Cromlech…the Naughtiest Boy in School

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I have listened to the many requests for naughty boy stories and scenarios, and here we are, a new regular series. We will travel the road together and see what happens.

We need a School.

It will be ‘Saint Helena Grammer School for Boys and Girls’.

It will be similar to mine in the late fifties early sixties. Spankings and canings were a daily event. All pupils were addressed by their surname only. I was ‘Jones’ for six years! Some scenarios etc will be with my girls, some without, some will be passworded, some won’t, depending!! The same password as my club members always use.


To start with, a scenario. Just one photo.

I am sat at my desk, Cromlech is in disgrace.

Unbeknown to me…He has developed a habit of flicking up girls skirts…annoying for them.. That developed into pulling knickers and letting the elastic snap on a girls bottom. Many girls have warned him to stop, or else! That in turn developed into today’s fracas!

He has pulled three girls knickers down and pinched their bottoms…hard.

They have reported him to my Secretary.

I summoned the three girls, and young Cromlech, to the Punishment Room. He has admitted his crime. I am suspending him until the end of the week. Before he goes home he will be punished by the girls. I have given Samantha a cane. Each girl can give him three…on the bare.

He is stood trembling, his bare bottom on show, waiting for his Mummy to collect him. I have told her that I would like her permission to let the upset girls cane him. She has wholeheartedly agreed.


I answer the intercom, it is my Secretary. “Hello Mr .Jones, Mrs Cromlech is here, she is very very annoyed and has a hairbrush with her. Shall I send her in?”

I reply, with a smile to the girls, “Please do.”

In walks a very stout lady, with a heavy smooth backed hairbrush in her right hand, smacking it against her left palm. “I am so sorry girls, my boy has behaved terribly. I am happy for you to cane him as Mr.Jones suggest. Do not hold back! When you have done… Mr.Jones, I would like your permission to sit in a chair, put him over my knee, and give him the spanking of his life.. Then, as lunch is nearly here, I would like to parade him across the playground, by his ear! Slowly! Whereupon, I intend to smack his bare bottom every step of the way to my car!”

“Nooooo Mummy nooooooo! Noooooo…..waaah waaaah waaah!”

“Shut up you stupid boy, don’t embarrass yourself further!!!! Do you want me to cane you before in playground before we start our journey!?!?”

“No, no, no,no.”

“Then bend over….now….Samantha….begin please!”

Oh dear young Cromlech…..see you next week!

Number 2

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Part 3…

Well he did not last long, the severe punishments at school and home soon wore off.

He decided to streak through the girls showers, slipped on some soap and knocked himself out. The P.E. Teacher ended up driving to him to hospital for eight stitches.

I am pleased to say that since his return to school after a couple of days off, he has been quite well behaved. However, this cannot go unpunished.

I summoned him to my office and have sent him to see Mrs Pollard, the Gym Teacher who took him to hospital.

She had two girls with her, and funnily enough it was Samantha and Charlotte, two of the girls who saw him punished before.Mrs.Pollard told him that seeing as he wanted to be seen naked, by streaking, then he can strip off, and bend over the stool.

She punished him soundly before them.

As you can see, the girls were quite mesmerized by the events.


I will take photos for stories and put longer ones here, but it is a new venture, and I have not taken any yet. I have a shoot for it scheduled for Feb 2023


4 thoughts on “Cromlech…the Naughtiest Boy in School

  1. This is so great! I would love to see more sets like this with video if possible. Seeing three girls in uniform giving a traditional OTK spanking while seated on an armless chair to an errant small skinny man is the best scene ever. Please have some CFNM type OTK as well and have his legs and feet kicking off the ground while being spanked. Thanks so much

  2. You are more than welcome. I am doing so. The thing is, from suggestions coming in, to me making a story, then shooting, then editing, it takes a while.
    I have always concentrated on F/f but so many are asking for this, I am doing it. I am also fact finding from subs…..and people who like to see this subject matter. So please send me info of what people like you want to see….and be patient…lol

  3. Want to see girls playing with themselves as they witness boys humiliation. I had to wait till breaktime
    before I could go and masturbate following witnessing a girl get slipper on her knickers. Ideally under desk photo of all three girls with hands inside their navy knickers. And then once discovered a good caning on the bottom to stop that foolishness. Showing creamed knickers pulled down

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