A Journey…

As you know, in my younger days…well, when I was 58, 59, 60… I had a very healthy client base of young ladies coming to see Mr.Jones, or Uncle Asa to have a spanking, or a caning. To pay for a real misdeed, or just act out a fantasy. In other words, they visit a Disciplinarian…me.

I still have a client list, but after Covid, it was ravaged, and now I am down to just two faithful young ladies. It is something I run with or without my girls, it all depends upon the need of the client. Some like to be humiliated by being spanked before others you see.

So about six months ago, I let it be known, I need a few more. I am now being ultra selective and building it back up to a very manageable, select group of select ladies with a need.

I am 70, soon to be 71, (UPDATE…..oh bugger, I had another birthday in November 2022 and of course I am glad I did, it means I am still here! but…:sigh: I am now 71!) and have made a decision to cut back, just a little. You will hardly notice, but my other hobbies need attention, time is slowly runni9ng out and there I things I want to do.)

I want to introduce you to two new ones, I feel I am experiencing a ‘coming together’, something special is happening.

You all know me by now, ”patience, understanding, secrecy and respect’, are my by words. I have never knowingly, or unknowingly as far as I am aware, given out even the smallest detail without a client being happy for me to divulge.

They have written to me a few times now, we are already friends and even though we have not met, all it as it should be…’safe and sound’.

To heighten their experience, they have agreed to go semi public.

One step at a time. I am grouping this into my ‘Photo Stories’ section, I think it might be that a certain ladies spanked bottom might have to be put on show to the public one day.

Here is a letter from them…

The story so far:

Upon discovery that S had a fantasy to be caned by a headmistress we set out to find like minded people. Finding this blog S felt she had found the one who could unlock her fantasy  in Miss Kenworthy. S began to fantasise even more so we  arranged with a very professional Asa the basis of a journey that would unite them both. As we explored options it became clear that after discussions S also felt a certain interest in being punished by the headmaster too, not just as a precursor to being dealt with by Miss Kenworthy but as an event in its own right. In fact the more she considered it the more it became a must and an essential part of her voyage of discovery, something that deep down it transpired she had secretly yearned for for years.

Preparations in progress:

As you will see S is being cast, after Asa’s suggestion, as a teacher who crosses a professional line.  For her upcoming appointment in this first stage of the journey she will assume the persona of a teacher who will ultimately bare and bend for the headmaster’s cane.

S has been preparing for several weeks now and has bought two delightful, though modest, pinafore style dresses from a favourite boutique for the occasion (one for the proceedings and one softer version for ‘recovery’ afterwards). She claims her favourite headteacher wore similar all those years ago, which is probably when her fantasy of being punished on her bare bottom by a teacher started to take root.

S has also purchased a designer blouse and a brand new set of underwear. She is absolutely clear that she wants to look her best, smart properly attired and every bit worthy of a series of well delivered punishments. The forthcoming occasion is for her a heady mix of realising a need of many years and a release of emotions combined with the potential of both the sensuous and condign punishment.

S has been particularly choosy ensuring that her new white, lace adorned suspender belt has a bow on the front that matches her bra, again in white. Her panties are white soft cotton and have a further matching bow. S insists that although her knickers will be lowered they need to set a scene in themselves by showing off her bottom to best effect prior to the moment of truth. (And after  lowering to her stocking tops to further delineate the area for attention.) She cornered me one evening clad in just her new panties to ask whether they were tight enough as she wants to see a slight indent between her bottom cheeks to  demonstrate their firmness which she feels sets a restrained but maybe even sensual tone. She also checked to see a if a similar crease was visible on the front to subtly suggest the gentle folds of her hidden secrets yet to be unveiled and somehow signal a lost innocence. The headmaster will be the judge of whether her subtle intent works. Let’s hope that both are pleased with the result!

She has modelled all of her clothes for me now insisting we keep them for the ‘special unveiling with Asa’ as she calls it.  So lots of checking has ensued prior to wrapping them and several pairs of barely black stockings in tissue paper for the very personal experience that she wishes to be perfectly dressed (and undressed!) for. Similarly she has also booked for her hair to be styled and nails attended to together with obvious other more feminine routines as she calls them,  all as part of her preparations…

The Scenario unfolds:

Asa as the headmaster proposed a scenario that included S role playing a teacher caught out by being discovered ‘inflagranti’ with a young lady in the sixth form. The plot then moves to S. being summoned to the Headmaster’s study but with a twist. The head girl is summoned to warn her ahead of the meeting that she is to be prepared for punishment. S has to submit to the head girl removing her dress and making her wait outside the study in blouse, and underwear which will mean her suspender belt,  taught, properly straight stockings and knickers being on display to any ‘school’ visitors until summoned.

S will then witness the sixth former she was caught with being bared for punishment and spanked whist having to stand in her blouse and underwear knowing she is next. Asa the great orchestrator of such scenarios has then suggested S is is given a strict talking to, facing him with hands on head, that results in the choice of expulsion or being given immediate punishment. No prizes for guessing the choice S will make. The role play continues with the head girl lowering S’s taught white panties to her stocking tops. I am sure there will be significant excitement (and trepidation!) building in S as her weeks of preparation are now being realised with the eyes in the room now being focussed on her bared bottom and feminine secrets.

The inevitable punishments to be delivered  with her dress off include a bare bottom spanking, the slipper and a languorous measured and very appropriate caning. All of course conducted to the highest standards (and maybe me taking some discrete photographs).

We need to draw a veil over the proceedings now though so as not to give the entire plot away as there are twists and turns being put together to keep S more than on her toes(!) before being reunited with her dresses. Perhaps we might detail more of it all later and again when S has a striped bottom to show off and is ready to prepare for the next part of her journey, this time with Miss Kenworthy very much in control… 

As usual our thanks to Asa for some amazing ideas that are soon to be reality…

This is the continuing story of Suzette’s spanking journey, prior to walking through my door…

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4 thoughts on “A Journey…

  1. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too short for newbies. Could you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. This is a nervous exciting time for them, I have asked them to document the journey, but not to give too much away. I think you will enjoy their company, and the journey that lies in wait. They will write more, and if you have questions for them, please ask. There will be a delay in answers, because as I keep the blog, I have to await a spam check, then I read, and then reply. The words will be theirs, I will just have to approve on here.

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