Two Naughty School Girls Crawl and Display their Bottoms! ~ Part One

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This shot was huge and went on and on, so I am putting it in sections, next we went to the warehouse doors by the ‘Goods Crane’.

“Right girls, we are going to shoot you looking out of the gate doors, in your school uniforms. Please be as brave as you dare, I have no idea who will be down there, if anyone. Up for it?”

“Of course Mr.Jones! We’d do anything for you, won’t we Steph?” Replied Charlotte.

“Of course Mr. Jones. be happy to.” Stephanie answered with a pretty smile.

I opened the double door and made sure the gate was safe. It was lovely and sunny. The car park was half full, and only a couple of people were down there. But for all we knew, there could be more at any time, vans and lorries are frequent visitors too.

The sun was shining brightly…straight into my lens! But I managed to shoot okay.

“Now pull your navy blue school knickers down a bit, and keep an eye on windows and people.” I asked.

“They are still there, and a man has gone to the wheelie bin with something. But nobody is looking up….yet.” Charlotte whispered.

I saw the man, and whispered…”Move back a bit, bend over for a little spanking!”

They giggled and did so.

I gave them a light spanking, which, in the sun and fresh air was lovely.

“I want you to crawl to me, and thank me for your spankings.”

“Oooooh, alright.” They replied and got on all fours. Knickers still down of course.

Stephanie was a little shy. “Thank you for our spankings Mr.Jones.”

And of course, Charlotte being Charlotte, added…”Can we have another one please?”

I chuckled and replied “Yes of course. Turn around, and crawl back, then near the gate, lay down on your tummies. Bare bottoms up for some more smacks.”

They turned…delightfully, and wriggled their way back, slowly and seductively.

Poetry in motion!


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