I am feeling in an artistic spanking pose mood…PHOTO SET ~ 466

G’day cobbers!

No, I have not gone mad, it is just that I seem to be having more visitors from Australia than I ever have before! So I thought I would make them feel welcome.


This is from the room with the safe in…click here…


For those of you who do not know, I got booted out of my old studio, (Not having much luck lately!) so I now have my ‘Chapel Studio’ in a huge old silk mill. Slowly I am getting it up and running. This room is going to be my minimalist room. (Just an excuse so that I can say I have finished another room!)

As you know I have just started another story set in a Victorian Finishing school, click here…


These will be used in it, but it could be ages before I put them in the story, so I thought you may as well see them. To see all the other photo sets, click ‘Photo Sets’ in the menu bar at the top of the page.

The light in the room, if you catch it at the right time of day, is beautiful…

As you also know by now, I dabble in antiques and have just purchased this bit of furniture which folds down/out into a desk…nice isn’t it? Not that you will be looking at it much…::chuckle::

My favourite one of the set and probably the one I will use in the story.


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