The Red Tennis Knickers – Part Two

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The red tennis knickers part 2

A week later I had an itch and returned to Wheels pretending that my bike needed to have its brakes adjusted. I had ridden it to the shop and was wearing shorts which had me blushing when I tried them. Nancy at the Frivolity Boutique had convinced me that they weren’t that short and added that they would be a great investment. Jeremy had a hard time to take his eyes off my shorts to work five minutes on my bike. I had a great return on my investment as he invited me for lunch at the municipal pool. I was going to need a new bikini.

A week later, Jeremy had peeled my shorts down, and I didn’t blush. It was fair to tell Nancy about Jeremy, as she had persuaded me to buy them. She triumphed with, “What did I tell you?”

Meanwhile, at the tennis club my name card had climbed the scoreboard. I was still far from the top, but I was now well above the pack. I had significantly improved my game, and I was ambitious. I wanted to be part of the team.

Miss Davenport was the team’s coach. Ten years ago, she was a star. With Nancy we watched her drill the girls of the team. “She’s a martinet!”

I finally took the plunge. I approached the impressive Miss Davenport. “Good morning Miss, I want to try for the team, ple… plez…” I stammered as I noticed the wood paddle on the wall of her office. It wasn’t one of those big American paddles, but it still looked like it could give quite a sting. It was engraved with the words, “Team paddle – Drop your knickers naughty girl!”

Miss Davenport followed my gaze and laughed, “Its the team’s sorority paddle…” She teasingly added, “I don’t use it, maybe I should…” I wasn’t too reassured. She told me to at least score even with Jennifer, the latest member of the team.

It took me three games to beat Jennifer. I was applauded and invited to the team’s private luxurious locker room. I had quite a surprised when I saw that Jennifer was holding that paddle, and said, “You are going to be traditionally welcomed into our sorority!”

“Huh!” That’s all I could say as I eyed that paddle.

“You’ve read what the paddle says?!” I sure did, and more than once. Jennifer ordered. “Then what are you waiting for? Take your knickers off, bend over the back of that settee and spread them!”

“You can’t be a member of the team till you have been baptized!”

I was hesitant, they all chanted, “Don’t be a chicken!”

I blushed a red as a peony as I took my knickers off. I went over the back of that leather settee, and probably couldn’t blush more, when Jennifer flipped my little skirt up and repeated, “Spread them wide! That’s also part of the tradition!”

I reasoned. You can’t be a chicken, and you saw that paddle when you requested to join the team. Somehow you have asked for that paddling. Open your legs, naughty girl. I couldn’t blush any redder as I slowly opened my legs and shamefully exposed my muff.

I gritted my teeth, and that paddle whacked my very bare bottom with a loud SMACK!
I responded with a convincing “AIE!” while my bum heated up.
Another SMACK! was followed by a more persuading “OUCH!”
They took turn at enthusiastically smacking my butt. I couldn’t help bawling as when I was punished as a school girl. I got a baker’s dozen and my derriere was throbbing when they were done. One of them gave me a rub with a cold flannel, and they all chanted, “She’s one of us!”

I wanted to retrieve my knickers, but Jennifer pinched them, “According to tradition the newbie must remain bare butt for the reminder of the day!” She also had me sit on the settee. I was told that it is a team newbie privilege since it is reserved for the top two players. The leather was cool for my blazing bum and I again blushed as I realized how my skirt had ridden up. I wanted to pull it down, but I was offered a tall glass of champagne and nibbles.

As we left the club, Jennifer returned my knickers, loaded my bike into the boot of her car and drove me home. I was thankful. She also gave me Epsom salt. While having a long soak, I called Jeremy. He had quite a laugh and gently rubbed my glowing bum with Arnica. I had a few more AIE! as one thing enthusiastically lead to another. Next morning I saw that the girls were careful not to bruise my sit-upon.

Two days later, when training with the team, the whole club saw my reddish derriere escaping my tennis knickers. I overhead a curious new club member being told, “She’s the latest member of the team…”

Nancy wanted to try for the team, she will have to at least play even with me as I am the latest member. I will be her mentor as Jennifer was mine. She demurely asked, “You will be easy on me with that paddle?”
“OK, but you’re getting only two from me, and one from each member of the team. You won’t be wearing naughty shorts for a few days!”


To be continued…

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