4 thoughts on “Black and White Set – No 10

  1. Always love to see Charlotte otk with her mum. Great lighting and pose.very well done thank you enjoy your day.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jim. I bet you would like to spank my bare bottom over your knee wouldn’t you?

  3. I do get alerts Charlotte, you naughty girl. I have a good mind to spank you and photograph it, then send it to Jim, like I did with the other man!!!!

  4. Yay,yes indeed Charlotte I would love to have you over my knee and spank your lovely bottom and Asa I know you would do Charlotte justice if you photographed her otk ( my heart is racing at such an honor) thank you both for replying to my comment. Charlotte I do look forward to you getting a spanking and Asa recording it by photography for all of posterity and of course for all the ones that do like to see you in such a position. Thanks again for all you share and create. Enjoy your day both of you and also the other girls as well.

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