Voting is Now Open – ‘Batch Four’, of TradCP’s ‘AI’ Art to choose from…

If you go here, you will find his stories and art, along with the first three selections for a sort of AI Calendar I am doing next year. The winner you vote for….(do so by leaving a comment at the bottom, for your top choices)…will be for April 2025. Each art work is numbered for you to refer to.

Click here for his page…(The photos this month are below.)


Nine beauties for you this month

The background and atmosphere he has created here is sublime…


This is his AI version of Kate….(he does not know yet, but he is in trouble! Charlotte and Samantha are jealous!!!!

4 /2

A nice row of vintage beauties for the next one, all waiting for their spanking, and it looks to me like the ones on the right are hoping to be first!


Two girls waiting for their punishment, the door opens and in you go, what bottoms to pick from….who goes first?


The thin trousers of the school uniform show the redness from their classroom spankings shining through, now you are giving their sore bottoms six of the best each here, in your study…


Well, what can I say? ….”It’s a good un! And will take a bit of work to redden it all up equally, but I am up for the challenge, are you?


Now these two next ones, get me excited, I would love to put photos of me on here spanking my girls, and I have just started having some done, by another chap, Chromlech, who is altering my face, for a story. I hope TradCP can do similar, something like these…



The last one is back to where we started, a study scene.


For all sorts of very good reasons, you are going to find the voting for this month very difficult, he has had new equipment and he is getting better. At the end of the year, I might ask him to go through all the winners and bring them all up to his very high standard.

Fabulous work TradCP…well done, keep it up!


11 thoughts on “Voting is Now Open – ‘Batch Four’, of TradCP’s ‘AI’ Art to choose from…

  1. Here’s my top three starting with the one I most like from this wonderful collection by Trad.
    2.Very nice indeed.The hair looks so realistic as does the body shape.The garden creates a very nice backdrop,it looks like a cool morning where the dew has not quite disappeared.Our lady here (modelled on Kate I believe) has stepped outside in order to smoke a cigarette.She is smartly dressed and it would appear she is here on business.From our vantage point we see how her jacket cinches in her waist and accentuates her full hips.Her full rounded bottom looks magnificent in the tight trousers she wears,they are in fact so tight we see the outline of her panties very faintly.A visual treat.
    1.Great background.One can almost smell the polished oak.It would appear that this adult schoolgirl has been sent to the headmasters office.She has a look on her face that is both apprehensive and stoical.Perhaps not her first visit.Soon the headmaster will see what we see only in outline.The skirt is loose enough that it can be lifted up to her waist and after that proceedure the knickers will I am sure be taken down.
    9.This dusky maiden is usually very sassy,her hairstyle reflects her vibrant personality.However in the privacy of her ex headmasters musty and dusty old office she forgoes much of her bravado.Her firm well rounded bottom cheeks have been bared here many times,and yet again it would seem she has an appointment with the cane!

  2. Perfect Old Codger, just the type of feedback that anyone with creative juices loves to read. Well described and full of encouragement and enthusiasm….well done.

  3. All excellent images so great work TradCp. Each has got something to enthuse about but No 1 for me has everything I could hope for.

    The setting is perfect and I can smell the polish on the old furniture and want to feel it’s patina. The stool placed under the window is utilitarian rather than fancy suggesting a workman-like approach to deal with unruly transgressors. It will provide a great temptation for the miscreant to look up and out to see what might be going on or who might be walking past.

    Her position is perfect in its subtlety rather than an obvious rear-end view, and shows the taut material and the shape of her bum masterfully. Clothing is not overstated, even ambiguous, and probably has a US leaning but makes me wonder what colour her knickers are. She is clearly contemplating her fate… but is she hoping it will all be over soon and quickly, or perhaps that her punishment has been forgotten?

    And then the door creaks open…. Yes it’s No 1 for me!

  4. Nice to have your input Brigitte, it looks like 4/1 is going to be a runaway winner. Did you ask TradCp about working of your stories? I know he is a busy chap with his own thing, but if you plan far enough ahead, or how about this….let him do some O&P pictures….if he wants too of course!

  5. Dear Asa, I do have a story that TradCP could illustrate, but he might not be interested. The girl featured in that story isn’t wearing trousers… Its 8 parts, it would require two pics per part… As for time, there’s no problem…

  6. I will ask him if it is okay to give you his e-mail…..then you can chat.

    I have started the martinet! I wanted an unusual handle and have been looking. The antiques centre where I sell my stuff was flooded and is closed for a while, so I have been to an old open air market and found something on an auto jumble store, a wooden handle for an old car jack, dated 1937. It looked horrible, somebody had painted it. I have stripped it off, cleaned it and put some grooves around it to make it mine. I am going to stain and varnish it next. It will have a name, ‘Bridgitte the Martinet’, when a girl has to fetch it, I will send them for Bridgitte.

  7. My favourites:

    4/1 – love the skirt and the way it shows the shape of her bottom

    4/3 – five gorgeous girls with gorgeous bottoms. Would need an hour with them. 10 minutes spanking for each, then a joint 10 minutes standing against the wall with their trousers and knickers down at their knees.

    One bit of constructive criticism (not of the images). The way the page layout works means the caption for each image appears to be more closely linked to the image above. Not a big deal, but perhaps some extra spacing before would make it obvious. It’s caught me out before with voting

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