The Violin Lesson

Allow me to inroduce you to ‘Mummy Bear’, a refined beautiful lady who  as well as running her Theatre in London, specialises in the instruction of the violin.

violine low

She has appeared at the Albert Hall, and is an accomplished violinist.  Nowadays nearly all her time is devoted to her Theatre, but she allows herself an afternoon a week, in her parlour.  for violin tuition. It is a break from the normal and the violin is something she could never give up.  She expects all her students to be as keen as herself and adhere to her methods, which include much practice and preparation.

If students do not stick to this regime, they are dealt with severely.

Charlotte, one of her favourite students has been slacking lately, and Mummy Bear suspects that she will not have rehersed her practice piece as much as she should have. Charlotte knocks at the door…”Come in!”

As usual a very friendly greeting and the usual niceties ensue.

violinf low

“Hello dear, I hope you didn’t find the pice too difficult, I am looking forward to hearing it, it has always been a favourite of mine.”

Charlotte fidgets and blushes. “Well I have tried really hard Mummy Bear, but confess that I am struggling with it.

“Then play it for me my dear, let’s see if you are any better than last week, I’m sure you will be if you have put the practice in.”

violinh low

So Charlotte tried her best, which in all honesty was terrible. It was soon apparent that she had put very little work into it.

violini low

Mummy Bear had been waiting for this, she knew exactly what her performance would be like. “That my girl was the worst rendition of that beautiful piece of music it has ever been my misfortune to hear!”

Charlotte looked down feeling very guilty, her lips pouting and eyes pleading for forgiveness.

“It’s no good looking to the floor for help is it? Have you actually tried the piece at all?”

“No Mummy Bear.” Charlotte began to cry, she knew what was coming. Her parents and herself had signed a disciplinary document and she knew that she was to be punished.  “I’m sorry Mummy Bear, hosest, I’ll practice for next week, honest I will!”

violinj low

Some of the Chorus Girls were walking by the room and heard the raised voices. This haughty young lady had ignored every offer of friendship given by them when she came for her lessons. She looked down her snooty nose at them and felt above them.  She usually walked by them with a superior look and her nose pointed in the air. They loved what they heard, and took it in turns to look through the keyhole.

“You naughty girl!” Admonished Mummy Bear. “I am going to teach you a lesson today alright, one you will not forget in a hurry!”

Charlotte was ordered to come to Mummy Bear’s right hand side. Her voice was commanding and clear, gone was the anger and annoyance, it was replaced by authority and domination.

violink low

Charlotte, even with her outward haughty appearance to girls around her own age, was very different sort of girl inside. She felt a little excited by this, her pussy twitched as she was chastised. She meekly walked to where she was told.

Mummy Bear grabbed her arm and pulled her over her knees!

violinl low

Pulling back with all her might Charlotte could not stop being pulled over. “Don’t you resist me young lady, over now!”

The spanking began almost at once and the girls at the door loved every smack, eagerly waiting their turn to kneel and look through the keyhole at Charlotte’s punishment.

“Ohhhh she is getting a full strength Mummy Bear spanking! Go on Mummy Bear, make her squeal!”

violinm low

The blows were fully hard from the onset, Mummy Bear saw no point in building up slowly, this was not a pleasure spanking, it was a punishment. Charlotte began to kick and scream and her legs were close to the violin at one point. “Keep your legs down, if you kick that violin off you will get such a thrashing!”

violinn low

The thought of that happening made Mummy Bear decide to move on to a bare bottom spanking, so the dress was pulled up and her open back bloomers pulled apart. The smacks really echoed through the air then, and the girls huddled the other side of the door giggled.

violino low

Mummy Bear heard the giggle and knew it would be very embarrassing for Charlotte. “Yes I can hear them too, I have a good mind to open the door and let them all look! I have seen how aloof you have been with my girls!”

…..smack smack smack, the slaps got harder and firmer.

Charlotte was horrified to know the girls were there and tried hard to stifle her squeals, without success. But at the same time, deep inside, she loved the thought.

….owwww ohhhh oh my bum my bum….owwwwww!

The girls laughed at this point! Even Mummy Bear managed to smile too, despite her concentration.

violinp low

By this time every burning smack made  her bottom feel as if it was on fire, she began to kick about again!

“Ohhhh I have had enough of this, kicking about like a little girl, get up!”

violinq low

The girls outside knew what was coming, the heavy backed ebony hairbrush. Oh this would hurt a lot, they so wanted to hear the cracks of wood on already sore plump rump flesh! Especially hers!

They soon got their wish, Mummy Bear really let her have it, the brush landed time and time agian, loud cracks and squeals made them all look at each other. Outside the door the girls were now all masturbating in a group to the sound of the haughty girls bare bottom thrashing!

violinr low

Mummy Bear was in full flow now, and Charlotte was in burning sore bottom agony, she could not care less about the girls now and screamed and screamed. The whacks got harder as the brush was raised higher and higher. Even at this point a part of her craved and lapped up what was happening.



violint low

Mummy bear was now not just spanking her for being a disobedient student, but for being a haughty upper class girl who needed bringing down a peg or two. And for the Chorus Girls too, she wanted them to enjoy this as much as they could.

For poor Charlotte the unthinkable happened then, all the girls were marched in and told to stand in a semi circle, all eight of them, to watch a bare bottom caning of sorts, with the violin bow! Charlottes pussy dripped, despite the pain. She was on show to The Chorus Girls! The very beautiful Chorus Girls.

This is what they saw…

violinv low

…her bottom and the top of her thighs were already red raw, surely the violin bow marks would barely be visible, but as the thin bow swang and landed with a loud crack, after each whistle, they saw even deeper red lines rise up on that poor bottom.

This was one of the hardest caning style spankings ever, and they loved it!

violinw low

They clapped every stroke and cheered Mummy Bear on.

Charlottes bottom was aglow and she was squealing for England at every viscious cutting crack of the violin bow. It was playing it’s own tune now at the hands of a maestro!

violinx low

violiny low

violinz low

Now as we all know the last stroke is always the hardest, and this was proved true by Mummy Bear. She took a step back, adjusted her stance and the violin bow almost bent double as it whistled through the air to strike Charlotte’s bottom, her head threw back and her hair shot up under the impact…


violinz1 low

Her thrashing was over, she sobbed and said she would always practice from now on. She was made to stay there a while and not allowed to rub her bottom as the girls just stood, with satisfied smiles.

The thrashing over, but a need deep inside Charlotte was lit. Night after night after her thrashing she masturbated as she looked at her fading marks.

She had a dream now… to be a CHORUS GIRL! and be spanked every day if she could!!!

* * *

Asa’s note…

…this story has run its course and will not be added to.

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