Asking the Neighbours – Part Two

This is the continuation of a story written by ‘B’ and Myself.

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Asking the Neighbors Part 2

Linda opened the door, and gave me a warm smile. Steve welcomed me.

“Dear Brenda, we have been waiting for you.”

I offered a sheepish, “Good afternoon, Sir, Ma’am.”

“Please have a seat.”

Steve had showed me the leather settee. I smoothed my skirt and sat, the leather felt cold on my thighs. They both sat in front of me in large chairs, on the other side of the coffee table. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl in front of her parents.

Linda served tea and, after a sip, Steve asked, “You have something for us, Brenda?”

I knew he meant my report card. I pulled it out of my skirt’s pocket and tried to smooth it before handing it to him.

“There you are, Sir.”

Steve read it aloud. “Brenda is a clever girl who has been lazy. If she pulls her socks up before the fall, she should be able to save her year.” He added, “I am going to make sure of that with a severe spanking and a belting.”

I blushed redder and redder with every word. Linda brought a kitchen chair.

Steve moved onto it and tapped his thighs as he told me, “Come here!”

His authoritarian voice had me feeling like a little girl about to be punished. The butterflies in my tummy were having a ball as I stood, and took two hesitant steps.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me over his knees. I felt a hot flush of shame as my skirt was pulled up, and my knickers lowered. He held both my wrists with his left hand behind my back, and pushed one of his knees between my legs.

“Oh!” I realized that my forcefully opened legs and very bare apricot were facing Linda.

The first smack took my breath away. He was much stronger than Poppa! After ten of those vigorous smacks, my bottom was as stingy as after twenty from Poppa. I rolled my hips, he tightened his grip on my wrists, pushed his knee farther between my legs, and smacked my thighs. I kicked my feet, and lost my knickers.



The spanking methodically continued, with alternating swats to my bum and thighs. He must have seen the color of my nates, he must have heard my groans, and he for sure knew that my derriere was fiercely burning. He couldn’t possibly increase the fire consuming my bottom, but he, nonetheless, continued the spanking. It was obviously about making me feel it for as long as possible.


Suddenly, it was over. The loud smacks no longer echoed through the room, and my bum and thighs were throbbing. I had never imagined that a spanking could be so severe.

He helped me to my feet before ordering, “No rubbing! Take off your skirt!”

I was tanned and tamed. I obeyed and stood naked from my navel to my ankle socks. I watched with saucer-like eyes as he pulled his alligator belt from its loops, and doubled it.

“Bend over the chair and grab the seat!”

The belt lashed my derriere and the back of my thighs.


I felt belt-wide streaks of fire. I frenetically danced. I remembered the promises I used to make to Poppa and repeated them with zeal!

“Aie! OUCH! I promise to improve my grades! I’ll be in bed by ten pm. “OUCH! OUCH! I’ll have eight hours of sleep every night! OH! AH! OUCH! I’ll never again party till the wee hours! OUCH! OUCH! I am very sorry to have been a naughty girl! OH! AIE! OUCH! I’ll be a good girl! A very good girl! I promise! OH! ARGH! OUCH!”

“Stand with your hands on your head, and turn around!”

I did, and I got two belt smacks to the front of my thighs.



I again danced, and almost rubbed.

“No rubbing! Keep you hands on your head, and listen carefully.”

“Sniff. Sniff.”

“With such an accent, you must be from Scotland, right?”

I nodded. “Sniff.”

“Back home, your parents must have a tawse and a cane, and they, for sure, made good use of them, because that law school of yours takes only A-levels with honors, right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You will call your parents and explain how you were disciplined, and then ask them to send your tawse and cane. If you don’t improve your grades within a month, it will be the tawse. Then you will be given another month. If you persist with your lazy ways, you will be caned.”

“Sniff… yes Sir.”

“From now on, you will always wear above the knees pleated skirts.”

“Oh! B… b… but it will be the windy season, and when I ride my bike to the Uni, my skirt might fly.”

“Then everyone will see that you were punished, and guess that it was for laziness.”

I soberly nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

He turned to Linda. “Next time you get a fine, you will taste her tawse! And if you again bump the car, it will be her cane!”

With that, she blushed as red as a tomato. 

I was given my skirt and knickers, and told to get dressed.

Later, I didn’t wait to be home to shamefully rub my thighs. I was lucky that no one was about.

I felt quite encouraged to reread all my latest preps. As I did so, I realized how much I had slacked. I again admitted that I did deserve to be punished. I was too shy to call Pops and Mum, but I wrote to them.

I had overheard the sound of spanking coming from my neighbors’ opened window. Feeling guilty over my poor grades, I dropped my report card into their mailbox. Don’t ask me to explain how I came up with that idea! It was like throwing a bottle into the sea. I was invited for tea and punished. I was also told to ask you to send my tawse and cane.

Monday, back at law school, I had a few friends teasing me for my schoolgirl-like pleated skirt.

“You look so cute. Ready to be spanked for poor grades!”

I blushed, and was very careful to keep my skirt down!


To be continued…

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