Miss Kenworthy at the Blackboard… Photo Set 481

A beautiful sight, and for some, a fearsome one…

“Hmmmmmmm, well, time to let the pictures do the talking I think.”


3 thoughts on “Miss Kenworthy at the Blackboard… Photo Set 481

  1. Dear all

    As someone who has been the recipient of Miss Kenworthy’s attentions it is just that, fearsome. It is however rather exciting too, especially when you know that as soon as you enter the classroom there is a very high probability of being instructed to lower your knickers and bend.

    Miss Kenworthy is also sensuously erotic. She is quite beautiful and I am so lucky to have been corrected by her. She has spanked me over a desk in just my stockings, heels and suspender belt twice. I have received the cane with my dress off and been caned , panties down skirt tucked up. Each time it has been an experience like no other and has invoked very naughty feelings within me – I have become rather damp between my legs…

    Perhaps next time I am sent to her I will be caned for writing this. You never know!

    S xx

  2. What a great set of pictures. The gorgeous Samantha instilling a real feeling of apprehension …………
    Suzette’s comments are mindblowing …..
    Regards to all

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