Samantha’s Apron Day – 20

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The atmosphere in her lovely house was one one calm, mixed with a heady scent of sexual arousal, not just for Samantha, but of course the strain of being gentleman whilst watching and smacking Samantha’s bottom stretched their trousers and self control of Fishmeister, James and Stuart to the limit.

Samantha spotted this…quite easily!

She made a suggestion. “I do not do sexual favours really, we have only just met after all, but I do understand need. Why don’t you all go in there…” She pointed to a bedroom. “….and one at a time you can come and masturbate as you look at me, I like that.”

“Yes please.”

“Yes please.”

“Yes please.”

Samantha smiled at the speed of the almost instantaneous replies. “Off you go then, I will be here waiting for the first of you.”

First out was Fishmiester…who walked down the corridor slowly, and totally captivated by Samantha’s bottom. “Can I….?”

“What? Shoot all over my bottom? Of course.”

He picked up a chair and sat, and looked at her….and began.

She loved the noise of a masturbating man, the wet click click clicks getting faster, his moans, and shuffles in the seat. She pushed her bottom and pussy out for him the very best she could. And listened.

As invited, he shot his load, high and far, to splatter all over her full round cheeks. You cannot see him he has a good range and is sat out of view.

He thanked her, and with tissues in hand, he walked exhaustedly back to the room. Samantha went to clean up, shouted the next, and went into another room.

“I’m ready James….come and find meeee!”

He soon found her, and she was polishing a mirror. “Sit down James, do you mind if I watch you do it in the mirror?”

James sat, and looked at her, as she watched him, examining him almost, as he masturbated. “Try not to soil my mirror.” She said as he increased his speed.

He was fascinated by her, and masturbated hard and fast, watching her watch him.

“Can I…..?”

“Yes, you can shoot all over my bottom James.”

Within minutes another fine load of steaming, warm, sticky spunk, ran down the crack of her bottom.

He left, she cleaned herself and waited for Stuart.

He walked in as naked as the day he was born, his manhood swaying from side to side. She was kneeling at the bottom of the bed. Their eyes met in the mirror.

He stood still, his mouth slightly agog, looking at her. His cock pulsating, and jerking up and down.

“Ready then?” Samantha asked looking at it. His wait must have been torturous.

“Do me a favour will you?” She asked.

He knew instinctively and shot a huge load of cum all over her bottom.

“I am going to have a quick bath, be a darling and make a cup of tea will you?”

Stuart went to pick up James and Fishmeister. They walked to the kitchen. Fishmeister said….”Bloody hell, that was amazing, I shot all over her….”

The other two laughed, and their glorious stories of their hat-trick unfolded.

Samantha smiled as she heard their laughter, and then gave herself an orgasm in the water.

More to cum…..but give the poor old lads a few minutes, none of them are as young as they were you know!

Ohhh…nearly forgot….your colour bonus. Don’t make a mess of the screen!


4 thoughts on “Samantha’s Apron Day – 20

  1. Ah! That gorgeous filly again..The lovely Samantha! Looks like I will need to take matters in hand at a rather more discrete distance than the lucky attendees at this bishop bashing event.I can however enjoy the photo’s at my leisure and allow myself unhurried contemplations.One such contemplation involves yours truly spending his wad not on the cheeks of Samantha’s beautiful bottom but deep inside the blissfully tight confines of her well lubricated arsehole…Very nice set.

  2. Fantastic photo-set Asa.

    What a delight to see Samantha in such erotic poses. And wasn’t she accommodating!! But then I suppose the cup of tea after bathing is a reasonable reward.

    Which brings me to the joke: Why does it take three men to make a cup of tea? Answers on a postcard please.

    PS – Does Suzette know about Stuart’s daliances? Don’t tell me….she was there too.

    Great tale and great pics, so my kindest regards and thanks to model and photographer!

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