What the Head Girl Saw ~ Photo Story – 93

Another big one, in many parts…::sigh:: I know you get a bit fed up sometimes with how long I take on stories and sets, but I am sticking to my principals. Whether making love, or editing photos, or doing a shoot, writing a story, or doing a set…my philosophy is not changing, everything is better if you take your time.

So, what does she see?

My Head Girl, is Samantha. One of the duties I bestow on the Head Girl is to be a Friday Afternoon Witness and Assistant.

You see, here at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, (see the five volumes and incident log), as well as every teacher being able to spank, and Miss Kenworthy my Head of Discipline, doing the vast majority of floggings, and beatings, I reserve some for Friday Afternoons. Even if they commit an offence on Monday, Miss Kenworthy needs the extra weapon in her arsenal. Waiting time, and the threat of me. I am six foot one after all, and I know that I look intimidating.

So, Samantha is the necessary witness that Law and our local ‘Board of Education’ deem us to do. Sometimes for a severe thrashing of over 24 -36 strokes with the senior cane, I might ask Matron to attend, especially if before the whole school, on stage.

Some of them tend to faint you know.

I have instructed my Head Girl to be various things, sometimes supportive, especially for extremely nervous and worried girls. Sometimes to hold their wrists, and sometimes to add humiliation. Especially if the girl is the same age or even older. A smirk usually does the trick.

Oh yes, a naughty girl hates a much respected good girl to see their bare bottom punished. Humiliation is a key ingredient in my opinion. It is bad enough for me to see their pussy and whack their bare bottoms, but to have Samantha looking smug, or amused as they ‘get it’, really makes them think about being naughty again.


Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Part 6

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3 thoughts on “What the Head Girl Saw ~ Photo Story – 93

  1. I loved creating it. When not role play…I spank, pause…spank…pause…then say “Right Charlotte, you are getting four or five good ones on each cheek…ready?”
    “Yes Mr.Jones”
    smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack….then rush back for my camera….as this shoot unfolds, you will see it slowly fade.

  2. Nice to have you aboard Sara Jones, nice second name you have! I see you are becoming a regular. Thank you, when people take the time to reply it means a great deal.
    xxx Asa

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