A Managerie of Naughty Girls – a series of short stories.

Some naughty girls need their own accounts of their time at my school.

Please, come and meet some…a selection of naughty school girl stories.

Asa’s note…

…a lot of naughty school girl stories are on my site, and being added regularly, but it is possible more may be added here, so call back from time to time.

Here is the first….

This is a girl who is rather posh, and delightful to know. Always dressed well, polite, and hard working. But of late, a little naughty. I will not detail the naughtiness, I leave that to bigger stories, just be aware that she has been misbehaving a lot lately, back chat, lateness, no homework, that sort of thing.

When she first arrived at Saint Helena she had a rebellious mind. I think it was peer pressure. She was a privileged girl who wanted to show the less fortunate that she was no goody-goody. She targeted local council buildings with graffiti, claiming all sorts of persecutions were happening against the local populous. Seventy three offences! Three appearances in Juvenile Court.

It seems she is going through a second phase, a lot do. A spanking or two usually sorts them out.

The school Psychologist says it is a basic need in a punished girl. Like a Catholic girl going to confession. Putting it simple, they need a spanking! The weight of guilt lifted off their shoulders after their admission spanking is such a wonderful thing. They have atoned! They do not have to worry any more about being different.

Alas for them, they soon realise ‘being different’ is what they are! Some girls just need a regular spanking to keep them on the right track.

She came to the punishment room on report, we use a merit/de-merit system, her score this term has led to this.

“Hello Charlotte, I am disappointed to see you here, your standards are slipping. I think half a dozen whacks on your bare bottom with a plimsoll is what you need my girl! Sit at this desk and do one hundred lines, ‘I must improve my general performance’, when done, I will punish you!”

She sat quietly and did her lines. Then I spoke in a less friendly tone.

“Stand up, out to the front girl!”

She reached the front. ” Stand up straight, shoulders back, arms by your side. You are a naughty girl! What are you?”

‘A naughty girl Miss Kenworthy.”

“And what do naughty girls get?”

‘A spanking on their bare bottom Miss Kenworthy.’

“Very good. Blazer up, skirt up!”

“Yes Miss.”

“Knickers off!”

She faltered at these words, girls realise at this stage that their bottom and private parts will be on show, and I will know what they look like, and every time they pass me, they will blush.

She did as she was told. If she did not, I would cane her, hard, all the girls know this.

“Bend over, either touch the floor, you toes, or grip your ankles!”

She began to tremble quite a lot, but presented her bottom well.

I picked up my plimsol and gave her three smart thwacks on each cheek.




whack….Ohhh God! Ohhhh….ooh!

“Don’t use the Lord’s name in such a way Girl!”

“Awww..ohhhh sorry Miss Kenworthy.”

I gave her a minute to compose herself. “The last ones are always the hardest! Brace yourself!”

She did.


She jumped up squealing and clutching her bottom. ‘Oooooh owwwww, oww owww ooooh!”

“Now stop making so much fuss you silly girl. There are six third years coming here in ten minutes, stand in the corner, your naughty bottom bare for all to see, and contemplate what has just happened. I hope this has taught you a lesson young lady!”

She stood in the corner quietly, sniffing.

The third years came in, I did not stop them giggling!

I made her stay there for fifteen minutes more. Then dismissed her.

She ran from the room, pulling her knickers up crying in shame and embarrassment.

What happened next was not at all uncommon. Getting spanked and humiliated at school is the first step on many a girls journey to becoming a true submissive. I instinctively knew this when I saw her face when she came back less than a month later. I asked her form teacher to send her to the punishment room on Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

I had four fourth years sat writing a seven page essay on something incredibly boring. They had all had three strokes of the cane on their writing hand and we’re finding it difficult. When Charlotte knocked on the door and entered after being told to do so, just for a second, her face showed delight. “Yes!” I thought. “I knew you were.”

I confess that I loved knowing, there were a lot in the school, and I enjoyed punishing them the most. Not that any of them suspected, I was professional at all times.

“Pens down, hands on laps. You are to witness the spanking of a very naughty girl! Go straight to the front Charlotte, stand near the stool and face the left hand wall. Stare at the wall, and tell it what you are, and what you deserve!”

She faced the wall, and spoke to it. “I am a very naughty girl and deserve a bare bottom spanking Miss Kenworthy.”

The room burst into laughter.


Instantly silence fell.

“Bare your bottom!”

Shuffles in seats betrayed the interest the girls took in the performance.

“Stand up girls, I am giving her twelve good whacks with my hand, I want you to all to count them. That includes you Charlotte! So, it will be One Miss Kenworthy, Two Miss Kenworthy and on, until we get to twelve. If your performance is not loud and clear, you will all get six with the ruler!”

They stood facing the bare bottom of Charlotte.

Loud and clear, like the school choir they shouted out in unison.

‘One Miss Kenworthy ….Two Miss Kenworthy …Three Miss Kenworthy ‘..until the end…

There were classrooms to each side, I knew they were both full. The sound of the chanting girls, the crisp well delivered smacks, and the wails and screams of Charlotte would carry.

I rotated the timetable so that every class used the two adjoining rooms at least three times a week. It was a marvellous way of letting the naughty girls that discipline was being maintained.

I put Charlotte in the corner again, near an open window. The classrooms were instructed to leave the nearest windows open…her sobs would be heard. Like my voice….”No rubbing Charlotte!”

I heard giggles filter back through the window, and a voice shout, ‘…and that’s not just your bottom Charlotte’ which was followed by loud guffaws of mirth. The school was packed full of the naughtiest girls imaginable, but they were a jolly bunch.

I smiled.

I remember very well that after the day of this punishment I masturbated very hard, thinking of Charlotte’s bottom and the ways I could punish it. I had spoken at length to Mr Jones about this exotic creature and what seemed to be a need to be punishe. We agreed that here was a girl developing into a submissive.

I decided then, that one day, she would become MY submissive.more to come!

As I lay fingering my pussy that night, these are the images I saw…

As my orgasms gathered pace and intensity, images of her in different positions flew through my wild mind!

She began to fill my mind,  I needed to punisher as often as I could,.

in as many ways I could.

more soon… She will be back! See you soon Charlotte!

Here is the next one, enjoy!

One of the girls who got punished the most was Lucy, she wasn’t the naughtiest, she would never steal, bully, do damage or be peevish. But she was an annoying little brat! Cheeky, quick with a sarcastic comment, challenging, defiant and always thought she was right!

One day Miss Kenworthy got so annoyed with her constant answering back and cheek that she lost her temper and made all the class stand at the back of the room, whilst she thrashed Lucy’s bare bottom with a plimsol!

She made her get over a stool and told all the class she was going to make an example of her. She whacked and whacked her bottom full force with the thick rubber soled plimsol for a good five minutes. The whacks echoed around the room.

Lucy tried her hardest not to make a fuss, but by the end she was crying, squealing and begging for mercy!

Miss Kenworthy bent over and told her that next time it would be the tawse!

All the girls had a crush on Miss Kenworthy after that.

Lucy could not sit down for the rest of the day, and how the girls giggled and tormented her.

But it made little or no difference to the troublesome little minx. In fact, it became a challenge, almost a battle of wits between a formidable, beautiful disciplinarian and a brat.

As we spanking aficionados know, there could be only one winner.

Just one week to the day, in the same lesson on the weekly timeable, the brat and Miss Kenworthy faced each other again. Like some kind of duel on a dusty street in some old Wild West town, they eyed each other as they walked into class. Miss Kenworthy full of menace and serious. Lucy full of brash bravado, showing off to her friends. Which she continued to do for another fifteen minutes, constantly being told to behave.

As the class went on, the room became full of atmosphere. Then at 2 o’clock Miss Kenworthy walked to her tan leather briefcase and withdrew a Tawse.

“I am warning you Lucy. Do not test me any further.”

The radiators gently hummed as the hot water ran through the cast iron pipes. The old oak clock ticked away. Rain and hail pelted the high windows.

Lucy sat arms folded, doing nothing.

When asked why, she became rude and arrogant. She overstepped the mark, deliberately. “I am fed up, I’m not absolutely sure you know this subject well enough to teach it.”

She expected Miss Kenworthy to explode, but instead a calmness fell upon her. “Everyone back to the walls like last week please. You young lady have been impertinent and very offensive to my professional reputation. I do know the subject. This will not develop into a discussion Lucy. I am going to give you twelve with the tawse. Out here now! Bare your bottom, and bend over the stool.”

Out came Lucy, she smiled to the class. They could not decide wether to admire her, or think her stupid. But every one of the twenty two girls stood watching, was glad she was ‘getting it’ again.

Some through contempt, some through desire, some simply because they wanted to see a bottom get the tawse.

As she bent over, every girl stared at her beautiful bare bottom. They all agreed on this. It was indeed, soft and beautifully shaped.

Then the thrashing began. The leather cracked like a pistol, as Lucy’s cheeks wobbled. She held her position as Miss Kenworthy let her have it without any mercy.

Miss Kenworthy looked to the pale faced onlookers, the severity of the thrashing had made some feel queasy. They all lowered their eyes as she looked at them.

She circled Lucy about five times, listening to her wimper and looking at the red swellings rise.

“Class dismissed. Up you get Lucy. Off you go.”

Miss Kenworthy was being very clever, using few words and keeping things simple. Lucy began to feel a little unsettled. All the other teachers would have ranted and raved by now, but this woman, this beautiful dominant woman full of authority was the opposite, calm and collected. Like a snake.

Another week passed, and another, and another, each week getting slowly more and more extreme. Miss Kenworthy grew to admire the girls resilience, and in return, Lucy almost fell in love with this Godess of Discipline.

There was only one route for this to take. THE CANE!!!

First of all the traditional ‘crook’ handled school cane.

It started with twelve of the best.

Then eighteen.

Then twenty four.

Yet still the battle went on, and end of term, the time for Lucy to leave, was approaching.

This girl needed bringing to her knees, and beyond, so Miss Kenworthy hung up the traditional rattan, and purchased a dragon cane. A girl only had to look at the swaying flexible weapon of bottom destruction to feel pain. It was a terrifying disciplinary tool.

But finally it got the result, it bought her to her knees, squealing at the top of her voice, saying sorry! At last.

Did it end there? No!

Miss Kenworthy decided on some private humiliation for Lucy.

enter…. The Head girl

This is the next story, (or part two of this) another chapter for Saint Helena.

The Head Girl of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls was a well presented young lady, very polite and correctly spoken.

She was loved by the staff, and mistrusted by the girls. She was a teacher’s pet, who told tales and delighted in seeing a naughty girl get punished before he, especially if she had reported her. Which was very often the case.

Soon after Lucy had ‘bent the knee’ the Head Girl reported her to Miss Kenworthy for taking items from the stationery cupboard, and suggested that in her opinion, it could well be her who has been stealing jewelry from coat pockets in the changing rooms.

Over the years a rumour had grown and grown amongst the schoolgirls. It was that sometimes, just to see them spanked, she would make a story up about them.

Lucy accused her of lying when confronted by Miss Kenworthy.

However Miss Kenworthy would hear nothing of it. “I trust our Head Girl implicitly, how dare you accuse her of lying! She is above reproach. For that, I am going to punish you before her!”

The Head Girl began to cry…”I am only doing my best to keep naughty horrid girls like Lucy in line Miss….sniff, and she says I am lying, it is so unfair, I’m a good girl, I don’t lie….sob, sniff.”

“I know you are a good girl, now you apologise to your superior Lucy!”

“Apologise to that lying, two faced toe rag! No way! She should be bending over for me!”

“Lucy!! Shut up! Ohhh you have done it now you disgraceful girl!”

“We will begin with a bare bottom spanking, get over my knee young lady!”

The Head Girl dried her tears, and sat at the desk.

Miss Kenworthy turned to the Head Girl, “Would you pass me the hairbrush, it is just behind you on the desk.”

“Of course Miss, anything to help.” Replied a delighted Head Girl.

She then witnessed the spectacle of Miss Kenworthy in full merciless flow with a heavy hairbrush on tender young flesh.

“Oh bravo Miss Kenworthy! That is just what a naughty girl needs! You are magnificent!”

This encouraged Miss Kenworthy to give ten more! Lucy could not resist any longer and through the pain screamed “You lying bitch, I fucking hate you! This should be you!”

The room went quiet, apart from heavy breathing and sobbing. “Right!” Said Miss Kenworthy menacingly.

Lucy went as quiet as a mouse, but knew it was too late.

“You foul mouthed girl, stand up this instance!”

Lucy quickly stood up.

“You my dear girl, need some humiliation! I am going to let the Head Girl put you over her knee and spank you. This is no longer about petty theft, it s about you being an uncontrolable brat, I am going to teach you how to behave, and become a model schoolgirl, like your superior here!”

Oh and how Lucy hated her being called her superior.

With an air of great superiority Miss Kenwortyhy told Kate to make herself comfortable and Lucy to get over her knee for a bare bottom spanking again!

The Head Girl thought all her birthdays had come at once!

Over she went. The Head Girl  wanted to impress her Mentor, so spanked Lucy’s already red and sore bottom hard and fast.

Miss Kenworthy stood to watch. “Well done, that’s how to do it. Vary your smack so she dos not know where the next is coming!”

“Oh what a good idea, yes I will!”

Smack, crack, whack, spank…

“Owwww, ooooh, awwww, owwwoooowwww!” Squealed Lucy.

The Head Girl loved every second…the sound, the wobbling cheeks, the squeals of pain…everything.

Lucy hated it, but could do nothing but accept it. Miss Kenworthy was acting within the remit of her job as Head of Discipline.

“This is only the start of your humiliation Lucy, trust me, you will leave this room corrected!”

The Head Girl did not want it to end, and was delighted to hear the news.

“Bend over here Lucy, you need to taste some leather young lady!”

Poor Lucy was in a daze, just being guided from one place to the other, she had met her match, and was regretting being a brat, but…too late.

Miss Kenworthy used the senior Tawse on the bare cheeks of Lucy. Then bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Now Lucy, you are getting the cane, but not from me!”

“Nooooo not from her!”


Miss Kenworthy gave the Head Girl the cane. “Now tell her she is a naughty little girl and is getting six of the very best.

The Head Girl told her.

Miss Kenworthy had seen the look on Lucy’s face when she called the Head Girl her superior. “Now then young lady, tell your superior that you are a very naughty little girl who needs thrashing on your bare bottom, ask her to cane you hard to tach her a lesson.”

Lucy could not believe the words coming out of her mouth.

“Head Girl, I am so sorry for being such a naughty little girl. I am going to bend over and present my bare bottom to you. Please cane me hard Miss. Teach me to be good like you.”

She bent over.

More to come soon….be patient

One girl I have spanked many times is Kate. It got so bad that instead of spanking her on the spot for a misdemeanor I started making her wait, for days. To come to my office. I came to the conclusion that she needed firm discipline with a degree of humiliation. So I positioned a mirror, on a chair, to the side of my office door.

The idea being that the girl can see herself being punished and see how ridiculous she looks crying and wailing with her bottom wiggling and legs kicking. Then I would make her do corner time before it, and stay ther, no matter who, or how many people came to my office. Anyone from the postman, to visitors, to my secretary, and other girls.

She always walked in without a care, and the day after would always say a cheery “Hello Mr Jones” on the corridors.

I came to the conclusion that she was a natural submissive who enjoyed being punished! See what you think, here are some photos…

I always tried to vary both apparatus and implement.

So too the corner time, which also included leaving her with her red bottom high in the air. I always remember the milkman dropping a pint of milk as he entered once!

No matter how hard, how embarrassing for her, or other people, she was back every week, sometimes twice!

Can you see what I mean? She came too often, just too often, compared to other girls.


Here is a little vintage set of real schoolgirls, from various on line archives, to give you a feel of what is was like back in the day…

And just think, some of these girls may have been naughty and had a spanking for real!



One of the most endearing, yet cheekiest of all the girls I have had to punish, and in her case on several occassions, was this girl. Cherry Blush. Blush by name, and looking at her bottom after a spanking, often it was Blush by nature!

She was always smiling, apart from when being caned! Always cheeky. Even in corner time I caught her winking at her classmates with her bare bottom on show once!

Such was the nature of the girl….delightful, yet naughty. Even the afternoon after a morning six of the best, just like Kate she would greet me in the corridor with a cheery “Hello Mister Jones!” Maybe it is a sign of the girls who rather like a good spanking!

Oh she appeared in my punishment book many times!

Along with the Goverment Code of Practice for punishing naughty girls bottoms, I always did it fairly and with respect. Apart from the odd occassion when a girl had been caught stealing or some other serious nonsense. Then I would thrash the bare buttocks mercilessly.

I remember one of her first crimes, and I knew then, that she would be back many times. She was charging the boys fifty pence to look at her bottom, £1 to feel it, and £2 for masturbating as they did so!

Mind you! Who could blame the boys!

Yes, she ended up on the corridor naughty stool for the whole afternoon for that!

Before that I spanked her soundly before the class.

I made her stand before the board, so that day she spent a lot of time contemplating the rewards of being naughty!

Did it make much difference? Nooooo….she ended up in corner time on many occassions!

To be honest, I think she damn well enjoyed the bloody experience! I think she was quite an exhibitionist!

She usually took her punishment well, but on the odd occassion I had to do it hard. Following the guidelines you see! It is no good caning just the same for every crime. Like when she bared her bottom on the M1 on a school trip. I made her pay dearly for that, with added humiliation!

Oh my word, I saw that worried little face very often!

Even taking her own knickers down was different, almost a striptease show! What a naughty girl!

Her worst crime was being caught playing with herself before the class when the School Governors were on a visit!

Before the class, and the Board of Governors I thrashed her hard in a very well presented position, oh she squealed and cried, but I did not relent! Standards must be maintained you see.

She has left now, and is a model. I still bump into her, and she always greets me with a cheery smile and a wink!

She is a lovely girl. Did I do her any good? I think so, but one thing is for sure….it was fun trying!

Mr Jones

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