Friends Bring a Book

This set of photos is a carry on from my story, ‘The Welcome Home’

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Samantha told her friends about her disciplinarian gentleman, Mr Jones. She already knew of their interest in spanking, and made a secret arrangement. You see, the two friends had told her of a book they had found, a spanking book, and she arranged for them to come around for coffee.

Just before they came, she wrote a little note, for Mr Jones, and left it on her desk.

Soon after, her friends, Kate and Charlotte arrived.

They could hardly wait to show her the book, written by a famous spanking author Peter Birch, it showed lots of positions. Samantha suggested going into her lounge for coffee, which they did, to look at the book.

She strategically left the back door open and the note on the table.

Soon they were sat costly together in the delightfully decorated room, Samantha in the middle, Charlotte to her left and Kate to her right. Samantha turned the pages, where much discussion and pointing followed at every turn.

Looking at the book soon made Kate and Charlotte moist and excited. ” God Samantha, this is making me horny!” Blurted out Charlottte.

“Me too!” Added Kate.

Samantha looked to the sky. “Well, do something about it whilst I keep turning the pages!”

They did…

The beautiful smell of fragrant excited pussy drifted up to the nostrils of Samantha, mingled with the sound of squelching wet pussies being fingered. The gasps and sweet noises from her friends, and the movement of their bodies and hands excited her so much that she grabbed the crotches of their panties and pulled their legs up. “Oh God, finger your cunts hard for me, let me see and hear you cum!”

The sound of that word coming from the refined mouth of their friend sent shudders up their wet holes, making them press harder and rub faster.

They came hard, both squirting, and dribbling down their cracks to their bottoms…now it was Samantha’s turn to finger her wet slit

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