Forest Hill ~ Part 2 by ‘B’

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Forest Hill part 2

 A week later we were to entertain our neighbors Sophia and Johnathan. I visited the village butcher, “May I please have two dozens lamb chops…”

“Sorry Ma’am, I am out, you should have called a day or two earlier. I have a lovely lamb roast…”

“Huh, Eric, huh, I mean my hubby said, lamb chops for the barbecue…”

“The lamb roast won’t do for a barbie, I’ll have chicken drumsticks, sausages and racks of ribs…”

The little wheels between my ears spun. You’re such a goofy girl, shopping Friday morning for lunch with guests on Saturday, and working this afternoon, no time for the supermarket. Eric is going to be furious! You will get your ass well spanked, and it will be well deserved. Pray that he doesn’t smack your thighs!

“Ah…” I pulled out of my ‘reverie’. “I’ll have an assortment, please. We are four.”

I blushed as I left the shop. I had overheard the butcher’s wife, “If her man is a real man he will tan her butt!”

Saturday morning Eric had a look in the fridge after breakfast, “Dearest, where are the lamb chops ?”

“The butcher didn’t have any, I got an assortment of chicken drumsticks, sausages and racks of ribs…”

“Let me guess, you didn’t call the butcher a few days in advance as I told you!”

“Soz dear, I forgot…”

“They treated us with prawns, and you want us to offer chicken drumsticks and sausages!”

“Come here!”

He grabbed my small shorts, and pulled them down to my knees before bending me over his lap. I got one hundred resounding smacks.

When he was done I was dancing on the spot with my hands frantically rubbing my fiery derriere. I blushed as a tomato when he said, “Pull up your shorts! We are going to the supermarket.”

I panicked, “Please may I wear a skirt instead of my shorts ?”

He agreed. I was relieved. I didn’t want to show my well reddened under curves to the whole supermarket. I should have refrained from being so relieved. He added with a teasing grin, “You will get another spanking when we are back, and you will change back into your shorts for our guests to see that you were well spanked!”

I had no choice. I demurely agreed, “Yes dear.”

The supermarket was crowded with Saturday morning shoppers. We bought big crayfishes and lamb shops. As we waited at the cashier Eric who isn’t too patient, fumed. “I hate weekend shopping. Wait till we get home!” The young woman in front of us turned around when she heard that. She must have seen my contrite look, and she had a compassionate smile. Her mate looked as stern as Eric.

When back home, while he prepared the barbecue, I had to stand on our terrace bare from my navel to my sneakers with my hands atop my head. It was most embarrassing, what if other neighbors walked by?

Then he gave me my second spanking as our guests were arriving. I kicked my legs, and was quite conscious that I was showing everything I have. When he was done I had to stand red face and bottom throbbing with my hands back on top of my head while he announced, “I had specifically told Erika to call the butcher in advance, and she forgot.”

He allowed me to get dressed. I picked up my skimpy shorts from a nearby chair and carefully pulled them up in front of our friends. As I wasn’t wearing any knickers, it was a strange and exciting feeling to feel my burning under-curves generously peeking out of my shorts.

Later, as we sat for lunch Johnathan chimed. “The Village Council has finally voted an ordinance offering young ladies caught for minor offences the alternative of being sent to the Headmaster on Whipping Post Lane instead of paying fines.”

Eric echoed, “Interesting! It will save us a few bobs!”

I gingerly squirmed on my garden chair.

It was also news for Sophia, and she pulled a long face.

Johnathan added, “He’s a retired headmaster, and a friend of the mayor who asked him to help keep the peace.”


After the barbecue, while I was loading the dishwasher Eric cupped both my nates with his powerful hands, and teased, “That was quite a spanking you got young lady!”

I suitably blushed as I played along, “Yes Sir, I was a naughty girl, and I was severely spanked on my very bare ass.”

Must have been embarrassing to wear those shorty shorts and show your reddened butt to the neighbors ?”

“Worse was having them see me pedaling my legs while being spanked.”

I turned around into his arms, and he picked me up to carry me to our bed room.


To be continued…


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