Photo Set ~ No 503 – A Desk, Navy Blue Knickers, Grey Socks…and a bare bottom! ~ Part 3 of set 495

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Naughty girls seem to learn for a few days, a week, maybe a month, but most soon knock on my door again. It was the same with Kate, on report again, and a glance at her timetable ensured that her time booked with me would be in her P.E. attire once more.

I decided on the stool and the plimsol for her latest offence. It was nothing too bad, only a little cheeky back chat to an enthusiastic young teacher. It did not really warrant a bare bottom, I decided a crisp dozen with a small plimsol, on the seat of her knickers would suffice. It is important to let them know that the severity of the crime equals the severity of the punishment.

Just as before she stood before me looking glum, full of remorse and proffering new promises of being a good girl for ever. As always, it fell on deaf ears.

“For Heaven’s sake Kate, stop mumbling, stop fiddling with your fingers, and looking to the floor, there is nothing down there to help your bottom! I am going to spank you on the seat of your knickers, stand up straight, shoulders back, and look smart about it!”

“Ooooooh! Dearie me! Yes Sir!”

“That’s better, now get the stool, and put it in position. You know it well enough!”……”I hope that was not a titter girl!!”

“No Mr.Jones, it was just a cough.”


“Bend Oveeeer!!”

She waited, as she listened to me moving, getting the plimsol and slapping it against my palm. “Tuck your knees under the stool for me, present that bottom in the correct manner please. Feet on their toes.”

She pulled her knees underneath, and went on tip toe.

I told her again about the error of her ways. I told her how I am fed up of the steady stream of the same girls coming in for spankings. I told her about respect for teachers and I will not tolerate the rudeness of back chat.

She kept still and listened attentively.

I slapped the plimsol one last time, and warned her that this was going to hurt, that she must not move, and that they will land fast and hard.

She flinched, and tensed up as she braced herself.

I gave her a good, hard, fast spanking with the plimsol, cheek to cheek on the top of her navy blue school knickers.

Her hair flew, her ankles kicked wildly but she kept her knees under the stool, she wriggled and writhed but stayed put, whilst screaming and howling.

I had not closed the door fully, and felt sure that my secretary would have enjoyed the performance.

more to come…


9 thoughts on “Photo Set ~ No 503 – A Desk, Navy Blue Knickers, Grey Socks…and a bare bottom! ~ Part 3 of set 495

  1. In future Kate and i believe there will be a next time that you have to report to Mr Jones, when standing at attention i will expect you to be in ‘shoulders well back’ mode and when over the stool legs to be well apart and really stretched – we must ensure that Mr Jones has no difficulty in administering your medicine

    No you do not learn do you, well frankly i think you do but you just have an occasional hankering to feel a regular singing sensation – nothing wrong with that girl, quite healthy, now run along………………………

  2. Kate looks very smart in her P.T. kit, no need for a gym skirt, would have been nice to see her wearing white socks to show off her black plimsolls, just a thought maybe without a bra and a much larger mans vest for when she does PT would be great watching her trying to keep her lovely breasts covered, but that’s what happens if you forget your vest Kate!

  3. I often forget what connoisseurs of the spanked schoolgirl bottom I am writing for. Quite true, you are right. Sometimes in a shoot when I cover two or three story chapters the general jumbled mess we all get into, takes my mind off of important things…like detail.

    I think I need to do connoisseur shoots, more quality, taking time.

    Valuable input, thank you for reminding me Fred….are you in the UK, if so, maybe you would like to visit and advise during a shoot, as a reward for this comment.

  4. Lovely pictures of Kate, Asa. I can’t get enough of the “naughty schoolgirl in her vest, sock and gym knickers – navy-blue of course!

  5. Asa thanks for your comments and producing an excellent website, yes I’d love to visit maybe latter in the year if that’s O.K. could you please tell me what size shoes the lovely Kate takes.

  6. Of course it is, you will be made most welcome and of course a few souvenier photos of my girls over your knee (bare bottom up) will be a must. Do not leave it too long, this part of the world floods easy and gets snowed in easy too. Not forgeyting ….I plan shoots a few months ahead,

  7. What a truly innovative set of photos with the lovely Kate.
    I love the “back in the day ” authenticity.
    A punishment room might be very like this with someting to bend over and slippers and canes readilly to hand.
    Kate is beautifully presented as she would have been; stripped to her knickers which as she bends over are stretched taut across her firm buttocks.
    She knows she is about to be caned for a significant wrongdoing- I wonder what she is thinking as she awaits her first stroke?

  8. Ahhhh, a dear old friend from my Twitter days has found me since my return on X. Nice to see you, and your first comment is superb…welcome my friend, a very warm welcolme indeed.

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