The Naughty Nurse

Being the thoughtful and caring soul I try to be, I thought of a way to cheer my dear friend Samantha up. She fell off her horse, see here…

She has been feeling more than a little bored, and as she is in pain, a little glum. Although, credit due to her, she is putting a very brave face on and keeping as cheerful as she can. Bless her xxhugxx.

I asked…”shall we make a story up about it, and you can spank the naughty nurse who comes to see you on a home visit, with your other arm if you think you could manage it?”

“Oh yes please! How interesting, and definitely yes to spanking Charlotte! Can I use a shoe? I might not be able to spank hard enough with my hand today?”

“Of course!” I said happily, and Charlotte agreed enthusiastically.

Here is what we came up with…



A well known local stable owner, Lady Kenworthy of Fessengham Towers had taken a nasty fall off of her beautiful horse. Riding over fields, through rivers, and country lanes was something she loved. She was missing it, and was feeling grumpy. It had been two weeks now, and the Doctor had told yesterday, not to remove the sling or do any lifting for at least another three weeks…and it could run in to months.

The district nurse was coming to check on her, this meant adjusting the sling, giving medication and generally making her comfortable. She pulled in to the country estate and went into the Lodge. She was told to report to the first cottage on the right, Lady Kenworthy thought it easier to see her there, rather than have her drive up to her country house.

Samantha Kenworthy was not looking forward to it, the district nurse in this area was a daydreamer of a girl, called Charlotte, pleasant and kind, but not unused to knocking things over, she was more than a little clumsy it seems. Only two weeks ago, Amber her friend had taken a fall, and said that she dreaded every visit of the clumsy girl, and she was definitely not the gentlest of nurses. She had actually complained about her.

Samantha was quite rightly house proud, she kept her house beautifully, the cottages on her estate were no different, everyone loved them. She had just had an expensive, beautiful new carpet fitted in this cottage. She was going to keep a close eye on this girl.

A knock on the door was followed by a cheerful, ‘Hello, it’s your nurse here! I’ve let myself in like the man at the Lodge said!’

The girls reputation amongst the womenfolk of the pretty village was not good, her uniform was always far too short, with skimpy knickers. Their husbands loved her and many joked, (and you know what they say about many a true word being spoken in jest) that she was worth breaking a keg for!

Rumours were rife, saying that she was rather free with her affections too.

Instantly, Samantha could see why things were said. Charlotte walked in, wiggling her hips with a uniform that barely covered her bottom!

“Take your shoes off! I have just had a new Axminster Carpet fitted! I don’t want you clod hopping all over it!” She pronounced…as patients in pain and somewhat fed up, tend to do.

Charlotte recognised this attitude, lots of patients were like this. But the way Samantha said it, was rather nice, she thought. She had a ‘bit of a thing’ about authorative women, and instantly complied.

“No harm done. I’m not usually so sharp, it’s the constant pain and doing nothing. It’s getting to me, I am a woman of action and like to be around my stables, buildings and land, running things, some of those stable girls need a firm hand and keeping in line!” Said the patient.

“Sorry Lady Kenworthy.” Said Charlotte meekly. Feeling quite turned on by being told off and having to apologise. She had tried it in other houses, and nobody had quite spoken with the authority that she craved. But this fine Lady, on her estate, was different.

“Apology accepted, but really young lady, after all the houses you must visit, I would have thought that taking your shoes off would be second nature by now.” Smiled Samantha, who loved being called Lady, or Misstress.

“I’ll go and get a glass of water, and bring your medication Lady Kenworthy.” Announced Charlotte with a smile.

“Thank you, you are no longer a naughty nurse! And I will be a more patient patient.”

“And I will be a good nurse, nurse.” Smiled a joking Charlotte, as she turned to go into the kitchen.

Samantha admired her carers bottom as she did so, she could watch her from where she was sat if she pushed to the edge of her seat and bent to look.

Charlotte noticed, and liked it. It was one of the reasons she wore her uniform so short. She knew that she possessed a beautifully shaped bottom, and wherever she went she tried to bend and move in certain ways, it turned her on, knowing that eyes were feasting on her bottom.

Samantha was the perfect voyeur in that case, because she spent many hours looking at the female bottom, on line. As well as admiring the shape and movement wherever she was. The movement of the bottoms of her shapely stable girls in jodhpurs had always stirred her loins, and watching them mount and dismount was quite lovely. In the saddle, bobbing along, the female bottom bouncing in a saddle was rather erotic.

Lady Kenworthy’s eyes followed Charlotte as she busied herself.

Lady Kenworthy sat back as Nurse Charlotte made her way back to her patient.

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2 thoughts on “The Naughty Nurse

  1. Hello Asa Jones, hello Samantha, hello Charlotte,

    Oh, always nice when real stories, when with a regrettable background (get well soon, Samantha) are brought to life in your photos.

    I am already looking forward to the continuation of this story.

    best wishes “Hawkeye”

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