Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part 31

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The Governess of Spanking Dreams, took Princess Spanky, dressed in her school uniform, to another room.

Charlotte was quite amazed by the spanking maze she seemed to have found herself in. Like falling down a magic rabbit hole to end up in spanking heaven.

“Stand here.” Said The Governess, as she positioned her pet.

Charlotte looked down to see where she was to stand and spied it, for the very first time. She had read about them, and the wicked sting that they deliver to a bare bottom. But there, before her eyes, was a real dragon tailed tawse.

Samantha smiled….”Seen it then?” she asked raising an eyebrow. “Only the best for my girl, I have found it in Mr.Jones Erotic Collectibles, well, sort of, he gave it me.” She chuckled.

Charlotte looked wide eyed, and then watched her Mistress tie her to the suspension bar with pretty pink ribbon and silk rope.

Charlotte trembled as she felt her Mistress prepare her, she felt her soft breath, the heat from her body, and the soft touch of her delicate fingers.

The Governess of Spanking Dreams was fastidious in the art of presenting a bare bottom…

As she did the finishing touches, and bent down for the dragon tail tawse, she whispered to her pet.”You are now ready, I am ready and eager to try this new tawse, it will be hard, and quite fast, brace yourself.”

“Yes Mistress, I am ready for you.”

She began…

The dragon breathed fire into the cheeks of the screaming damsel, through it’s tongue, as it lashed repeatedly across her plump flesh. Each lash leaving its dragon tail mark.

Princess Spanky pushed up hard to greet every one of the dragon’s kisses, and the hard nipples of her Mistress’s breasts pushed hard against her thin white cotton.

“Dance my Precious, do the Dance of the Dragon for me.” Roared her Mistress, as the fire in her pet’s bouncing bottom exploded.

She leapt from foot to foot, squealing and screaming the song of the dragon as she danced…

“Right, stand still for the final few, legs wide, and push that bottom up high girl!”

“Yes Mistress, yes, yes, yes!”

Pain and pleasure connected the two girls as thick, cold leather joined them together in the harmony of the Dragon Dance!

As the last whacks, thwacked, against the rippling buttocks of her pet, the room fell silent again, heavy breathing and the aroma of female sweat filled the air…

It was time to move on.

More to come…


6 thoughts on “Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part 31

  1. Very interesting effect in the 7th photo from top.It looks like Charlotte has inexplicably donned a pair of stockings,but closer examination reveals the Governess has bent down directly in front of her so that Charlotte’s spread arms and the rear of her head are all we see of her,the stockinged thighs are those of the Governess as is the gusset of those tight knickers.Great set,lots of action.Charlotte is certainly taking that dragon tailed tawse,the evidence is all over her bottom.The kicking and the facial expressions also give testament to it’s painful application.Lovely.I note that Charlotte’s knickers are pulled down to just below her buttocks so that they cover her cunt lips.Methinks she doesn’t want any low ones landing there.

  2. Forgot to mention.The writing on this one is especially evocative and inspired too, I thought.Bravo.

  3. Great input again Old Codger, you are becoming the mainstay of the comment people! Much appreciated, as always.

  4. Thank you for the comment on my writing, that is just what I mean when I say a nice comment is everything. Often I spend hours in the studio, then an hour or so writing….just to get no comments or someone says I should have used a different coloured knickers or something…..such is life…a labour of love!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic set, Samantha looking gorgeous and formidable and Charlotte enjoying every moment. Very evocative – well done all ………

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