In Threes – Number Eleven ~ Two Naughty Schoolgirls Play Truant – Part 2

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The lovely old bus carried the two naughty school girls to the bus stop at the end of Silk Mill Lane, near the ‘Old Mill Inn’. They skipped down the lane, hand in hand. It was a beautiful English summer’s day, butterflies were everywhere, wild parsley lined the lane on both sides. Oak and Elm stood proudly along its length, leaves rustling delightfully in the gentle breeze, and the meadows on each side were red, white,yellow and blue, with corn flowers, poppies, ox- eye daises, and buttercups. Bees buzzed their merry tune.

They giggled and joked as they passed some cows….”Ohhh arrrr me old buttercup, ‘ow are your udders swinging today?” chuckled Charlotte.

“Ohhh my old dearie-o, not bad, not bad, swinging too and fro between my knees you know!….Moooooo!” laughed back Stephanie.

“Mooooo, I be like that Headmistress of yours then…moooo!” laughed Charlotte loudly.

Then the mood changed, as the four storey old silk mill came into view. All was quiet, as always. The poppies and other flowers were everywhere. They pushed through the gap in the fence, sneaked along the wall, across an old cobbled yard, to the red, peeling aged oak door. They pushed as they had done the day before, and just managed to squeeze through. Up the old rickety staircase they went, wide eyed and nervous. Staircase after musty old staircase until they reached the top.

The old building creaked and groaned, but bravely they persevered. Stephanie looked behind her as something rattled behind them. “Fuck me backwards! What the fuck was that!?!?”

Charlotte, the braver of the two took her chance. “You know what they say about talking to ghosts, don’t you? The first words of introduction mean the most!”

Full of nervous curiosity Stephanie asked. “What do you mean?”

“Well, they say the old Victorian Mill Owner walks this place, and you have just invited him to fuck you backwards. Right now his ghostly hands might be reaching for your knickers, to pull them down and ram his ice cold cock right up your arse!” Charlotte laughed a cackling sort of witches laugh.

“Ooooh that’d be grand Mr Mill Owner, grab my hips right now…take me Sir! Like your old maid in ye days of olde….fuck me up my arse Sir!”Laughed Stephanie trying to be brave.

But all the same, she looked behind herself again, as a chill blew up her short daring skirt, and wafted over her navy blue school knickers.

When they reached the top, both were not feeling quite as brave. There was a gloomy cob webbed window before them, and to their left an opening into the galleries where all the old looms must have been, clickety clanging dangerously away…hour after hour, day after day, year after year…for decades.

“ooooh.” Said Charlotte.

“ooooh.” Said Stephanie.

What they saw, fascinated them. Excited them…

Would you like to see?

Better come back for part three then! See you soon!!


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