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Half-Past Four

Analysed illustrations from Roué 11

Smacked-bottom drawings have one enormous advantage over smacked-bottom photographs — the artist can serve up the most delectable dishes time after time and be sure that the girl is his ideal on every occasion. He can make her a feast of everything he finds most appetising. He likes his girls young? Fine — he can have a sixteen-year-old any time he wants. He likes them pretty — plump — blonde — brunette? No problem. And if the artist’s ideal happens to coincide with our own fancies — we too can savour the extravagances of his palate.

These drawings, especially the first, offer us a girl whose charm embodies pretty well everything the smacked-bottom gourmet might want. Have you ever seen a prettier, rounder, saucier bottom? Have you ever seen a better-fitting pair of shorts on a cuter backside — a more sexily presented bottom offered up to the slipper in a more titillating way? And isn’t she pretty? Aren’t her young breasts the very nicest, her nipples the cheekiest. Wouldn’t she get her delicious little bum smacked every single day if you were the gym-teacher?

Asa’s note….

Of course in my version the teacher is female!


She is so charming in her gym-shorts and vest that it seems a pity that she should have to be undressed so completely in the second picture. Still, we can’t know what the artist has in mind for her. Perhaps it’s something which makes this denudation necessary. Her tears have dried, though we can be sure that her bottom is still smarting nicely from the attentions of teacher’s slipper. Perhaps it isn’t a punishment at the end of a gym lesson. Perhaps it’s Sunday morning at some girls’ boarding school in Sussex and everyone else has gone to church. Perhaps there is a nice swishy cane in the locker. Perhaps Little-Miss-Innocent is going to grow up between now and Sunday lunch. Perhaps……….

Funny how my two girls in a gym story ended up naked too!

more to come….

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