Eliot’s Public Detention ~ Part 5

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To be honest, I could write this part by just saying her knickers were taken down…..but that would be a bit boring would’t it? So consider this a black and white study of the anguish a naughty girl feels, when a much older man bares her bottom, for a spanking and will see most of what she has to offer. Plus of course, it is going to hurt!

And full marks to Charlotte, she always plays her part well, she says she tries to live it.



“Nooooooo! Please Sir! Not on my bare bottom!!” Screamed Charlotte.

“Yes, on the bare!” He replied strictly.

And down they came, quite unceremoniously!

Her last look of anguish over her shoulder sees his arm rise high, and her spanking resumes, with no knickers!!

more to come…


5 thoughts on “Eliot’s Public Detention ~ Part 5

  1. Is that something you like B? To watch? To happen to you? Or both? Please….do tell :o) xxx

  2. Yes B….please tell us. Would you rather me be over your lap, and you pulling down my knickers? Or….would you like to be over Samantha’s knee, and she be pulling yours down?

  3. Truly one of the most erotic aspects of spanking.The lowering of the knickers.A big show should always be made of it.It shouldn’t be perfunctory or rushed as though the knickers themselves were merely an obstacle or hinderance.The knickers are the wrapping on a delightful present and the anticipation should be savoured.More often than not I prolong the time that they stay up for as long as I can manage and sometimes I will perhaps slip my hand down under the waistband of said garment to fondle the miscreants bottom prior to the grand lowering.

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