The Naughty Nurse – Part Four

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The spanking is over, and Lady Kenworthy has decided on corner time.

She told the naughty nurse to put her hands on her head and stand by the window, so she could study the height of her bottom from the floor.

“Hmmmm, turn around, and bend over.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Hmm, that is no good, I want your bottom clearly on show.” Said an annoyed Lady Kenworthy. “Turn around again…let me think.”

“Maybe if I get on the pouffet?” Volunteered Charlotte.

“Good idea, it sounds like you want your naughty red bottom on show!” Smiled Lady Kenworthy.

“Yes Mistress, I do, very much.” Blushed Charlotte. “If you want an honest answer! I have wanted to meet someone like you all my life!”

Lady Kenworthy smiled a particularly disarming smile. “Then I think I have an idea, I have some friends coming around soon. I think you will like them. Let’s get you up there and on show, up you get, bend over and look out of the window, when you see a black Audi pull up, wait for the doors to open. They will look up, because I always greet them with a wave and then go to boil the kettle…when I am fit. Smile at them, then turn around, and put your spanked bottom to the window.”

Charlotte waited excitedly.

“Oh, here they are Mistress.” Said Charlotte, ready to turn and present her bare red bottom to complete strangers….her pussy twitched at the thought.

“Push it to them! Present it!”

“Yes Mistress.”

The four women got out of the car, and walked to the window, to admire the view of a freshly spanked, bare, wiggling bottom. They squealed and giggled together and went to the back door of the cottage.

Kate, Liv, Stephanie and Amber walked in.

“Hello girls, I think I have found our spanking pet….Charlotte, whatever you are paid as a nurse, I will quadruple, if you agree to come and live in, as my maid…my very naughty maid, who agrees to corporal punishment and humiliation.” She turned to Charlotte. “What do you say?”

Charlotte turned, and smiled.

“When can I start Mistress?” She purred.

“You already have!” Replied Lady Kenworthy.

And so it begins….

This is the end of Charlotte’s introduction, there is lots more to come.


Great Uncle Asa’s Story

This is going to go on a while, and I will dip into it when I feel nostalgic, probably as I am sat in my study, with a glass of fine vintage port, and a grand crackling log fire.

Come and sit with me, let’s enjoy each other’s company. I am not to be trusted…::sigh::….if you are a woman, and you sit on my knee as I tell you stories, I will no doubt pat your bottom, and my hand wander. It is best to know that now, if you do not like that idea, then sit and enjoy my gentlemanly hospitality in the chair matching mine, before you, opposite me….sit down, please.

If you are a man, sit with me, my girls will join us from time to time.

If you are a submissive feminine man, who dresses as a girl, then sit at my feet, where you belong, dressed in frills….oh come on! You know you love it!

I have a rather large boxer dog, Buster. Do not stare him in the eyes, let him come to you. Once he has, stroke him, he will be friendly, and you can walk safely anywhere. If you make the first move, he will snarl, and utter a low long growl. Stop! Instantly. Leave him to it. Do not move again…I will not be responsible for your death. You have been warned.


Time line….today is 17th Jan, 2022

I was born in 1951, a kinder time. People were not snooping with cameras to try to get money for publically disgracing people. Secrets were kept. Get rich quick by fucking in reality t.v. did not exist. Better times? I think so, but feel free to disagree….you have your own choices and I respect them. Like conscientious objectors, or anti vaxxers….your choice. You are still welcome. Same with colour or religion, creed or sexuality, I honestly don’t give a fuck. Whoever you are, if you like spanking, you are welcome.

I do not know where you are from, but here in England we have two T.V. Programmes that sum up my early surroundings in the Derbyshire Dales and Towns. A vet programme, called ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’ And a series of stories set in London…’Call the Midwife’.

They reflect the kinder, slower paced time my life started in.

I was a teenager in the ‘Swinging Sixties’….had a blast!

I reached maturity in the Internet age.

Spanking has always been in my life. I love it, I am consumed by it, I am obsessed with it, and the female bottom. I have my own studio, and lots of of other places to shoot in with my girls….as you know. But how did I get here?

How presumptuous of me to think that anyone cares? Maybe it is just you?

In my mind you are a beautiful young woman, intrigued by me and my blog. You knock on my door, I speak…”You have read thus far my dear, I would like you to leave your knickers and any inhibitions at the door, and come and sit on my knee. I love the tiny little kilt type skirt and black hold ups…very nice.”

You nestle on my knee, in a wiggly sort of way, my manhood is erect. “Hmm, it is probably time to say hello to Mr.Tom. He has a mind of his own, I do not stick up for him and his behaviour. He has done that on his own all my life, often when I wish he had not stirred in tight trousers, even at a young age…he had his own ideas…

It is 1961, I am ten, my short trousers are at my ankles, so too are my pants, my masturbation technique then was to push and grind into the carpet. In my hand are two toy soldiers, one is a Viking with a spear, the other a cowboy in spats….to me, the latter is a girl with a bare bottom. My reflected bottom bobbing up and down in the reflective concave surface of an electric fire, is hers….at that age I wanted to be a girl and be spanked. It did not last ever so long, by 15 I was spanking my first proper girlfriend with a plimsol, her in school uniform. Minutes earlier she had asked…”What would you do to me if you were my teacher and I was a naughty girl?”

She was finding out.

Briefly, let me fill in the missing years…

Lucy was on t.v. Getting spanked every Saturday tea time. Me and my brothers, there were five of us, had comics….every week without fail a girl got spanked. On the t.v. Was Jimmy Edwards in ‘Whacko!’, and Billy Bunter was caned on the screen every Sunday. I saw spankings at school, I saw canings at school, I had seen spankings at the bus stop, in shops, on a train and in the parks…in short like the letter ‘i’ in spanking…..I was surrounded by it, I did not have a chance.

Minnie the Minx was my favourite comic character…

The annual was always eagerly waited for and read st Christmas, as this naughty girl about to play in her knickers any minute now, shows why! The photo is supplied by one if my contributors, Roy Tersley.

‘I Love Lucy’, was my favourite T.V. Programme…A film about her life is being made. I will look forward to that!

And Jimmy Edwards! Who could forget him!!

I was surrounded by it in the lovely old house I lived in too! A girl of my age each side of me, one ot number 15, one at number 11. Yep, I lived in number thirteen, and I have been struck by lightening too. But I feel lucky.

Number 11 was like going back in time…strange people, with strange names. It was the first place I saw a girls red sore spanked bottom in corner time. I went round with my mum for something, on entering the ‘back kitchen’, there she was whimpering in embarrassment..”see what being naughty gets you D**** your beloved Asa can see your red bottom, it serves you right too! And don’t you dare rub!”

To be continued…

Some unused photos from the ‘Adventures of Up Skirt Evans’

I will use these, but not just yet, it will be when the naughty post girl, Penelope, calls… but I need to store them somewhere whilst I wait for summer!

Thought you might like to see them…

I have had to wait for Kate to have her baby and then to feel fit and happy enough to work again for me. She will be the post girl masturbating in the bushes at these two, and caught.

Karen, (Stephanie) the girl they punish more than any other at school will also appear.

Karen and Kate, will end up as spanking pets/maids.

But for now, the story is having a pause, due to winter and the baby!


Kate the Victorian Maid – On Duty

For a lot of you, this will not be the most exciting set I have done, but to me, there is something atmospherically sexy, and special about them. Probably because of the fact that I spanked her soon after taking them, and knowing how good her bottom looks in open back drawers, which she is wearing underneath the outfit. The outfit is from original patterns, so she looks exactly as a maid would have…right down to the bloomers and vintage boots.

I was going to put them at intervals in ‘The Inveigle’, click here…

Instead, I am putting them all together.

A note on submissive Kate.

She is a sweet gentle woman, who loves to serve and be spanked. A soft voice, witty and charming. A really lovely girl, perfect as my studio maid. Her baby is a real beauty, a beautiful smiling boy with a mop of hair…at the front anyway! She is back in action, and you will be seeing her soon.

It is also a tribute to one of the Victorian corners in my old studio….::sigh::…

It still seems fresh and strange saying old studio, bless it, it served me well and created many memories. But here I am, signed up to a new one, and with other new places to shoot in. A lot of work yet, but I am looking forward to my NEW studio. A new stage of my life. It should be pipe, slippers, good port, and relaxing hobbies at my age….but fuck that!

You might wonder as to why there are bits of rope and stuff lying around in the photos. Well, ::smile:: I tie her up in disgusting positions to spank her!

My new studio, I wonder what I can find out about the old mill building, and what corners does it have hiding? Will it too have a ghost? Hope it, well…he or she is as nice as the old one, perhaps he (the old one) might follow me there…hope so! I miss him. When I was in the creaky old place it was a bit scary, but having a nice friendly ghost to chat to was nice, he kept me company.

Asa Jones Spanking Emporium, version Three. This will be my last studio I reckon.


Weekly Highlight(s) – 1

A new series, featuring a photo (or photos) of mine out of a set or story, that deserve a second look, because it might be ‘lost’ in the set.

This week it is this one…

I posted it today, funnily enough, in the Knickers removal set. But to think it is her real mummy, tugging her knickers down for a genuine spanking, makes it so special. The tightness of the knickers, and the anticipation of what it to happen next. And like Jim, my most frequent comment writer points out…”she has got a lovely bottom for over the knee presentation.” Thanks Jim, you are my official commentator!


Knickers Removal – Set 21

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In the last set, we left Charlotte with her real life mummy, taking her jeans down. What a treat it is for me to see a real mummy spank her daughter.

And so over she goes…

Gently lowered into position by her mummy, ready for her spanking to resume.

After a few smacks Mummy decides to lower her lovely, tight, magenta knickers.


The Old School Stables – Part Three

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The crowd of girls looking on could hardly believe their ears, in two ways.

Firstly, the magic words of ‘let’s get these jeans down’ in a commanding tone from the Captain.

But what pleased their ears the most, was the little girl way, this haughty, bossy, woman who always has an air of, ‘I am better than you’, was reacting to her spanking.

Music to their ears.

“Nooooooo, no no no no! NO! HOW DARE YOU! Noooooo! They will all see my bottom!” Cried Jocelyn, somewhat delightfully.

All to no avail, as the vice like grip of this mighty man, easily held her wriggling hips and bottom in place. His other hand soon had her jeans down, how her bottom jiggled. And a fine pert, plump, round bucking bottom it was too…

And in seconds, to a loud shriek from Jocelyn, and a cheer from the girls, it was presented, high. What a sight, the crowd were stunned by its beauty for a few seconds….but just for a few seconds only. Soon the store room was full of noise and kicking legs once more. How the crisp smacks of his huge leathery hands, landing on her smooth rounded buttocks echoed.

“Owwwwwwww stop, stop, please stop, it huuuurts!” She cried.

“Of course it bloody hurts you fool! That’s the whole damn point of a spanking….which I must add, you are taking very badly! Grow up!” Boomed the Captain.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

“Owwwww, oooooh, eeeek, yeeeeowwwwwwww!!!”

For a few seconds her arm broke free, but it was soon pushed firmly into the small of her back, as another barrage of whacks began to redden her cheeks!


“Owwwwwww, ooooooooh, owwwwwwwwww,yyyeeeeoooowwwwwww!”

Then….Ohhh yeses! THEN! The music to their ears turned into a symphony of spanking, as the words everyone…except Jocelyn of course….wanted to hear, burst from the Captains booming mouth. “Right you naughty girl, let’s get these knickers down and start spanking your bottom properly! It has only just begun my dear!”

The pulling down of knickers, watching them slide by the delectable curves of a wriggling naughty bottom is what all spanking lovers drool over. This was a masterclass, a really gorgeous bottom, steadily reddening under firm strong whacks, was being revealed, in all its bulbous glory, before a crowd of eager, cheering girls. The fact that she was haughty, heightened it all, at long long last, the aloof girl was over someone’s knee, kicking and squealing like a baby, getting spanked and having her bottom bared for all to see.

And the crown on the majestic bottom, that wriggling squirming bottom, was her embarrassed, humiliated squealing face as she shouted gloriously…

“My hair, my hair!!!” She squealed.

He had to grip her tight for the removal, she struggled mightily.


The symphony turned into a glorious opera!

More to come..