The Punishment Room

Oh look, two naughty girls outside an office looking worried…

Here at Saint Helena High School for Girls they have a special room for correction. It may just be lines, detention, or extra work, like an essay. But it can also mean spanking or even worse, the cane.

Here we see two sisters waiting outside the door late one Friday afternoon, looking thoughtful. They have had a bad term and are on report once again.

Look at them! On an afternoon when they should really make some effort, they have come with no ties, gymslips way too short and incorrect footwear.

Maybe they are just expecting yet another essay to write and a telling off.

But no!

The Headmistress and Head of Discipline have other ideas.

They are fed up of the cheek, the backchat, and their general bratty manner.

Time and time again they have shown a blatant disregard for school rules…but no more.

This is the afternoon they pay.

Day after day they walk around school as if they own it, showing off and trying to look so ‘cool’, most off the other girls would love to be in their ‘set’, but they are very aloof.

They will not be cool in ‘The Punishment Room’…

Sat waiting they discuss what might happen.

All is made clear  to their curious minds when their ‘Head of Discipline’ approaches at a brisk pace, brandishing a brand new cane and with the punishment record book tucked under her arm.

Their worst fears are realised, it looks almost certain that it will be the cane on their bare bottoms. All they really want to know right now is ‘how many strokes’.

“Good afternoon girls. At least you are prompt! But I see that both of you are not wearing your school ties, and what are those ridiculous things on your feet? You know the rules, it is black patent leather. I was going to give you six each on the bare, over the high stool. It will be nine apiece now, well done!”

She walks past the girls as they begin to cry, and opens the door. “Wait there girls, until I call, then both come in together. And you can stop that nonsense, crying will not make the slightest bit of difference. You will both have plenty to cry about later, with nine bright red stripes across your buttocks. Now think about that! I have some work to do, sometime in the next half hour I will call you in, for now you can sit and think about your naughtiness and the consequences of your actions!”

SLAM….the door bangs shut behind her.

The girls begin a terrible wait. The urge to wee comes upon them both…

{I have done the next few photos in black and white, simply because I like schoolgirls in black and white photos, we soon come back to colour though.}

Lets take a few seconds to think about the scene and the situation…

Imagine how they feel. Two naughty girls, guilty of what they are accused of, and who know that their punishment is only minutes away. They feel sick, they want to wee, and are frightened. Their Head of Discipline, Miss Evans, has arrived, a cane in her hand to meet the waiting girls at the Headmistresses Office.

the story continues….

The door opens and the fearsome Headmistress stands at her door.

One girl, Charlotte, closest to the Headmistress seems to be transfixed with the sight of the instrument of punishment held in her hand. The other, Amber dare not even look up.

Both do not want to stand up, it is as if their naughty bottoms, already quivering in expectation, are glued to the seats.

“Right! Both of you in here…NOW!”

They stand. Once again their stomachs lurch. Their knees almost buckle as with dread they begin to enter the Punishment Room. The very name of this awful room sends shivers down every girls spine at Saint Helena High School for Girls. Stories of thrashings in this room for over 30 years are spoken of in the dormitories at night. Suddenly they begin to fly through the girls minds.

Slowly they walk in, following the Headmistress. Behind them, is the head of Discipline, there is no escape. It is now that they wish they had put their ties on, worn correct footwear, rolled their sleeves down and not bothered with nail varnish that morning. It dawns on them that this action will add to their punishment. That is why Miss Evans has that smile on her face.

They move from the corridor and into the room, The Punishment Room,  Amber looks down at her friends gym slip, oh why have they both put the really short ones on, today of all days?.

The Headmistress walked to stand before them, and their Head of Discipline stood by their side.

“It’s no good huddling together, stand up straight, hands by your sides. And look at me when I am speaking to you! You will find no help on the floor, nor anywhere else in this room for that matter!”

The two girls stood to attention and stared at the Headmistress, who glared back at them with menace in her eyes.

“Look at you both! You both admit to your misdeeds. You were told to report here for punishment, and that is what you are both going to get, trust me on that. But I say again…LOOK AT YOU BOTH!”

The two girls cringed but held their positions.

“Not wearing a tie apiece, nail varnish on, eyes with make up too. Uniforms far too short! And as for your footwear, well!”

The only response to come forth was a quaking, very quiet ‘awwwww’ from the girls lips. And a plea…

“Ohhhh please Miss.” they said in unison, “Please, not the cane, please please! Not the cane!”

“Neither of you have done yourselves any favours have you?”

The girls nodded the negative, both close to crying and wetting their white school knickers.

They knew it was time to pay…

“We’ll see! lets start of with these shall we?”

{back to colour…we need to see pink!!}

The two naughty girls chastisement had finished. Time for pleading was over quickly, it was time to submit their bare bottoms to their superiors. It was… time to pay

The two brats looked very different now, doing exactly as they were told in the most submissive way.

They were told to ‘assume the position’ over the two desks, The Headmistress decided that before the cane, they would each get a taste of the plimsolls on their bare bottoms.

These are fearsome weapons in the school discipline armory. I saw them used myself at school. A thick rubber sole with very little give, they could deliver a terrible stinging blow.

They have a sound all of their own which reminds me so much of the 1960′s punishments i witnessed and felt so very often!

A deep resounding ‘WHOP’

They prepared themselves, over they went.

The two naughty girls, Charlotte and Amber look to each other before their punishment begins, they know it is only a matter of time now before their gym slips are up, their knickers down, and the first smack from the plimsoll cracks down onto their upturned bare cheeks.

Before they entered the room, as they were sat on the chairs outside, they talked of bravery…”We’ll keep quiet,  we’ll not move, we’ll just take it, let’s show them!”

Their gym slips are soon pulled up and the Headmistress, and Head of School Discipline grab hold of their white regulation knickers, ready to yank them down.

Pulling their white regulation school knickers away from their soft tender skin let a little waft of cool air onto their nervous bottoms. Their knees began to twitch, the nervousness of the two schoolgirl brats began to show.

The headmistress Of saint Helena High School for Girls looked to the Head of Discipline and smiled as she said “Not quite so clever and opinionated now are you girls?”

Then came sweet music to the ears of the Headmistress and Head of Discipline.

The two brats, the two naughty girls who deserved this so much, began to beg as their knickers were taken down to bare their delicious quivering bottoms.

Both started at the same time, the moment the cool air covered their cheeks and the sense of exposure was at its height.

“No no no Miss, please don’t spank me, I’m so sorry, please no no no!”

“Please please please no, ohh I’m ever so frightened I’ll be good I promise, stop stop, please….awwwww!”

So much for their resolve, they had not received a smack yet!

This was sweet indeed, it was exactly what the two ladies wanted to hear, they positioned their delicate plump pale white cheeks into the right position, and raised the merciless heavy rubber soled plimsolls into the air to take aim. No mercy was to be shown, it was going to be hard fast full strength whacks from the off. The girls had been asking for this for ages, and my word…

…they were going to get it! Just think of having this power, and the authority to make a young woman bare her bottom, and whack it until satisfied, knowing that the system was behind you every step of the way, and the naughty girls could do nothing about it!

The first whacks of the plimsolls landed together, whack! crack!

The two girls shuddered, and squealed in unison, as the shock and severity of the pain hit home like a well aimed stroke of the cane, it was a hot pain, a desperate sting that instantly reached their brains. It sank in deep almost instantly’’’



Now there is something I may not have told you…

The punishment room is in a high corner of the school quadrangle, The windows are always open in the day time, no matter what the weather. The reason for this is so that the sound of the punishment will echo around the four walls of the quadrangle.

It was a kind of tradition that girls gathered to listen, a little like the stocks and pillories of old, the onlookers either showed sympathy or contempt.

Never has such a large group gathered, they listened to every word, they delighted in the telling off. They rejoiced in the sound of their pleas. But when the first blows landed, and both girls squealed out in pain a huge cheer went up!

These girls had ‘Lorded’ it over their peers for years, jeering at spots, or excess weight. They were nasty brats, and today was payback time for every girl who had ever felt their sarcastic tongue lash them.

This cheer had two drastic effects, firstly it urged the two administers of pain upon their upturned rumps to hit harder, faster and with even more effort.

Secondly it humiliated the girls to a new depth, both screamed out again…

“Everyone can hear us being spanked…stop stop, awwww please please stop!”

“They are laughing at us Miss, please please stop, my bottom hurts!”

“Oh grow up!…. you silly girls! Take this like all the other girls who have been in here, you have only had one smack each!”

At this laughter rippled around the quadrangle, and the  crowd of onlooking schoolgirls girls began to shout…’more, more, MORE!’

More resounding smacks from the plimsolls soon followed, leaving fresh red stinging smacks on their naughty cheeks. These too were accompanied by cries of anguish and pleas for mercy.

The girls outside loved it, and began to pick up the pace of the spanking with accompanying claps of their own.

This was going to be a very humiliating long hard thrashing for the naughty schoolgirls, who were making it worse for themselves all the time with their dreadful wails, screams and begging for it to stop!

Some girls started to climb upon other girls shoulders for a peek, so as to relay ‘on the spot’ information to the ever growing crowd.

The news of the brats come uppance was spreading fast. Teachers walked by, and said nothing, every single member of staff agreed with them. These two girls are getting exactly what they deserve, including their humiliation!

This was the longest ever slippering (a term used in the school, even though the implements were plimsolls) the school had known. Thoughts of the cane began to diminish from their punishers’ minds, in truth, neither of them wanted to stop using the plimsolls, the pace and rhythmic sound of slaps were too good to stop!

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