Well as my Dad might have said…”Bloody hell! The silly bugger has gone and done it!”

Signed up for the room you saw yesterday!

Don’t ever trust me with a handful of money! …..think sand!


Right! That’s enough guilt and remorse! Woo Hoo! Got my own studio again!

Ohhhhh dippity do dahhhhh, dippity day, what a wonderful feeling, it’s going my way!…there’s a spanked bum over my shoulder, there’s a slapped cheek under my hand…wonderful feeeeeeee-ling!! It’s spanking again!”

Me and the girls are making plans already! Get off the road everybody, Jonesy might be behind the wheel of a van again!

Skips off happily! …::a little jump and click of my heels:: “traa laa laa, get your knickers down girls, I am coming around to celebrate!”