Suzette gets a Thrashing on the bare bottom ~ Photo Set 480

You will see these photos not so heavily cropped in a story later.

This is a full blooded, no holds barred bare bottom thrashing delivered by Samantha on Suzette at our latest club event. I have seen her in action many times, but for those seeing her cane for the first time, it was judged by all, to be phenomenal.

Suzette asked for it, by being cheeky and challenging half way through a shoot, this was real discipline that took her by surprise…I repeat…THIS WAS A REAL PUNISHMENT GIVEN TO A REAL CHEEKY NAUGHTY GIRL…meeted out by Miss Kenworthy.

Miss Kenworthy was busy punishing a naughty boy, when Suzette blurted out…’Huh! I could take it harder than that’.

As you can see, accusing Miss Kenworthy of being anything less than perfect, as regards discipline is quite a serious offence. She was angry!

Like I said above, there is much more to these photos than meets the eye. Totally unexpected at the time, but better for that.


6 thoughts on “Suzette gets a Thrashing on the bare bottom ~ Photo Set 480

  1. Dear reader

    Yes, this was a rather impromptu thrashing. I have to admit that I was feeling a little left out as a naughty boy was being caned. I do enjoy watching someone else but I love to receive more than anything. I don’t know what came over me but I was sure he wasn’t really being given mistresses finest strokes, so I yelled out. When it stopped at six, a lot less than I had received from Miss Kenworthy previously some months back, I taunted the poor chap again.

    Miss was not pleased. The boy was ordered to stand in the corner, hands on head and bare bottomed. I was directed to the front and told to remove my soft white knickers. I placed them on my desk and approached Miss. I was instructed to bend over her large desk and grasp the other side. My skirt was then flipped up and my bare bottom and secret folds were displayed to the whole class, including the recently caned boy.

    I felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation as I waited for the cane to descend. I knew it would be harsh as Miss commented on how I might feel with ‘maximum effort, as clearly she thought naughty girls needed to know she had not gone soft’. The first stroke nearly knocked me off balance. The girls stood next to me had full view of a long red welt appearing on my bottom. I felt the air rush between my legs as the cane swished through the air. Miss was on magnificent form.

    Eleven more landed on my by now red striped bottom. Thinking it was over Miss instructed me to stay and openly declared I needed more. A further six were delivered in rapid succession. A real mix of pain but also naughty pleasure (I was very wet between my legs) came over me.

    Finally I had to endure the walk of shame, with my skirt held and tucked up and no panties I had to go and stand next to the previously punished boy, still with his shorts down. The two of us presented our bare bottoms to the assembled girls and had to stand with hands on head and no rubbing until the end of class.

    My bottom tingled and even though it was a harsh punishment I was really turned on (but don’t tell Miss!). Now, two weeks after and safely reunited with my panties, I can’t wait to bare and bend for Mistress again. Perhaps this time she might require me to undress and appear in just my white socks and shoes next time and with a spanking over her lap first…

    Love Suzette xxxx
    Ps not even my disciplinarian, Asa, knew this was to happen, it was real, of the moment and beautifully executed. It took j nearly ten days for the stripes to properly disappear. I couldn’t wear knickers for two days – luckily for me we had warm weather!

  2. What a wonderful insight into the other side of Miss Kenworthy’s cane. You are an excellent writer you know, and I know that Brigitte has asked you to play her game….I think it is made for you! You ought to try it.

  3. Another great sequence transitioning from male punishment to Suzette taking a severe caning from the fearsome Samantha with two very interested girls watching with obvious delight ………
    I do so agree that Suzette’s commentary is well written and so so personal. Absolutely outstanding ……..
    Well done to all

  4. Thank you John, your comments are always so well thought out. Like I said in our mail conversation, I am really looking forward to the day you get to come along and meet us.

  5. Hi Suzette, thanks for the account of your caning. Miss Kenworthy evidently delivered some real stingers to your lovely bottom!

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