In Threes – Number 23 – Eliot’s Public Detention – Part 2

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“Right then young lady!” Boomed Mr.Birch the Headmaster as he held out his hand. “Lets get you over my knee and get this done shall we?”

Charlotte began to sniffle…..”oooooh Mr Birch, please….don’t!”

He sat down and drew her towards her. “Now now, let’s not get silly. You have been exceedingly naughty, I am sure you thought of the risk at some stage. If not, then you are a very silly young girl. You have been caught, I will not be swayed by stupid excuses, tears, or resistance. YOU ARE GETTING A SPANKING!”

Charlotte’s web site experience was a two way thing, and a cheer and laughter was heard quite easily, just how many were watching she wondered.

“Come around here please.”

Charlotte did as she was told.

The ferocious look on his face, made sure she did exactly as she was told.

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3 thoughts on “In Threes – Number 23 – Eliot’s Public Detention – Part 2

  1. Rather have your nice stingy hand Mr.Jones. It was like a baseball glove wrapping around my cheeks! A bit scary too. I like nice spanker who cares best! xxxxx

  2. Fantastic story and photos although this set did not have any spanking the threat(promise) and the story I could just imagine how delightful it would be.thank you Gor all you share and create. Enjoy your day.

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