Chapter Seventeen – A Special Detention for Charlotte

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Chapter 17: Charlotte has a special detention with Mr. Jones

The room in which school punishments are administered is often called the ‘Detention room’. However, in my school I kept the old-fashioned name, ‘punishment room’. The sign on the door spelled it out on an unpolished copper plate, with cream writing. It was only a small sign, but it struck fear into the hearts of most of my pupils. Like most such rooms, it was next to my office, which pupils entered via the secretary’s office, my ‘gatekeeper’.

On this particular day, my Secretary announced the arrival of Charlotte in the detention room. Charlotte had been in detention many times, which usually meant just writing lines or an essay. However, after being caught and reported to me by Miss Knigtley for her lewd behaviour charging £1 a time to wiggle her bare bottom and touching her pussy for masturbating boys on her webcam, she was in for a bery big surprise.

Before entering the detention room, I put on my full academic regalia, as I thought this extra piece of formality might just put the fear of God into her. I would appear a bit like a high court judge just about to pass sentence!

I entered the room and found her standing with her hands clasped in front of her, looking very apprehensive.

I stood and stared hard at her for a few minutes, saying nothing. She looked distinctly uncomfortable. Her gaze dropped to the floor, unable to maintain eye contact with me, and she started fidgeting nervously with her hands.

I waited a bit longer, and then, in a stern voice, addressed her,

“Your recent behaviour, Charlotte, was totally unacceptable. Waggling your naked bottom around for a load of adolescent boys to watch and wank over is not the sort of behaviour that I would expect from a teenage girl at this school. You’re turning into real slut unless I manage to curb your wayward behaviour. What do you think I should do to discourage such behaviour from you in the future, young lady?”

Charlotte was at a loss for an appropriate answer and could only mutter in a rather lame and typical schoolgirl manner, “Ummm….I don’t know, Sir.”

“Well I certainly do, you brazen young hussy! If you’re so intent on baring your bottom and waggling it about, you can bare it for me and I’ll certainly make it waggle. By that, I mean you are getting your bare backside reddened over my knee!”

Charlotte looked aghast. She hadn’t for some reason expected quite this response to her behaviour. She had thought she might be set some lines to do and kept in detention during recreational breaks for a week or two. Having already been spanked by Miss Knightley, she hadn’t expected to have her bottom spanked again and certainly not by a man.

Trying to look as demure as possible, she placed her hands together in a placatory manner, fluttered her eyelids and started to beg him not to spank her,

“Please Sir, I’ll never do it again, I promise. Please don’t spank me. I’m ever so sorry. I’ll be as good as gold from now on, Sir.”

Mr.Jones wasn’t born yesterday. He was fully acquainted with the ‘weedling’ ways of naughty young ladies. She needed to be taught a sound lesson and a spanking and a caning was the only option as far as he was concerned. Besides which, she was very attractive and he rather fancied spanking her lovely bottom, purely of course for ‘professional’ reasons!

“It’s no good begging and pleading girl! I’ve heard it all before. Come here, now!” he said, taking her by the hand.

Charlotte tried to resist, saying, ‘‘Awwww, no Sir, please don’t.”

“Now don’t be silly about this Charlotte. You know I have the authority to do this. Over you come and get over my knee!”

He sat down and pulled her over his lap and raised her skirt to reveal her pert young bottom tightly encased in white school knickers, a sight that he never tired of seeing despite over 30 years of teaching experience.

Once he had raised her skirt, Mr. Jones set about delivering a firm dozen smacks to her crisp, tight, white school knickers, her soft rounded cheeks bouncing in response as she let out a series of sharp cries and squeals.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Oooooh, owwwwww! It hurts!”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Oooooh, owwwh, ooooh, owwwwww! Oh please Sir, please stop! It stings.”

Pausing, Mr Jones said, ‘“Don’t be silly Charlotte, I’ve only just got started you naughty young girl. There are plenty more smacks yet to come before I’m satisfied I’ve done my job properly…..I think we’ll have your knickers down now Charlotte.”

Charlotte protested loudly, “NOOOOH!” But it was of no avail. Mr. Jones grasped the waistband of her knickers and slid them down well clear of her beautifully rounded bottom, accompanied by squeals of embarrassment from Charlotte. The humiliation of him seeing her naked red bottom, and no doubt her pussy, would stay with her for life. The sight would also be fondly remembered by Mr. Jones. He had spanked many young female bottoms during his long career, but very few of the quality possessed by Charlotte.

Once her bottom had been bared, Mr. Jones really set too, slapping each of her jiggling buttocks in turn with a vengeance….



      SMACK! SLAP!

Charlotte squealed and wriggled this way and that in an attempt to escape, but was firmly held down over Mr. Jones’ knee. The visual and physical effects of this beautiful girl wriggling and writhing also had an impact on Mr. Jones. He felt stirrings in his loins and hoped that Charlotte wouldn’t notice the hard bulge developing in his trousers.

Whilst he rather enjoyed seeing Charlotte struggling over his knee as he continued to spank her, he started to become increasingly annoyed by her loud and silly behaviour, making an embarrassing spectacle of herself!

Finally he snapped,

“Right Charlotte, I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Most girls manage to maintain a degree of dignity when across my knee, even when I spank them hard. You seem incapable of controlling yourself. Get off my lap and kneel on my ‘spanking chair.’ I’m going to cane you to complete your punishment.”

Horrified, Charlotte leapt off his lap and stood facing him, rubbing her bottom with both hands, and started pleading again,

“Oh Sir, please not the cane. Surely spanking me was sufficient. Please, Sir!”

“Stuff and nonsense,” replied Mr. Jones. “Your behaviour warrants a good thrashing with my cane. I’m going to give you a dozen good strokes, so get up on the stool NOW! If you don’t do as I ask very quickly, I’ll get my secretary in to hold you down across my desk.”

Charlotte felt she had run out of options, so slowly mounted the spanking chair. No sooner was she in place then Mr. Jones set about striping her naughty bottom with his very whippy cane!

Swish! Thwack!
Swish! Thwack!
Swish! Thwack!
Swish! Thwack!
Swish! Thwack!

The effect of the cane on Charlotte was immediate. She squealed and howled, and redoubled the wiggling of her bottom with every successive cane stroke, which Mr. Jones found extremely provocative. However, with a supreme effort he just about managed to maintain his ‘professional’ approach to the task in hand!

Halfway through the caning, his intercom buzzed. It was his secretary, who informed him that Charlotte’s mother had just arrived.

“Mrs. Elliot is here now Mr Jones. Shall I send her through?”

He leant to the desk to press a button, ‘‘Yes, Marjorie, send her in. She’s a bit late, but that can’t be helped now. I’m already halfway through Charlotte’s punishment.”

Mr. Jones had had a discussion the previous week at the parents’ evening about Charlotte’s behaviour and he had suggested that she try to take Charlotte ‘in hand’ and apply a little more discipline when she was at home… namely to spank the girl when she was naughty. Mrs. Elliot had agreed to try and the matter was left at that. However, when it came down to the task he had set her, she hadn’t a clue where to start. As a result, Charlotte had remained free from any form of parental discipline until now. On hearing of Charlotte’s recent misdemeanour, Mr. Jones had asked his secretary to invite Mrs. Elliot to come to see him this afternoon. Unfortunately, by the time Charlotte had arrived in his study, there was no sign of her, so he had decided to go ahead with Charlotte’s punishment without waiting for her.

A smart looking middle aged woman walked in, just as his cane cracked across Charlotte’s bottom for the sixth time…SWISH! THWACK!… “Yeoooooowww!”

Mrs. Elliot stared at the scene in front of her…her daughter was kneeling on a high chair, with her bottom bared displaying six clear cane stripes.

“Oh please don’t cane my daughter Mr. Jones…please don’t! I know that on parents’ evening I said I would take her in hand and I haven’t, but please don’t!”

“I was going to give her a crisp dozen! I thought you had forgotten our arrangement Madam. But you are here now, so I shall continue. Watch and learn!” said Mr. Jones with an air of authority, determined to thrash the young lady soundly whatever her mother might say.

How embarrassing for Charlotte, as the Headmaster and her mother had a long conversation over her bare bottom!

“Well, first of all I apologise for being a little late, Mr. Jones, but please, as we have already discussed, teach me how to spank my daughter. I promise I will discipline her every time you send her home with a note. I will spank her up to your standard if you might just instruct me how to do so. I’ve never spanked her and I’m not sure how or where to start.”

Charlotte couldn’t believe that her mother was requesting Mr Jones to give her a spanking lesson!

Mr. Jones reluctantly consented. He had been rather enjoying caning Charlotte.

“Start off by giving her twenty good hard smacks, alternately on each cheek. If she isn’t screaming and crying by the end, I will guide you!”

This was so unbelievable! However, before Charlotte could protest, her mother started to wallop her backside ….really really hard!





Charlotte’s squeals and howls filled the Headmaster’s office and it rapidly became apparent that Mrs.Elliot didn’t really need spanking lessons. She was a ‘natural’!

Mr. Jones complimented her,

“Well done, Mrs. Elliot, you seem to have quickly picked up how to spank your daughter. Well done. I hope that you won’t hold back now in dealing with her. She needs spanking frequently if she is to ever learn how to become a well-behaved young lady that you want to feel proud of.”

Mrs.Elliot beamed with pride. She had rather enjoyed walloping her daughter’s bottom. Why hadn’t she done so before? She was at a loss as to the reason why, but now she had tried spanking her, she would continue to do so enthusiastically!

Mr. Jones noticed her evident pleasure and suggested that they jointly spanked Charlotte to ‘finish her off’! And so, Charlotte’s bottom received another dose of stinging slaps as her mother and Mr. Jones smacked her alternately, each trying to outdo the other in terms of how hard they smacked.

It was a spanking that Charlotte would always remember. Yes, it had hurt dreadfully, but as her bottom became used to the treatment and heat started to build and spread to her loins, she started to feel other, more pleasurable sensations. She wished that she could rub herself, but thought that that might be going one step too far! She also rather relished the feelings of humiliation as she bent semi-naked in front of Mr. Jones and her mother as she started to connect with her submissive side for the first time.

Once the spanking was over, goodbyes were quickly said and Charlotte’s mother said that her new spanking regime would begin immediately on her daughter’s return home, adopting the age-old phrase, ‘a spanking at school deserves a spanking at home!” She already had a large wooden hairbrush that could be used when harsher punishment was required, but she had also recently purchased a new pair of leather slippers, one of which could be used to help spank some sense into her wayward daughter. Charlotte’s bottom would rarely stay cold or lilly white for long, if she had anything to do with it from now on!


This is the end of Part One of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls. In the next part you will meet Kate.

There are lots of volumes, and your favourite characters like Charlotte pop up again.


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