Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Seventeen.

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For ages I searched for a male sub, asking repeatedly on here, I never thought that finding a submissive man, willing to be spanked by my girls, and before the girls on his bare bottom, and by visiting well known Dommes, would be so hard to find.

Eventually, (I was on the verge of giving up) one asked me about it.

He is now one of my greatest treasures, and you will see him over the coming months being caned by Miss Iceni and Clara Matthews. Two of London’s top Dommes.

I have to protect his face of course, finding a man willing to show his face was impossible. Finding a man to show his bottom and visit us was almost impossible….but here he his, in this continuing story.



I have some lovely photos to send to the boy, of him being dragged out to face the class, but it would betray trust, if I put them here.

…the boy was dragged by his ear to the front of the class as his sperm trickled down the desk top and dripped onto the flat oak wood bench attached to the metal frame.

The girls giggled at his plight, and found it both amusing and arousing. They had never seen a boy’s bare bottom, nor seen a boy punished. The sight of his erect manhood, ejaculating before them was also a first, they were excited by it, and could not wait to tell their friends and see him squirm in embarrassment as the did so.

Miss Kenworthy had admonished him every step of the way, She made him put his still erect, dribbling manhood away, and sensibly delayed making him bare his bottom until it had gone limp. She stood him beside her as she sat down.

“You naughty boy! I have lost even the slight trust I had in you. I am going to punish you at every possible occasion of naughtiness from now on! Starting right now with a bare bottom spanking before the girls you have just abused! HOW DARE YOU PULL THEIR KNICKERS DOWN AND MASTURBATE IN MY CLASS? YOU DISGUSTING DIRTY BOY!!!! GET OVER MY KNEE…..NOW!!!!!!”

“Spank him really hard Miss!”

“Make him squeal like a girl Miss.”

“What a naught boy he is Miss, doing that in your class, and to us!”

The girls did their best to throw fuel on the fire, to enrage Miss Kenworthy more and more.

The boy pleaded…”No Miss, please Miss, no, no, no, not on my bare bottom before the girls!”


He dropped his short trousers to his knees and bent over her knee.

The girls looked closely at his face, and his embarrassment.

They watched intensely as Miss Kenworthy tucked her thumbs into his pants and pulled them down, excitedly giggling and urging Miss Kenworthy on. She thought that their baying was a good thing, it would add to his disgrace, she thought.

And it did.

Then, his pert upturned bottom was bared before the girls!

The spanking began, and the girls fell silent at first, all of them fascinated by what they could see, and hear as the boy began to shriek, and the smacks began to echo…

more to come…


2 thoughts on “Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Seventeen.

  1. Oh fanfares for this – just look at the way the girls, who in turn are dribbling too, as they watch mesmerised at the unfortunate creature comes under the spell of Miss Kenworthy

    actually after seeing this i can imagine a queue of similarly inclined naughty boys wishing to display themselves for the delectation of these similar naughty girls – interesting too to see that they held their hands on their desks without getting out of control and the obvious need to, what is the word for er, fingering…………….that girls do

    oh all quite glorious…………….

    overall amazing how this was orchestrated

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