The Desk (a few short stories based around a school desk)

Asa’s note.

there is always room for more school desk stories, so watch this space!


Oh dear….sometimes I wonder if any of the girls at this school have any commen sense at all!

These two have decided it is a wizard jape to draw penis diagrams in our Geography text books. It was so easy to catch them. I gave them two books with no drawings in, witnessed by my good friend and colleague Miss Kenworthy. On return of the books at the end of class I looked, and they they were.

I have sent them to the punishment room to write a three side essay on why they should not deface school property.

I can hear them laughing and giggling as I approach. I was going to smack their naughty bottoms on receipt of their work, now it will be six sides of A4, and four strokes of the cane!

I enter the room….”Quiet!”

“Stand up!”

“Stand up straight, look to the front, hands by your sides! No talking. Now….remove your knickers! I am going to cane you both, and it is now a six page essay, handed in tomorrow morning after assembly!”

“Yes Sir…Yes Sir”

“Bend over!”

I swish my cane…..swiiiish…..swishhh

“Right girls, no nonsense now, let’s get it over with!”


“owwww oooooh owww-wwww ohhhhhhh ooh!!!!!”


“owwwwww, ohhhh my, ohhhhhhhh, Oooooh!!!!!”

The punishment was swift and effective, both girls blushing, red faced and red bottomed.

“Sit down!”

“Books out!”

“Write out fifty times….’Naughty girls get red striped bottoms’…in your best handwriting!”

Both girls were sniffing and wriggling, it was obviously stinging a great deal.

“Now both of you, sit in the humiliation row. The rest of your class will be here shortly to hear you read your lines out loud.”

The rest of the class come in giggling. I make no attempt to stop them.

“Right, first you Samantha, then Kate, stand up, no rubbing your bottoms! Read your work, loud and clear!”

The room explodes into laughter as they do so.

……two more naughty girls dealt with!


…you would have thought an intelligent girl like Samantha would keep her head down after that wouldn’t you?

But oh no! Not naughty Samantha, two days later she was in my class and I caught her reading a naughty book!

“Samantha! What have you got there?”

A book fell to the floor. “Nothing Mr Jones!”

I gasped…”Do you think me stupid, we all just heard it fall, do you want me to make you read some to the class?”

“No…no….er…no Sir!!”

“I thought not! Get out here, now, young lady!”

The rest of the girls snigger and whisper.

She stood slowly, and silently walked to the front of the class.

It was time to use embarrassment. I made her squirm.

“Please turn to face the class Samantha.

I told her to lift her slip and lower her knickers. The class giggled but I did nothing to stop them.

“Bend over you naughty girl and please be good enough to tell the truth. You were reading a naughty book were you not?”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“Legs apart!”

I then gave her a crisp dozen smacks. She squealed loudly. “Turn around!”

I gave her another dozen, much harder, with a plimsol. The class was quiet. I was setting an example.

“Now stay there until the end of class young lady. Let your peers see hat a naughty bottom looks like!”

You are sat at the front desk, she glances at you. But you have no chance to convey any sort of message, sympathetic or otherwise.

“Eyes to the front girl, and legs apart please!”

And ther she stayed, her privacy exposed and her sore bottom screaming out to be rubbed, until the bell rang. Crying.

Another lesson given!


Sarah and Charlotte…

“Just how many times do I need to tell you two to be quiet! This is a test, you are supposed to be working on your own. Stop laughing, I told you two to stop laughing!”

“I said stop giggling, this is important! Stand up, the pair of you, perhaps a sore bottom apiece might teach you two to behave! Stand up I said, and lift your gym slips!”

They continued to giggle! “Excuse me young ladies! You still find it funny do you? Lower your knickers!”

Charlotte let out a snort, which made Sarah laugh aloud. “Oh I see, so you do think this is funny? And you expect me to stand here and be ridiculed do you? Well know this girls, you will not get the better of me! Bend over!!”

The pair did bend over, to push their delightful bottoms out and wiggle them to the class, which erupted in laughter. They thought, and indeed, so did I up until this point, that it was going to be nothing more than a spanking.

But I was not going to stand for it!

I picked up a tawse and a cane. “Out to the front, the pair of you, let the class see if you find THIS amusing. Charlotte bend over, present your bottom. Sarah, you stand there!”

I gave Charlotte a few with the tawse as Sarah looked on, horrified and afraid.

Then I caned her!

Sarah’s face was the epitome of a naughty girl seeing her fate unfold, my cane hit hard and true on Charlotte’s bottom.

“Right, swop places!”

It was Charlotte’s turn to watch.

I gave Sarah a caning too, and sent them to stand at the front of the class, bare striped bottoms on show, as I lectured the class.

I gave all 33 girls a very stern lecture. The thrashing had upset some, who were sniffing.

I then made the two naughty girls put their noses to the projection screen for the last half hour of the lesson. Both were crying.

I can assure you, they found it funny no more!

Two more naughty girls dealt with.


Charlotte on her own this time, playing a very well spoken, polite, privilidged girl.

As her Headmaster I had the enviable job of bending her over a desk for a spanking a few times.

She would walk into the punishment room like a super model. Even to this day I think I was satisfying a desire in her. It was the way she bent over more than anything.

Look how she enters, her uniform and hair perfect.

I told her to sit down, and gave her some work to do. I sat at the back of the room, simply to make her feel uneasy. I told her that she would be spanked, on the bare bottom, when I decided she had done enough work.

After around thirty minutes I told her to stand. She turned and looked at me straight in the eyes and said. “Yes Mr.Jones, Sir.”

But she smiled so sweetly at me, almost as if to say thank you!

She stood and bent over as instructed, her skirt riding up to reveal the white crinkled panties around her tight little pussy. I confess to finding it erotic.

“Skirt up!”

I liked to give crisp, clear, authorative commands.

She pulled her school blazer up, to reveal a beautiful bottom wrapped in the previously mentioned tight white school knickers.

“Knickers down.”

She glanced over her shoulder to watch me approach, which I did slowly, drinking in the glorious sight before me.

Just ten firm smacks to each cheek, and it was over. Her first spanking.

I dismissed her from the room, wrote her punishment details in the book and hoped she would be back soon.

It wasn’t long before she was back.

Here again Charlotte? You are becoming a regular naughty girl aren’t you?

Well you know the drill! Blazer and skirt up, bend over, and lower your knickers!

My eyes focussed on the little wrinkles on her knickers, as she began to wiggle.

Her knickers slowly slid down her legs to the floor, and then she bent over, slowly.

Very slowly indeed.

I walked to pick up my trusty size thirteen plimsol, I was going to enjoy bouncing the rubber sole up and down on her bottom a few times.

As I walked, I glanced at her, she was in a trance almost, breathing quickly, almost excitedly it seemed to me.

….more to be added soon


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