Friends bring a Book – Part Two

You ought to read part one first really, so click here

After Kate and Charlotte had their wonderful orgasms looking at the spanking book as Samantha turned the pages and talked dirty, it was her turn. “I bet your pussy is trembling and twitching in anticipation Samantha, shall we give it a long, firm but gentle rub for you?”

“God yes, it won’t take long, I am really ready.”

The girls began, their gentle fingertips and palms gently rubbed that most sensual area of a woman to bring her to climax in only a minute!

With her legs wide, her wrists gripped, Samantha bobbed up and down frantically as the orgasm cascaded in waves through her body…” Oh fucking hell…yes…..yesssss oh fuck…..mmmmmmm…….oooooh yessssssssss!”

Ooooh, look how her nipples are stuck out. I think she rather enjoyed this bit of the shoot!

Carry on here…