In Threes – Number 23 – Eliot’s Public Detention – Part 1

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The Headmaster ~ Peter Birch (he is worth a Google search)

Miss Eliot ~ Charlotte

Photos and Story ~ Me of course, shot at my old studio.

The Headmaster had received a collection of screenshots, from a group of parents from the P.T.A. Drawing his attention to the shenanigans of one very rude, naughty schoolgirl, who has been running an ‘Only Fans’ site, in her school uniform, in one of the classrooms after school!

This is the type of early stuff she had put up, nothing too bad, but it had been gradually getting stronger. And she was doing live videos. And… the parents have heard that she is asking other girls to join her, for naughty fun, and making money…now it had reached quite a shocking standard, as you will see at the end of these samples…

She calls herself ‘Miss Sinnocent ~ the terribly naughty real life schoolgirl’

This is what she posted in her last live session…you can see how things have developed…. it is from one of the staircases in the school!! it appears a man from London had asked for navy blue knickers, and she had just advertised saying that maybe her and friends could do more requests!


The story begins…(in black and white)

The Headmaster asks his Secretary to make sure that Charlotte is in room 515 after school, at 4.00. This is the same little used room that Charlotte has been performing in most often. He has got his IT team to find the password to her site, and has advertised a special show, starting at 4.00 p.m. There are over 500 people already watching.

The show starts and up pops the Headmaster.

“Good Evening, I am Miss Sinnocent’s Headmaster. I have found out what she has been doing and tonight will be the last time this site will run. It has been brought to my attention, and I am shutting it down!… I am going to give her a spanking and the cane. It is up to you if you stay to watch, I do not care! It seems that you have started asking for pictures of her bare bottom and she has obliged. Well…you will certainly see a lot of it tonight!!! ” He said this in the strictest voice. Instantly the audience was spellbound, and viewing numbers began to rise quickly.

The screen saw the Headmaster write a fictitious surname on the blackboard.

There was a timid knock on the door and Miss Eliot walked in. Imagine her shock when the Headmaster said, “Ah, good afternoon Miss Sinnocent!”

She gasped, and instantly received the telling off of her young life, as well as pointing out the dangers and pitfalls of such a venture, and that using this classroom and other parts of the school, is actually criminal conduct.

Imagine too, the shock and embarrassment, when her Headmaster told her that her site was running as he spoke and she is going to be punished on her bare bottom before all the viewers!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, eeeeeeeeeeek, no no no no!!! No please, not before all my followers, no Sir please!!!” Screamed Miss Sinnocent.

“Quiet! Or do you want me to put your real name up on the board?” Boomed the headmaster.

All to no avail.

more to come…

….tune in to Miss Sinnocent’s site soon!!! (if there is such a site, forgive me and let me have my fun, but if you are annoyed, just say, and I will alter it.)


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  1. Charlotte looks particularly beguiling inher white knee socks. It’s nice to see that they actually come to her knees. And what a beguiling smile too. Every inch the demure schoolgirl in the first picture!

  2. Can we have future pictures with Charlotte in her navy knickers ? They would be lovely with the rest of her uniform !!!

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