The Mistress and the Maid

High up in the Derbyshire hills is a huge sprawling Gothic Mansion, it lies at the end of a lane where lime trees line each side. Rooks nest in the trees and anyone approaching it is greeted by their screeching calls. The name of the three hundred year old hall is ‘The Inveigle’.

At night time the two solid square gate posts have oil lamps burning, the driveway to the stout oak doors has similar lamps along both sides its whole length. The mullioned windows entice a curious stare from anyone who is close, they exude warmth and loveliness…and hide secrets.

I want you to look up there, on the second floor, at the end. Can you see the flickering lights of one of the boudoirs? It is Lady Charlene’s room, one of the daughters of the household.

As blonde and fair skinned as she is, then equally, as dark and sultry is her maid. She calls her her ‘Pretty Raven’,  because her hair is as black as any.

If you were to climb the square lead drainpipe, and sneak a look through the lead encased glass, you would see this scene. Sexy isn’t it?

Lady Charlene is having her hair brushed, and is admiring the beauty of her maid. Sexual tension has been building up between them for many months.

Look how she admires her reflection, the seductive glow of the flickering candles on her skin make her look alluring, and ripe for picking. It is time to ask a question of her.

Lady Charlene told her maid to stop brushing her hair for a minute and looked up to her eyes. “You are a very good maid my Pretty Raven”.

The maid sighed deeply, and replied. “Thank you Ma’am.”

A silence drifted down upon them and filled the room with its hush, and not for the first time, it was broken when Mistress spoke again..”Or maybe sometimes you wish your were not so good for me?”

Slowly her hand slid up to the hairbrush, and began to take it from the maids fingers.

“I would like to be a naughty maid for you Mistress.”

Months had built up to this precious moment, both knew that this question needed to be asked, the answer she gave was exactly what both wanted to hear…

The maid gently glided down to her knees, the brush slid back into her hand, and their eyes met. Across a great divide of social class the two girls looked dreamily into each others eyes and kissed.

The Mistress whispered, ‘Of course, you know what happens to naughty maids don’t you?’

The maid offered the brush back to her Mistress as she said, ‘Oh I hope so Mistress. I do hope so.”

Lady Charlene looked down at her ‘Pretty Raven’ and stood up beside her, the hard, heavy, smooth backed hairbrush in her hand. “Oh my dear, dear, naughty maid, I have waited so long to punish you. Kneel on the miniature chaise lounge and put your hands on the dressing table.”

Breathing heavily her maid agreed. “Yes Mistress, of course Mistress.”

Both instantly had a wish granted!

The submissive maid, with her bloomers lowered and her fine rump presented, felt her first resounding smack from the hairbrush.

At the same time lady Charlene was transfixed by the sight of the willing rump before her, and after giving it a firm smack with the dark wooden hairbrush was delighted to see it turn a ripe blushing pink.

Lady Charlene warmed to the task of spanking her ‘pretty raven’. She did not rush, but studied every smack she applied with the heavy hairbrush. She looked at the impact, listened to the noise, and devoured the sight of her maid gasping with pain.

Her maid drank her punishment in, like a puppy would lap at warm cream. She pushed her bottom up for every smack, hoping to please her Mistress.

They both pleased each other very much indeed…

Then something happened which surprised the maid greatly.

After punishing the maid’s bare bottom with the hairbrush, Lady Charlene walked to her side and sunk to her knees. She took her maid’s hand, and placed the hairbrush in it, and spoke… “Now my pretty raven, I want my bottom to glow too. I need to feel the pain on my rump as well, so spank me, and do not show mercy to my cheeks. I want them to burn like yours. No matter what I say or do, no matter how much noise I make, and no matter how much I beg, I want you to decide when it is over for me. I am a naughty Mistress, and need punishing.”

The Mistress walked to the side of her maid who was now sat on the chaise lounge with the hairbrush at her side.

…look at the contrast, the maid, in a plain outfit, typical of many a maid of the day, and her Mistress, bedecked in jewels wearing a jewel encrusted dress. The gap between the two, to anyone who saw them in the world outside the boudoir was immense.

Yet here, in the Victorian Mansion called the Inveigle, up in the boudoir of her Mistress, things were very different…

“You have been a very naughty Mistress haven’t you?”

“Yes maid, I have.”

“And tell your ‘pretty raven’, what happens to naughty Mistresses?”

“They get spanked on their bare bottom by their Maid.”

“My Mistress needs to be spanked hard on her naughty bare bottom doesn’t she?”

“Yes Maid.”

“Then get over my knee…now!”

“Yes Maid.”

The Mistress nestled onto her maids lap for her first spanking by her. For many long months the sexual tension between the two had grown, starting with knowing looks and glances, and finishing on this night in Mistress Charlene’s Boudoir, with a shared spanking session.

The maid with her already sore bottom was sat on the delightfully soft chaise lounge, the heat from the hairbrush spanking sinking deep into her groin, alighting passions and need in her pussy.

Here was her Mistress, wantonly laid over her knee, having told her that she needs a long hard spanking, with no limits, and to end only when the maid is satisfied.

She lifts her beautiful shimmering red dress, to reveal high class open back bloomers, with pretty pink ribbons, framing the begging cheeks of the fine upturned rump of Mistress Charlene.

To her delight, Mistress began to thrust slowly.

She mirrored her actions with her own groin and sore bottom.

She devoured the sight before her.

She drank in the heady erotic atmosphere of the moment, and raised her hand to deliver the first smack…

Mistress Charlene had been spanked as a child, by both her Daddy and Governess, but never harshly. She had seen many of the maids get punished, and some even get birched, one of them at the bottom of the staircase with the rest of the ‘downstairs staff’ assembled to watch. She had watched from the landing with her sisters. All this had led to her need, but nothing had prepared her for the reality of a full on spanking, especially from her maid.

Many a night in her bed she had stroked her bottom and given it smacks as a prelude to masturbation, she had thought of this for many months. Her pussy was now wet and runny, she thrust against her maid’s lap and could feel her response coming back.

But the ferocity of these first smacks took her breath away, she squealed a huge squeal and remembered what she had just instructed her maid to do…

‘spank me hard, without mercy, and only stop when you are satisfied, no matter what I say or do!’

Her maid was restricted in movement but had a style all of her own…fast quick brisk smacks.

She wriggled and squirmed, she cried and begged her maid to stop, but much sooner than anticipated the maid picked up the hairbrush her Mistress had handed her, and began with that…

Her maids grip was like an iron corset, all she could do was wriggle and squeal!

The maid showed no mercy on her Mistress. The hairbrush delivered stinging slap after stinging slap, sometimes cheek to cheek, sometimes five times in one place. They fell fast and furious.

Mistress Charlene squealed and screamed, her bottom wriggled her hips jostled but there was no escape.

So lets leave the story for just a little while and think…

Here in the beautiful Gothic Mansion … ‘The Inveigle’, up in a high room, bathed in oil and candle light, two young women, switching roles, are crossing the boundaries of class, in the pursuit of spanking pleasure.

This must have happened, surely… Mistress and maid fell in love, and surely in a time of such class divides, which embraced submission and domination of the classes, from school into service, the needs of young women such as I have portrayed in this spanking tale must have been satisfied.

Imagine the following days, in their natural roles, the looks of longing and desire.

Imagine too, the rush of blood as night-time fell, and the visits to their rooms occurred.

Imagine the noise, the aroma, the need and the satisfaction.

So let us drift back to the story from our moment of realism and wistful imaginings…

After the spanking, both sore and tender, their passions were aroused. With trembling hands and beating hearts the two girls from different sides of society look into each others eyes, and hands begin to explore, and pussies begin to twitch, demanding attention.

The Mistress took back control and and said quite plainly and matter of factly, “Oh my pretty Raven, I need to see you, I need to smell you, to touch you, and taste you!”

…her hands lifted her maids skirts, to delve into her bloomers. They were wet through, her pretty maid had already orgasmed and gushed her juices as she had spanked her Mistress.

“Oh I am the same!” cried Mistress Charlene.

They looked at each other and knew that this was the time, the time for fingers to delve into moist wetness, the time for warm wet pussies to mount each other and rub frantically to bliss…

Lets leave them with some Victorian dignity, sometimes the imagination finishes a story better than my photos, lets leave them alone to share this most magical moment.

And my dear readers, let us share something too. If you masturbate, as you imagine what happens next, let me know.

I am shooting again in four days, with the same girls. To get them into the mood, at the start of the shoot, I will read them this story, it would be lovely to share your moment with them.

The End

This story has run its course and will not be added to.

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  1. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long
    comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just
    wanted to say wonderful blog!

  2. Sorry. I disable comments on most of my posts because 99% want to promote viagra, someone’s latest electrical wizardry of a product, or strong porn to me. But I have put it back on, and saw this.

  3. I lived with my aunt and my cousin for three years and being the only boy I got punished quite often. Well actually my cousin (which was seventeen years old and I was ten) was in charge to discipline me. Many times I got punished for no apparent reason. My aunt always ordered my cousin to strip me naked and spanked me with a ping pong paddle. My aunt always was sitting on the couch with crossed legs and crossed arms.
    Many years later recalling these bad memories I started to recall why my aunt was watching because presumably she masturbate by crossing her legs and working with her groin and touching her breasts’ nipples.

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