Uncle Redmoon ~ Part Four

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Uncle Redmoon – Part Four  

I looked at the beautiful bottom to my right, and as she slowly turned, her pussy swung round into view. I looked up to her pretty face. She looked down at me and gave me a shy little smile.  

I swallowed and regained my composure. Was it her bottom, her pussy, or her pretty smile that had momentarily disarmed me? “Bend over, hands to the floor, and present your bottom.”  

What followed was magnificent. She did not just bend over, she seemed to glide over my lap like a mermaid diving into an enchanted pool. The way she settled into position was quite sexual. The perfectly round orbs of her delicious bottom rose up, slowly, beautifully. For what must have been thirty seconds, all I could do was stare at its glory. I had a great desire to stroke it, not spank it! But I was snapped out of it my reverie with her little voice drifting up over her shoulder.

“I am ready Mr. Redmoon.”  

How charming, I thought.  

I slid my arm around her tight, slender waist and held her firmly. I raised my hand high and delivered her the forty promised smacks. To see her thighs and hips squirm and wriggle was spanking poetry in motion. The glow came instantly and blood rose into what would later be bruises. I have large, heavy, stiff fingered spanking hands. I swat down on those magnificent cheeks with professional alacrity. Shock waves rippled across the cheeks either side of her crack, they kissed on every impact.

She squealed and cried.   I caught my breath and took the sturdy, smooth backed, shiny, varnished hair brush in my hand and firmly gripped the handle.   I let her settle as she whimpered and sniffed… She did it again!

“Ready Mr. Redmoon.”  

“How bloody charming is she!?” I thought to myself.   I did not reply with my voice. The hairbrush spoke for me quite adequately.  

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!  All across her ‘sit spot’.

  She howled like a banshee. I know they must have hurt her badly, but she deserved them.   The last four stung her upper thighs like a hornet. She let out long shrieks at each one. I held her firm. There was little room for any movement of her glowing embers.

  “Stand up, do not rub. Roll up your skirt. Stand in the corner next to the cabinet with your hands atop your head. Stay there until I give permission for you to leave.”  

The clock ticked, the bird call flew in through my window. There was a knock on the door. “Enter!” I shouted, and my next client entered in her blue tartan skirt. I told her to go to the Study door.   “You may rub, pull up your knickers, adjust your kilt, and leave.” I said to the glowing bottom in the corner.  

“Thank you Mr. Redmoon.” She smiled through her tears.   I nodded ‘goodbye’ to her, then turned my attention to Emily.

“After you, let’s get you into the study and get your bottom over the vaulting horse.”   I heard the door behind me close, as I ushered the pale trembling girl in…  

Now…let us step back in time a little and into the mind of a spanked girl…

 … I was standing in the corner with my grey school uniform skirt up and my white cotton knickers around my knees. I was sniffling and my bum was burning from the longest spanking I had ever received. Pop had never spanked his princess, and Mom had never given me such a severe spanking. Worse was my upper thighs throbbing from the hairbrush smacks. I further clasped my hands above my head to refrain the urge to rub my fiery derriere.

  I was well punished and quite contrite. I reflected, twenty two and spanked bare butt as a lazy schoolgirl, and worse was having to admit that it was well deserved. I was promising myself to improve my grades when I heard a timid knock followed by a commanding, “Enter”.

  I almost voiced, ‘Oh no!’ Someone is going to see me shamefully standing in the corner exposing my bare and well punished bottom. I felt my ears tickling. I was for sure blushing crimson, and my bum seemed to burn even more. I was going to push my nose further into the corner, but couldn’t resist a curious glance at the visitor.  

It was the receptionist at the bank. I had no doubt that she had recognized me and blushed the more. She was wearing the blue kilt which meant that she was coming to be punished. She was ordered to bend over the vaulting horse. I imagined that she was going to be given a punishment far more severe than a spanking.  

As she walked to the door, I rubbed my bottom.

I stepped out of Mr Redmon’s cottage with both hands, rubbing my red punishment kilt over my fiery bottom. Two old ladies going to the nearby Co-op smirked as they saw me. They for sure knew the meaning of my red kilt.   I squatted to unlock my bike. I didn’t want to bend, and chance offering a glimpse of my reddened thighs. I pushed my bike across the sidewalk. I now had to decide, push it all the way home or ride high above the saddle.

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  1. Not this was quite an erotic story.you do otk spanker’s proud.the pictures were quite good,but I really enjoyed the story more this time.very well done.Thanks again for all you share and have created.I always love to visit your site.give yourself a pat on the back and give the girls an extra spank.have a great day.

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