White vest, Navy Blue Knickers, Grey Socks and Plimsols… Photo Set 496

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This is continuing from Photo Set 495, so please read that first, to understand what is happening…

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continuing with the theme, Kate visits again…

This time she has been very, very naughty, and has been caught stealing sweeties from the tuck shop. She is getting six of the best. (Remember that this is series is just about the outfit in the title, not the punishment, so you will not see the caning in this post)

She gets a jolly good telling off…

I finish that and she cannot look at me, she is ashamed. I know the cane strikes fear into the heart of every naughty girl, and use that fear to my advantage. I tell her to pass me the crook handled cane.

She walks to me with a nervous smile, stupidly thinking that extreme good behavior and politeness will lessen her punishment. As if!

I take the slim, flexible, yellow rattan from her trembling hands, and send her to the vaulting horse.

Take your knickers down and bend over you naughty girl!

I swish my cane and make my way to her side.

I deliver six good hard crisp whacks to her wiggling bottom….

more to come…


9 thoughts on “White vest, Navy Blue Knickers, Grey Socks and Plimsols… Photo Set 496

  1. My only thoughts (and I accept it is purely for titillation) is that I would have had Kate bare breasted before she mounted the horse. She is so wonderfully endowed it is a shame to keep her bountiful assets fettered.
    I know, I know – but I do love the delightful Kate

  2. I would recommend that the ‘crisp whacks’ continue until the wriggling ceases and she, ie., Kate, sinks into rhythm……..

  3. I would not expect anything less from you! Kep your comments coming, always unusual, always interesting and often funny/

  4. Kate looks absolutely superb in a classic caning position; I’m sure her striped bottom looked amazing. Kate does have something special!

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