In Threes – Number Eleven ~ Two Naughty Schoolgirls Play Truant – Part 1

You have seen the various photo sets taken in the Old Silk Mill…

Now you will see selected ones come into a story…

Charlotte and Stephanie live in a lovely little village in the country, over the weekend they had been exploring, as the two inquisitive naughty girls often do. In the valley bottom of a beautiful dale,there was an old Silk Mill. Wire surrounds it, as do notices saying ‘Danger Do Not Enter’ and ‘Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted’.

So they entered the perimeter, giggling at their bravery and naughtiness, and after a long search found a way in. Annoyingly, they had to go home before their exciting adventure took them inside, it was growing dark.

Next morning they went to school, and as always, arrived very early, their local bus was only once every hour and a half. They walked down the corridor to the sixth form kitchen area.

Made themselves a drink…

And quickly decided to skip school. It was a hot day, their bus would be turning around and going back in ten minutes. They were going back to the old silk mill, in school uniform! How daring, how exciting.

They crept by the School Secretary’s window.

And ran to the bus stop, and jumped on! The driver was surprised to see them. But gave them their tickets to Silk Mill Lane, without question

Their adventure began!

More to come…


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