Welcome to 2024 and off we go, nothing changes here… Photo Set ~ 502

Hello, how are you feeling? I hope you had a good New Year’s Celebration, and are set up to relax, with a couple of more days away from work.

Me, I’m 72 and retired, no back to work for me.

So off we go then.

Towards the end of last year I shot with Kate, and looking at her breasts, (as you do), it reminded me of the Fantasy Study sets I did…


…of course, they were in my old Study, and I ought to do the same in my new one. I will get my girls together, but also do some individually.

They are more glamour, with a hint of spanking.


Kate 1. ‘On the Vintage Cafe Chair’

We had just finished Mr.Maxwell’s Chair…


So we started the ‘New Fantasy Study’ with it.

When I do glamour I concentrate on subtle shadows and delicate light. When I do spanking, I concentrate on curves and faces, with more contrast in the shadow angles.

She changes pose, and I ask her to… ‘hold it, right there please.’

She sits down again…

More to come, she will be stood and bent over it in the next set.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to 2024 and off we go, nothing changes here… Photo Set ~ 502

  1. Oh dear god I live Kate. She reminds me so much of ladies I have and still love. I look forwards to the next episode. Hopefully we will see the beautiful Kate bent over and get to see her gorgeous breasts hanging pendulously waiting for some attention. (Along of course with her beautiful behind)

  2. Nice knee socks Kate . I’ll bet Asa really enjoys these photo sessions!
    I hope it’s not cold in the Mill (I hope you won’t mind me observing that your nipples look delightfully perky).

  3. I knew Kate would look perfect when down to just her shoes and socks and perched on a chair …”magnificent “

  4. Kate looks lovely as usual what a great idea having her stripped to just socks and plimsolls this could double as the girls P.T kit if they ever forget their gym knickers or vests !

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