthy (Head of Discipline) a week or so before she did. So, after school, Miss Kenworthy waited at the allotted time for Kate’s meeting with her. A knock on the door was followed quickly by Kate, who burst into the room crying!

“Oh Kate! Whatever is the matter?” asked Tamara

“You! You are the matter!” She sobbed. “I have fallen in love with you….and..and…”

“And what?”

“I love my punishments! I don’t ever want them to end! I need them so much. I think I am going mad. I’m leaving the school soon and feel like my life is coming to an end! I am so sad,” Kate spluttered through her snot and tears.

Miss Kenworthy sat her down and explained her own feelings and offered her the post of live-in maid in her own house! Kate was dying to get her own place and leave her home, so she said,

“Yes, yes! Fucking hell! YESSSSSS!” So, in the briefest of moments both of their wishes came true.’

And so, not long after the school term ended, Kate’s training as Tamara’s live-in maid started. As you will see, Kate is spanked frequently in all sorts of positions and places. She enjoys it and is always desirous to receive more. Samantha is always only too happy to oblige her needs. It is a perfect arrangement for both of them.

I have continued this in a different format…


More to come…

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