White vest, Navy Blue Knickers, Grey Socks and Plimsols… Photo Set 495

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When a naughty girl has been entered into the Punishment book, over ten times in half a term, I make a point of sending for them, (for their spanking), when they are having P.E. in the Gym.

This means my Secretary, Brigitte, goes to fetch them at the allotted time, and walks them to my Study in their P.E. Kit, which is quite simple. It consists of a white vest, navy blue knickers, grey knee length socks, and black or white plimsols. They are walked through the school corridors, to my study. All the classrooms have glass paneled doors, so it is quite a walk of shame.

After their spanking they are taken back, with their knickers pulled down at the back, and red bottom on show.

Kate has been in the Punishment Book ten times, Brigitte has just left her into my study.

It must be a nervous wait for them, and to me, that is part of the punishment. After around five minutes I enter, form the door leading from my Secretary’s office. “Good afternoon Kate, here again, you seem intent on making some sort of school record!”

“Good afternoon Sir. I am sorry Sir.”

“I have told you many times, when you report for punishment, it is always Mr.Jones. I thought I had made that clear. I shall add more to the punishment I intended for you, for not listening and learning my rules.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

She shuffles somewhat uneasily as I stand, with a raised eyebrow, looking at her.

“So, you go on a cross country run, you hang at the back, you sneak into the wood and have a cigarette, then walk the 50 yards to the other side, wait for them to come by on the return run and tag yourself to the back. Is that correct?”

She smiles at me like butter would not melt. “No Sir, that was not me, that was Suzette.”

“I know that is a bare faced lie, your punishment has increased AGAIN!!” Think carefully, if I have to prove it is a lie, I will cane you before the whole school, you will receive twelve strokes on the bare, in the theatre. I ask you again…was it you young lady?”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

I shake my head, and tut. “Turn around! Face the window.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“Lower your knickers girl!”

She sighs, nervously. “Yes Mr.Jones.”

“Bend Over!!!”

We then acted the role out in personal role play, and it was wonderful. There was only Kate and I, so no more photos, but….more visits to come!

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16 thoughts on “White vest, Navy Blue Knickers, Grey Socks and Plimsols… Photo Set 495

  1. White vest navy blue gym knickers and plimsolls, what a great combination ! ever thought of using a mans could be a fun session trying to keep their braless breasts from popping out as they do star jumps.
    Must so humiliating walking through the school in P.T kit to be punished, moreso on the wayback if they had to remove their gym knickers completely.

  2. Having been there I know what it is like to be in my vest and soft school knickers waiting to have my bottom bared ready for my disciplinarians attention.
    Kate looks gorgeous. I suspect a jolly good time was had by both. Good to see you back Sir.

    Love Suzette xxxx

  3. I agree entirely, and it is a joy to spank….goes red quickly, wiggles and wobbles too! And feels lovely to stroke afterwards.

  4. Is the cane the favourite,or is the hand… In my hobbie I like to train the hand n body to harden for impact…. So satisfying tbh…

  5. What a great way to dress for punishment & P.T. no need for a gym skirt with those sensible knickers, but I would suggest white socks to show off those black plimsolls, would be great to see all your girls dressed in just gym knickers vest white socks and black plimsolls

  6. I’m imagining a scene where you cane Kate in front of the whole school; she touches her toes so beautifully; that would guarantee 100% attendance!

  7. Hadn’t seeen this set previously..isn’t Kate gorgeous in her navy knickers and vest ….would love to see her doing some PE exercises…

  8. Now this is pure class! The very epitome of what spanking photography should look like.The cane hanging menacingly on the hook as poor Kates bottom quivers in anticipation of it’s painful application.
    I wasn’t sure how you felt about comments on older posts Asa.There’s loads that I would have commented on.

  9. I am happy for you too, but please let me know which. As you can imagine the pages of old posts disappear into the distance and are indicated by a red dot. The thing is, the older the post, the less I see them, on my screen are the last ten posts, after that I have to go and look.

    Great comment….and much appreciated.

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