Two Naughty Girls on a Steam Train

When I was a boy of around thirteen I went on a train trip with one of my brothers, and my Mum and Dad. I was born in 1951, so I calculate this to be 1964.  It was a works trip to the sea-side, my Dad was an ex-military man and quite strict, so we behaved pretty well, near enough all the time.  On a day like this, all the children were expected to behave, it was a treat, and everyone’s family was on show. We were in a compartment on the train when a woman and a girl of around my age, maybe a couple of years older, came in. The girl was in a right mood and showed her Mummy up all the time by being rude and obstinate, eventually her Mum lost her temper, (my Dad kept looking at her in a most dissaproving way!) and threatened to spank the girl there and then.

I remember the girl looking straight at me, as if to read my thoughts, which were… ‘Go on, keep being naughty, let me see your bare bottom get a spanking!’

Alas she behaved…::sigh:: …but that night I wanked hard thinking of it and pretending she got the spanking.

This story is quite different in all honesty, but it is set on a train, and, well, you’ll see!

The Story…

Two girls are on a day out with Aunty Donna, a rather strict Aunty, only about ten years their senior.  But she had the authority and in those days, as you know, things were different. Their Mummy’s had given her full permission to make them behave if needed, and the girls knew it.

They had been good girls in town, and Aunty Donna was impressed. On the journey home the train had to change at a station to take a branch line to their home town. She trusted the girls to take a look around whilst she had tea and cake, and read her book a while.

The two girls went over the footbridge to the other platform and walked down it, it was a hot day, and girls will be girls at times, they felt rather naughty….in a wet pussy sort of way!


They came across a row of carriages, no engine was attached, they were just parked. They looked through the windows to see inside.


It looked inviting, and quiet, you could even say it looked private.

The row of carriages were actually longer than the platform, if they could get on and walk to the end, they would be safe to see to their growing naughty need…

Eventually, after trying a few doors, surprisingly they found an open door


and climbed aboard


Slowly they made their way down the train to the part where the carriages were stuck out of the platform, eventually reaching the ‘First Class’ Carriages.


Then they found it, a beautiful British Railways First Class Carriage.

Just right for naughty fun!


By now the excitement, the heat of the day, and the location made them as moist as they had ever been. Their pussies screamed for attention, so in they went, and giggling they settled down on the comfy seat.


They talked so naughtily, and then decided to do it!

“Let’s masturbate, you keep watch for me, and I will keep watch for you, lets get our pussies out in public and cum!” So after a quick look up and down the corridor, Charlotte decided to take her knickers down, she was now quite desperate to get her fingers sticky!


Before long she was sat by Amber, her dress up, rubbing her wet swollen pussy, the noise of the sticky walls rubbing together around her probing fingers was delicious!




Soon the railway compartment was full of her orgasmic groans of pure pleasure, it really made Amber wet!

“Oh God I need to finger my cunt now!”


So Charlotte kept a look out whilst Amber slid her hand in her knickers to finger herself wildly.



When they had both achieved their climax, they still felt sexy on that sultry warm summer afternoon.

“Haven’t we been naughty!” Said Amber proudly, she was the younger of the two.

Charlotte picked up on the word ‘naughty’

“And you know what naughty girls get Amber.”

Immediately Amber replied with a smile, “Spankings, on their bare bottoms, don’t they!”

“Yes they do, shall we spank each other for being naughty then?”

“What? Here!”


So they did!!

First Amber looked out into the corridor as Charlotte spanked her.



The smacks were crisp, loud, and echoed down the corridor unheard by anyone. The two girls loved it, they felt so daring. Soon Amber’s turn finished,  and Charlotte asked if she  was sure she had been spanked enough. “Oh yes! It was lovely!”


So it was now Charlotte’s turn to poke her head into the carriage corridor for her spanking. She began to undress, her excitement mounting.

The thing with Charlotte is, she always lets the excitement get the better of her, her mind began to race as they spoke.


As her bottom was being spanked, she looked up and down the corridor, and her confidence in the situation grew.


Her spanking quickened and she pushed her needy bottom up to the smacks to greet them.




owww ohhhh mmmm!


This was the moment she shocked Amber…

“Spank me naked over you knee! There is nobody around, and it is so sexy in here, it’s a chance not to miss!”

Amber, always easily led agreed wholeheartedly.

But haven’t we forgotten someone?

Aunty Donna was livid, she had been kept waiting far too long and the train they were supposed to get on has left, they are here for another hour and a half now, so she is searching for them.


She was a beautiful yet powerful woman, a no nonsense type of woman with a booming voice. She searched for them.

She reached the row of coaches and began trying door handle after door handle, and at that exact moment, Charlotte was settling over Amber’s knee for her spanking, neither of them were keeping a look out anymore!



So her playful spanking began.

Meanwhile Aunty Donna had found an open door and boarded the row of carriages, she was walking towards them, and as she did so she could hear the giggling and the smacking.


Aunty just knew that this was them, they were once again up to mischief, she slowed down and slowly crept up to the compartment they were in …


They were caught red handed!

“Charlotte! What on earth are you doing naked on a train! Look at you both, I hardly dare think what you have been up to besides play spanking. But my word, the play is over, you are both getting a real one young ladies, right now!”

She made Amber get over her knee first.

She got a hard fast spanking, her cheeks soon glowing!

This time people could hear, the smacks and squeals drifted through the station!


“Owww Aunty stop, people can hear!”

“Not so much of a game now is it you naughty girl!”

Charlotte looked on horrified, she knew hers was going to be worse, much worse, it always was!


She was not to be disappointed!

“Right….you! Here! Now!

Oh dear, this was going to be her hardest one yet.


Oh the shame!

To be spanked over her Aunt’s knee, naked!

She could not help but let out squeals and yelps as the hard spanks rained down on her rosey red cheeks, and…. oh no, she could hear people talking, they must be able to hear!

Oh but my dear little Charlotte, it got so much worse.

….her spanking was the hardest yet, her cheeks were on fire, and the only clothing Aunty let her put on after her spanking, were her shoes, as she smacked her bottom on the way down the corridor, off the train and on to the platform!


I hope you like this enough to buy the video.

* * *

Asa’s note…

…this story came to its own conclusion, so will not be added to.

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