Time to Pay

The lady on the cover is Monica, she has a great interest in justice and discipline.

Many was the time she had had a conversation with a friend and discovered that something from the past was gnawing away at them. After one such evening with friends, an idea entered her mind as she tried to get to sleep…

“just imagine if there were girls out there who would love to be punished for a past misdeed, to rid their mind of it.” was the thought in her mind as she drifted to sleep.

She was quite well off, she ran her own interior design business, commanded a good salary, and had lots of excuses for trips out here and there.  She spent time over the next weeks finding an office to rent and when she did, she furnished it.

She used her skills and free time getting the office ready, an office where her idea would come to fruition.

When it was ‘just so’, she went home, and went to bed, to lie there thinking of how to say exactly what she wanted to. This was her way of sorting things out, she once more drifted to sleep with ideas of discipline in her mind.

The next day she went on line and put an advert in a national newspaper. It read as follows…

Ladies Only

Do you have a misdeed from your past lurking in your mind, stopping you sleep? Would admitting it to me, and receiving physical punishment for it help? If so reply in STRICTEST confidence to box number 81151

Mistress Monica

The following Wednesday morning on her way to work she picked up the newspaper and there it was, would anyone read it? Would anyone ever reply?

Unbeknown to her, a girl name Charlene purchased a copy of the paper and sat down on her train as she travelled to work. She got to the page and read the advert, her hands trembled slightly. She closed the paper quickly and put it down on the table.

Seconds later she picked it up again, and one phrase in particular slipped into her brain, and never went away. ‘Physical punishment’…

She knew what it meant, and for the rest of the day she could not concentrate.

That night she went on line and replied to the advert.

Her reply was short…

“I have a worry on my mind from over ten years ago, I was evil to a girl at school, she almost had a nervous breakdown. I need to be punished for it. I want the thought to go away.”

A few short notes went back and forth, and within a week she found herself at Mistress Monica’s Office. She climbed the stairs and knocked on the door, precisely on time. “Come in.” said a crisp, strict voice.

She opened the door and walked in to what looked like a classroom. The lady was sat at a desk and did not look up. She knew instinctively to go to her, and with her heart beating she began to walk between school desks and up to Mistress Monica…

Charlene walked to the desk and introduced herself to Mistress Monica. Conversation was short and sweet, it was soon quite obvious that she was not here to make a new friend.

“I am not interested in you life story, or in sympathising with your troubled mind Charlene. The simple fact is that you have something troubling you, and the only way to give you peace is to punish you as someone should have done years ago. Then you can go on your way, I am not your Domme as such, I am here to listen, pass judgement, and execute the punishment, is that clear?”

Charlene felt quite nervous and intimidated, but also knew that it was exactly what she wanted to hear and how she wanted to feel at this moment. Meekly she answered. “Yes Mistress.”

Monica nodded in satisfaction and told her to tell her story, clearly and without rambling.

Taking a deep breath she began…

“I left school ten years ago Mistress, and whilst I was there I bullied a girl, so badly that she went off ill, almost suffering a nervous breakdown. I caught her masturbating one day, and told her I was going to tell everyone unless she did as I said. It was only meant to last a day or two, but I enjoyed it so much it went on for two years. I made her lick my shoes, give me sweets, steal for me and… oh all the usual things a bully does….but…but”

Monica slapped the desk. “Spit it out!”

Almost in tears Charlene continued. “The last day I saw her I made her give me her knickers, and not wear any for the day. At the end of the day she came to me and I was waiting with my friends. I felt so big, showing off my little pet before them. I put her knickers on the floor and pissed on them, and then made her put them on! They all laughed as she did so crying. We followed her to the bus and just as she got on I told the passengers that she had wet herself and pulled her skirt up and knickers down. A lot of them laughed and she just broke down. She was so scared of me she never told her Mummy or the Teachers what had really happened. She just said she had wet herself, and sat down. I left school and never saw her again, she did not come back to school, she left and went to another.”

Monica stared at her in contempt, then looked at her book, which she had compiled over the last few weeks. She had listed all sorts of ideas and rated many crimes on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the worst. “This in my view is a category eight offence. Strip naked before me!”

Monica had spent her money wisely on desks, a stool, a cane, some straps and plimsolls, along with an old briefcase and teachers table. Even the walls were decorated with erotic punishment, original art.  She wanted the room to look like a place to be punished.

The girl before her excited her, her first customer. To see her in her power, stripping naked thrilled her, especially as she could see her hands shaking. This is what she had always wanted, a woman to admit she needs punishment and to take it willingly. A woman to submit to her for whatever punishment she deemed fit.

But most of all it was being called ‘Mistress Monica’ that thrilled her and made her knickers moist.

From Charlene’s point of view, being made to strip naked before this powerful woman was perfect. She had needed to be punished for so long, and now it was going to happen. She could feel the eyes of Mistress Monica looking at her, and it almost made her drip.

As she turned to her Mistress naked, she realised that she had placed a school uniform on the desk beside her.

Mistress Monica spoke to her sternly once more. “Put this uniform on Charlene, you committed your crime at school, it only seems fitting you should be dressed as a schoolgirl again when you are punished. I am going to give you twelve of the best, with the cane, on your bare bottom.”

Charlene shuddered…

Mistress Monica passed the uniform piece by piece for Charlene to put on, starting with the white regulation size school knickers.

Charlene’s eyes widened as she saw them, they were exactly as she used to wear.

It was at this point that Charlene realised there might be more to her need to be punished than just putting a guilty conscience to rest.

Mistress Monica started to talk to her in a certain way, and it excited her.

“Now then you naughty girl, lets make you look smart for your punishment.”

She began to tug at her collars and straighten her dress. She found herself wishing and hoping that her Mistress would straighten her knickers. Which she thought to herself, would be quite damp.

Mistress Monica leaned over to pick up the cane, Charlene was transfixed and just could not take her eyes of the evil looking three foot piece of slender curved handled, pale yellow, flexible rattan, which swayed gently as Mistress pulled it towards herself.

Mistress Monica continued to talk to Charlene in her seductive, voice of authority…

She flexed the cane and looked directly into her eyes. Speaking slowly with a slight pause between almost every word.


…have been

…a very

…naughty girl Charlene

…haven’t you?”

Charlene was now shaking with a mixture of fear and sexual excitement. She replied as bravely as she could. “Yes Mistress.”

Mistress kept flexing the cane as she spoke. “You are going to bend over the stool, and present your naughty bottom for me as well as you can. I am then going to cane you without mercy. Twelve of the best, on your bare bottom.”

“yes Mistress”

Under the dreadful stare of Mistress Monica Charlene was ordered to go to the stool and bend over.

Charlene had butterflies in her tummy and felt quite sick, but managed to remain dignified and did as she was told. She bent over the stool as Mistress Monica instructed.

She felt very vulnerable and embarrassed.

Yet strangely, her feeling of excitement grew even more, she wanted her bottom to be the best her new Mistress had ever seen, and tried very hard to present it well.

Mistress Monica lifted Charlene’s school gymslip, and stood back to admire the naughty girls bottom in her regulation, tight, white, stretched school knickers.

…her bottom could not have looked more inviting!

This was the moment they had been waiting for, for different reasons.

Mistress spoke, “The first strokes are to be on your knickers.”

Mistress Monica had a girl in exactly the position she wanted. Bottom presented willingly, waiting for the cane,  she looked at the scene before her. Her pussy twitched as she lifted the cane for the first stroke and began to whistle it down. It cut through the air with a dreadful sound…

Charlene had held this guilt for ten years and more, finally she was going to pay for her vile younger self’s misdeeds. She pushed her bottom up, waiting. She heard the cane cut through the air, this was it!

                                                              Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissh CRAAACK!!!!

The first stroke landed across the tight white school knickers with a terrible resounding crack. Her cheeks wobbled and Charlene screamed.

“Keep those hands in place you naughty girl!”

“Yes Miss Yes Miss I will, I’m sorry!”

Both were surprised.

Mistress Michelle found herself gritting her teeth and wanting to thrash those cheeks hard and fast with no mercy at all. Instantly she raised the cane again to bring it back down in almost the same place. Her eagerness and feeling of lust almost overtook her.

Charlene expected pain but nothing like this, it was like a hot sabre cut across both cheeks, instantly burning to a depth which surprised her. She put her hands straight back down to grip the stool as hard as she could and even as the pain was still increasing violently, another swipe of the rattan landed on her virgin rump.

She let out a mighty squeal


Fear and panic gripped Charlene as tight as her hands were holding the top of the stool and the bar between its legs.

After the second stroke and Charlene’s disgraceful lack of control, her Mistress said. “The next ten will be on the bare, brace yourself!”

She wanted to run, her heart was beating fast, she wanted to scream for mercy, yet… yet

…she wanted to feel it on the bare, she wanted to push her bare rump high into the air and show her Mistress what a wanton slut she was…

She replied loud and clear, “Yes Mistress, thrash my naughty bottom, show it no mercy, I need to be punished, thrash me…yesss, thrash me Mistress!”

Charlene gripped the stool on the bar between two of the legs and waited for Mistress to take hold of the elastic of her knickers. The feeling of submission grew as they began to slide down. The warm touch of her hands against her bottom excited her

The first stroke of the cane on her bare bottom made her scream, she gripped the stool as hard as she could. She imagined the girl whom she had bullied all those years ago was before her, watching. She shouted out loud…

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I’m sorry Gilly, I’m so very sorry, I wish you were here to see me get my bottom caned, I am so very very sorry…sob”

Mistress Monica picked up on what she had called out. “So I presume Gilly is the girl’s name yes?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Then count them out and say sorry to her at each one until the end of your thrashing.

“Yes Mistress”

Mistress Monica picked up the pace then, and delivered the final eight strokes in quick succession…

WHACK! Five Mistress, I’m sorry Gilly!

WHACK! Six Mistress, I’m ….sob sob…sorry Gilly!

until the end…

THWACK!!! Twelve Mistress, I’m so very sorry Gilly!

Her cheeks wobbled and bucked at every stroke, but apart from losing her knickers and trying to reach back to stop the horrific strokes of the cane she got to the end of her thrashing, still on the stool with bottom presented. She squealed and wailed throughout, which satisfied Mistress Monica who felt that Gilly would be pleased with her afternoons work.

Mistress Monica told Charlene to straighten up and go to the corner of her punishment room.

The actual act of straightening up caused great distress to Charlene, as every stroke of the cane suddenly surged with new type of pain, a severe aching type of pain, on top of the burning cutting pain she already felt, she let out a cry of anguish.

“Don’t you dare rub that bottom young lady! Now lift your gymslip up, and get into the corner of my room, over there.”

Charlene began to cry, and struggled to walk, but she did as she was told and went gingerly to the corner of the room.

Charlene stood where she was told, and turned to seek approval, was she standing correctly?

“Face to the wall you naughty girl” Commanded Mistress Monica.

Note…the models were excellent but Charlene could not manage twelve hard strokes, hence only a few lines visible on her cheeks.

Charlene did as she was told and leaned slightly to the wall, in her ‘corner time’ position.

She hears Mistress Monica walk over and sit on the desk behind her. The thought of her sat so close excites her, and she does her very best to present her freshly caned bare bottom well.

She can hear her breathing get slowly deeper, then faster. Was that a little moan she had just heard?

Charlene listens, to her Mistress moving and sighing behind her.

She herself cannot stand still, her whole body moves in a gentle shake as she squeezes her thighs rhythmically together faster and faster. Her mistress is masturbating. It is so exciting to her.

A thought of her younger years ran through her mind. She recalled masturbating gently and softly in bed so her sisters did not hear. Her orgasms then were the best of her life almost. But stood here, on display, her bottom painful and sore, and her beautiful Mistress Monica just behind her fingering herself wildly was the single most erotic moment of her life. She could feel the gentle squeezes of her thighs bringing about a crecendo in her clitoris.

“Mistress?” She whispered.

“Yes my pet?” Sighed Mistress Monica, through gritted teeth.

“ There were other girls too that I bullied, so please will you punish me again sooooon….oh fuck I need to be punished often, spanked, caned, flogged, ohhh fuck me,  I’m cumming hard mistress!!”

The sound of this confession sent shock waves through the clitty of her Mistress as she rubbed. “Ohhhh ohhhhhh oh yes, yesss yesss I will my naughty little girl!”

Both had the orgasm of their lives, deliciously together.

Well! Mistress was so impressed with Charlene that a friendship flourished and blossomed into a lifestyle!

Within two months of her thrashing, Charlene was set on as Mistress Monica’s maid. Her submissive naughty maid!

Charlene will now narrate the tale:-


Do you like my uniform?

I love serving my Mistress in it.

She says she is planning a big surprise for me, but I have no idea what it is yet. I will tell you when I know.

I am trying hard in my new job, but it is difficult to please Mistress. Any little thing I do wrong is punished, usually by a spanking. This morning I was brushing the stairs and after her inspection, she found some crumbs.

I now have to wait at the very spot she found them, on my knees with my bare bottom presented, I do not know for how long. She says my naughty bottom must be on show a while and…sigh….if any of you want to give it a smack you can!

Charlene knows you are here, looking at her bottom as she works, but she dare not turn around, her Mistress might come and catch her you see.

If you remember, Mistress left her on show yesterday, with her bare bottom and pussy well presented to you, inviting as many smacks as you care to give her, she got many I hope!

Anyway, today her punishment continues, I will let her explain…

She carries on busily brushing. “Oh I am not going to be lax in doing this anymore, my naughty bottom go so many smacks yesterday from people using the stairs…sigh. Today she has made me do all…that’s ALL, the stairs again, with a tooth brush. I have been at it for ages…sulky sigh. My knees and back ache.”

Eventually Charlene got to the top of the stairs after her punishment  and wondered what to do.

The Devil makes work for idle hands, and with nothing to occupy her, she went into one of her favourite bedrooms. The red room, she loved the ambience in here, so seductive.

Before many minutes her knickers were down, and with a cushion strategically placed underneath her, she began to grind her pussy into it.

She felt and stroked her bottom.

She began to spank it as her orgasm began to creep up on her, her speed quickening.

Unfortunately for the hapless maid, the orgasm was not the only thing creeping up on her.

Mistress Monica decided to inspect the staircase, where the devil was the maid? Then she heard her moans, the bed springs, and of course, the smacks!

Stealthily Mistress crept up the stairs, she stood listening until the girl was close to orgasm…

Mistress Monica stood at the door to the ‘Red Room’ listening to the naughty maid masturbating, harder and harder. She could not believe her luck when,  just as the orgasm was about to arrive to her throbbing clitty, she shouted, quite loudly…”Oh Mistress Monica, spank me, spank me, I am such a naughty girl, Oh, ohh I need y-you Mistress, oh fuck, I, I ooooh”

She burst through the door.

“STOP! Instantly, you naughty, naughty girl!”

Charlene rocked back and forth, “but ooooh but, but, oh fuck, but…”

“I said stop…NOW!”

The orgasm teetered on the edge of ecstasy, and stayed, she was almost in convulsions.

Mistress Monica walked up to the bed, “Get on all fours now, and get your dirty little pussy off my pillow!”

Charlene was in a dither, “Yes Mistress, yes…oh Mistress, please let me…”

Mistress Monica spoke clearly and clinically. “Stop moving.”

Charlene froze, denying what could have been the orgasm of her life…

Mistress Monica watched the girl suffering, trying to stop the orgasm from her masturbation as instructed. She knew that this spanking was just what the girl wanted, and that is why she let her get so close before bursting in to stop her cumming.

She knew that if she talked to her in just the right way, and spanked her just at the right intensity, then she could make the girl orgasm as she spanked her. And she knew that if so, this could possibly be one of the best ever orgasms, one that she would remember forever.

So she began…

“You are such a naughty bad girl Charlene, masturbating in my room, rubbing that wet little pussy of yours against my pillow.”


“Begging me to spank you as you rubbed that cunt of yours, and then getting caught!”


“That’s right, push that naughty little bottom up for every smack.”


“You love to be spanked don’t you?”


“Don’t you?”

SMACK…..yes yes yes! replied the naughty maid.

…the girl began to squeeze her thighs so her swollen pussy lips squeezed her clitoris.

The smacks increased in both pace and severity as the longed for orgasm came. The girl lost control completely as she shuddered and bucked like a bronco, squealing her orgasm to the heavens!

The next morning, Charlene resumed her duties, and was told to crawl to the bathroom with her bottom on show.

Mistress Monica sat on her bed and watched her

…Remember the surprise Charlene spoke of ? Well her Mistress told her she was to make some phone calls today, concerning it.

This excited the pretty maid, so she crawled to the bathroom as sexily as she could. “I wonder what it is?” she thought as she crawled.

Mistress Monica’s house was more than a little exotic, her bathroom was unusual to say the least, even her toilet lit up.

Once her maid had crawled into the bathroom, she was allowed to pull her knickers up and let her maid’s outfit hang down. Mistress sat on one of her throne like chairs, in her high heels and watched her girl do her cleaning duties. She watched the movement of her bottom, and enjoyed the flash of knickers as she stretched. Flexing her calf, so as to make her foot, dangling in her high heels, move gently, she spoke.

“I will be watching you closely today, any more mistakes and you will be back to the red room.”

Charlene had to smile, then she dared to giggle. Mistress Monica had just threatened her with a trip to ‘the red room’ if her work was not satisfactory today. Yet only last night, she had enjoyed her best ever orgasm in that very room, to the skillful touch of her Mistress. Boldly, too boldly she replied…

“The red room, oh yes please mistress! maybe I should leave everything smeary and not shiny in here.”

“You are a very bold and mischievous maid at times. Now get your cloth and clean the bottom of the bath, and keep your legs straight. I am going to show you the real reason a bath brush is in here! She lifted her short uniform, and proceeded to spank her crisp white tight panties. I am not stopping until it is finished!”

Charlene struggled to keep her legs straight as she polished frantically, her first lesson of the day sinking into her bottom quickly.

After twenty stinging smacks her Mistress told her she was going down to the kitchen to make some of the promised phone calls. “Not that you deserve any treats!”

Charlene pouted a sulk as she heard her Mistress descend the stairs.

Charlene came downstairs after finishing cleaning the bathroom. She spoke softly and subdued. “I am sorry for being cheeky Mistress, I think you will find the bathroom to your satisfaction.”

“Yes.” Answered Mistress Monica. “You should be sorry, and you will be, it isn’t 10 o’clock yet and you are going to be spanked for the second time today!”

“Awwww, yes Mistress.”

“Firstly, make me a cup of tea, and then bend over my kitchen table, at the usual place.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Charlene made the tea and served it well. Then went to the designated place, where Mistress walked to her. “Look at the laptop screen.”

Charlene looked at the screen and saw she was on a live stream to tumblr, just when you had switched on. Mistress spoke, “Now look to the screen and tell them all what a naughty slut you are and how you like to be spanked.”


looking at you she struggles to speak between the hard smacks…

“I am a naughty…”


“Slut, I love people to see me get”


“My bottom spanked”


Then Mistress Monica looks to you.

“There is much more to keeping a slutty little maid in line than punishment, as you will see.”

After the maids spanking Mistress Monica told her to carry on with her duties with her bare bottom on show.

“Today you will just have me looking at you, but in future, it could be anybody. The window cleaner, my friends, even a delivery man. No matter who comes, you will just carry on. Is that clear Charlene?”

The maid blushed at the thought, and meekly answered “yes Mistress”

And so the days passed by, spanking after spanking after spanking.

Their relationship blossomed and the avenues of Domination and submission were richly explored.

So here they are sharing a normal night, in the ‘red room’ once again, Charlene has been spanked, and it is time to retire to their boudoir, across the landing…

It was time to cross the hallway to the ‘brown room’, Mistress has something to tell her maid.

Mistress Monica and her little pet maid climbed on to the bed.

“Let me rub your naughty bottom my little girl.”

Her maid pushed her bottom up to Mistress and purred.

“I love my little girl’s bottom, Mistress loves to spank it, and my little girl likes to have it spanked doesn’t she?”

Her maid began to thrust up and down on her Mistress’s left hand and fingers as she stroked her bottom with her right hand.


Her maid answered, softly and meekly. “I live for your spankings, I need them Mistress.”

“Do you recall telling me after I caned you in your school uniform in my schoolroom, that you had bullied four other girls too?”

Her maid began to rub hard and fast on Monica’s finger tips, which were pushing against her clit….”Yes Mistress I do.”

“Well my dear little girl, tomorrow it is time to pay!”

She whacked her bottom.


Mistress Monica concentrated on her girl’s pussy as she bobbed up and down, and as she orgasmed, arching her bottom up, she kissed her beautiful cheeks.

Mistress Monica carried on stroking her pretty little maid’s bottom, gently pulling her cheeks and pussy apart, to blow gently on them.

Her maid was eager for more information.

So Mistress told her what was going to happen tomorrow…

“I have managed to get a yearbook from your school and have contacted some who were in your class, I asked them about you being a bully, and they could all remember quite vividly, your nasty ways. I am surprised, I am glad you are nothing like that now.”

“No Miss, and I am full of guilt.”

“Oh you will feel like you have paid a price and your conscience will be lighter after tomorrow. I have got the five main girls you concentrated on, to attend a little gathering tomorrow.”

The maid’s body went stiff.

“I have a friend with an old theatre that he is refurbishing. He is letting me borrow it, and your five victims are coming along to see you get thrashed. They are very eager.”

“Ohhh Mistress.”

They both recalled the orgasms they both had when they first met and Charlene had confessed about her old ways and was caned,

“They are very eager and full of contempt for you. I am going to dress you as a school girl again, and make you bare your bottom before them, and punish you.”

Charlene felt a rush of mixed emotions surge through her body.

Mistress continued to stroke her bottom. “This beautiful bottom of yours is going to be very sore tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress.”

the next morning a light breakfast was eaten and Mistress Monica checked that Charlene understood the upcoming days events.

“Yes Mistress, I understand, we are going to this little old theatre, where the girls I bullied at school are coming to see me get the punishment I have craved for so long.”

Mistress Monica told her to go and put her punishment uniform on.

When Charlene arrived downstairs with it on, Mistress picked up the senior cane, her file and led Charlene to the car.

On arrival Charlene was put to the side of the stage and told to wait, whilst suitable lights were switched on by Mistress Monica’s friend, John.

The women who had been bullied by Charlene all those years ago arrived exactly on time. Monica greeted them, and they were shown to the corner of the seating allocated to them.

Mistress went up to the stage and called their old tormentor on.

The girls watched silently at first, but when Mistress Monica began to read out details of her bullying, they could resist no longer, and began to shout at her…

“You bitch! I hope she makes you scream!”

“Show her no mercy, thrash her bare bottom!”

“Make her dance!”

“We’ve waited years for this, make her pay!”

The women calmed and listened to the long list of the horrid things Charlene had done, shaking their heads and tutting…

Mistress Monica put the stool centre stage, ordered Charlene over it, and told her to bare her bottom. The punishment began straight away in earnest with six cutting strokes. Her old victims loved it and shouted cruelly at her.

“That’s in you bitch, scream!”

“You deserve this you cow! Thrash her good Mistress, make her beg for mercy!”

“But give her none!”

“Harder Mistress, harder!”

Charlene hung on to the stool as hard as she could as the viscious whacks landed on her upturned bare bottom. The swish cut through the air to the delight of the onlookers who were now on their feet. As each resounding crack landed it echoed through the small theatre to a chorus of cheers and mocking cruel laughter.

Mistress Monica stopped, and turned to the women, “I think she should be apologising too you, don’t you?”

“yes, yes!” they called back.

So Mistress Monica told Charlene to take six more for each girl, and to apologise between the strokes…

Charlene screamed and apologised to the girls at every stroke….

right up until….


Asa’s note…

…this story has run its course and will not be added to.

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  1. I love this last bit about the spanking show in the theater – one of my favorite fantasies – either to be the spanker, or the spankee!
    Please consider doing another, similar story!

  2. A lovely story would have been perfect if only Mistress Monica had made Charlene, put on some black school plimsolls, they would of clompleted an excellent uniform and been a breath of fresh air for those with a special “interest”plimsolls

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