Kate’s First Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Ever wondered how Kate became Samantha’s maid? Well, it all started here, at the school I write of often. Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls. Miss Kenworthy is Head of Discipline.

There are many sets and little stories about the school. One glorious day, they will all be joined together, with the choicest of the photos, in a full length illustrated novel. Which is started, I am pleased to say.

However…let me tell you about them. Kate was Head Girl, and very much in favour. But as with all the girls, in the school, mistakes were punished.

Like the day of her first spanking, she had cheated in an exam. Not terribly, she just wrote down the formulae for quadratic equations on her wrist. She just could not remember it. But all the same, it is cheating, and that means two dozen on the bare with the plimsol, at this school.

The thing is, right from the first whack, she said exactly the right words…exactly….perfectly, softly, submissively. She took it perfectly too.

“Yes Miss Kenworthy, I am sorry for being so naughty, I do need a good spanking. I think it will do me good.”

She bent over with no fuss at all. Her short gym slip rode up to reveal perfect white school knickers…

She let out a delightful gasp when they were lowered, she pushed her bottom up for every whack, eagerly, making such gorgeous squeals as the plimsol landed.

Without being asked, she counted out loud, every one, and said ‘Thank you Miss Kenworthy.’…loudly, as if she wanted the girls out of the open window to hear.

And when she heard giggling and laughter from a fast growing crowd, she screamed it louder and louder, pushing her bottom up to meet every single blow.

No matter how hard she hit that bottom, it pushed back, up, and out. In other words, she loved it.

Right up until the final whack, which was as good as Miss Kenworthy could give, Kate loved it, and needed it.

Maid Training – No 8

Eggs and toast! To be precise, boiled egg and soldiers.

Mistress Samantha, you will not be surprised to know, is very fussy about her breakfasts. Eggs should be just runny enough to dip a soldier in, and the toast, brown, not from a sliced loaf, but hand cut to half an inch thick and golden brown with Irish butter. It must be hot.

Kate failed today, the toast was a little overdone and the egg too runny. She has had a spankng and a few strokes of the cane, for the toast. She has been made to wait for her next punishment. Her pussy is dripping more than a lightly boiled egg as she waits.

She can hear Mistress coming upstairs, she is so moist and excited.

Mistress walks in with a leather soled vintage shoe, it is shiny on not very supple. “Push your bottom out for another spanking you naughty girl.”

‘Yes Mistress.’

The sound of stiff old leather whacking soft buttock flesh fills the room, accompanied by a crescendo of screams. But it is not over, another six strokes on the top of her already caned bottom follows…

Rest assured her training will continue in ernest.

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Mr.Reece Gets the Plimsol

You ought to read the previous post and the story attached to it, so please click here in order to understand what is happening here…


…Samantha stopped spanking him by hand, and he breathed a sigh of relief for the respite. Bending over she spoke to him. “Well your bottom is looking rather hot Mr.Reece, oh look, the naughty boy is really trembling! Are you scared Mr.Reece, do you want the nasty burning in your bottom to stop? Awwww, poor ickle Mister Weece.”

He was trembling, he knew without doubt that this was only the beginning, and his bottom hurt so very much already.

“I think it’s time that jolly old Mister Plimsol here, with his really heavy rubber size thirteen thick sole, ought to kiss that poor little bottom better.” She whispered into his ear.

“No, not the heavy plimsol…please…no….not the plimsol!”

“What are you Mr Reece?” THWAAAACK!

“Ooooooh a naughty boy, a naughty boy!”

THWACK THWACK THWAAAACK! “A what? I didn’t hear you?”

“Owwwwwwwoooowwww owwww oooooh a naughty boy, a very naughty boy!”

The sound of rubber on soft buttock….’WHHHHUUUUUPPPPP!?’ Filled the room repeatedly, as Mr Reece hopped and jumped about screaming “I’m a naughty boy Miss….ooooh I’m a naughty boy!”

With a fast flurry of full blooded swings Samantha gave hell to the Crimson cheeks of the ‘galloping on the spot’ Mr.Reece

Whack….owwwww, thwop…..ooooh….he screamed like a girl.

To be continued, what next for the poor old teacher? Just a minute, what are they on the desk, is it a strap, and is that a tawse, and look….a cane! Oh dear Mr Reece, what a torrid time you have to come!

Spanking Art by Various Artists

That section https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=2641was getting a little large, so to save you scrolling down through all the various sections included in it, for any more art I find, I will put here…

80 photos so far…

Just a few lines, but
very effective!

Wouldn’t this fit well into Damien Black’s the ‘Sinclair Method’. If you do not know it or him, Google ‘A Voice in the Corner’….

I promised to take photos for that story with my girls, but never seem to get around to it. But will do, one day.

I know this is not spanking, but there is something so alluring about the glimpse of bottom! “Pick me that Ruby up out of the treasure chest please.”


SMACK! …I would now, either be walking the plank, or getting ready to say hello to Jaws, or with luck, embarking on a lovely adventure on the ‘Seven Seas of Spanking’ with a Pirate Princess!

This sexy naughty little section is not spanking, but I wanted to add…

A maid and a servant masturbating behind a screen as they watch Master and Mistress have sex…
She is talking to Mummy, showing her bottom as he masturbates behind his hat!
Smiling over the piano at a New Years Eve Party, nobody knows she is being licked out!
Mistress and maid on the stairs at night.
Oh God yes! Let’s put them on and fuck each other in both holes!

My Victorian Maid – Part 3

To find out about our spanking relationship, go to part two and on to part one …https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=8752

The other day we were at the Victorian house I shoot in, and I caught her with a glass of my favourite port and her feet up. The feather duster was as clean as a new pin, the mantelpiece, picture rail and tables dusty. I like to make her wait for a spanking, and she likes to wait. The anticipation makes her moist for days it seems!

I told her to report to her punishment room in two days.

Two days later…

In she came, full of giggles and cheekiness, and as always I chastised her. The change from a modern girl to a meek submissive Victorian maid was once more amazing. In the space of five minutes, it was like we had travelled back in time again. Me dressed in my finery, and her as my maid.

I had already positioned the piano stool, she was not going to sit and play a merry tune by the piano today, she was going to kneel and sing one, with squeals and screams as I birched her. She got up and bared her bottom for me…rather beautifully, sensually and slow…

I slowly walked around the magnificent target, before giving her twenty four strokes….

The Spanking Gauntlet

I have no idea where the inspiration for this came from. I remember in some old western film and a horror film where people have run the gauntlet, being chopped with tomahawks or beaten with clubs….lol…nice!

Nothing so brutal here! Just crawling along a row of knees, naked, having their bottom spanked and nobody stops until the naked spankee reaches the safety of the floor at the other end!

As I was organising one of my public spanking events ‘Pop!’ …it suddenly popped in, then out of my mind, down to my fingers, and was soon typed in a message to Lucy. Within ten seconds she said yes!

You know what Lucy is like, she agrees to most things spanking, so long as she does not show her face. She was in good company actually, the three male visitors to my studio for the day did not want to show their faces either!

On the day, she had been spanked otk twice, tawsed, caned, and had a board ruler across her bottom. She had also ridden Neddy whilst being made to sing ‘I’m a naughty girl’ as Samantha and Kate caned and riding cropped her red bottom.

After all that, and just for the pure enjoyment of spanking, (and her pay of course) she eagerly crawled along ‘The Spanking Gauntlet’ three times!

Have a look…These are not in the exact proper order, they were taken over the three runs, which took place straight after each other, Lucy running around to the start, shouting ‘again, again, I want to go again!’

Smacks rained down on Lucy’s bottom as hard and fast as people could, three times, and she was held a few cheeky times.

She did well….three cheers for Lucy!

Satisfied customers all round!!

Maid Training – No 7

The life of subservience for our dear Kate continues with her in the bedroom. Mistress Samantha demands extremely high standards with everything. I mean impossible standards. Nobody could ever attain them, which of course is what they both want.

Mistress likes her knickers ironed smooth. It is early morning, and having drank her tea, and eaten her toast in bed, she showered whilst Kate made her bed. But when she got dressed the knickers she chose to wear were creased! How could anyone expect such a delicate Mistress to have creased knickers next to her pussy?

“How dare you not make all my knickers smooth? Bend over!”

“This is making my back ache! Have you no consideration for your Mistress? Get on the bed! You can have another six for being so thoughtless and demanding! You must always consider my back when being punished, and not just bend over anywhere.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress, I am so thoughtless, is this better?”

“Yes! Marginally! Now push up for each stroke” WHACK, THWACK!”

“Owwwww, ooooooh!”

“Just think of the pain you put me through having to bend at silly angles to cane your bottom. When I have finished caning you we will change places. You can rub my body cream on my back, you have no idea how I suffer!” WHACK WHACK!

“I am so sorry Mistress, cane me hard, teach me Mistress, Yesssss ooooh, yessss owwwwwww, thank you Mistress!”

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Public Punishments – Number Two

You ought to read part one first…click here https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=10812

I continued to shoot the scene of Miss Kenworthy, with the naughty girl, and the head girl, with the three male guests looking on, quite captivated.

After being spanked with hand and hairbrush over the knee of Miss Kenworthy, on the bare, she decided to add humiliation to the punishment. First she got Lucy to clean the board and write on it ‘I shall not steal’ three times.

She made Lucy wipe the board clean again. Then she announced that because she had not just let the school down, but the girls too, on their behalf, Kate, the Head Girl, was to also spank her bare bottom over her knee. So back over a lap she went!

The Inveigle ~ Chapter 8

This link will take you to chapter seven, each one then has a link to the previous chapter https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=8939

The Inveigle welcomed the girls with open arms, and they sank gently into its bosom. Together with Mr.Trentham and Victoria, they were shown into the parlour.

Deborah introduced herself officially as they sat in her parlour. A homely place with a glowing warm fire, pictures of the Inveigle Girls, past and present, on the walls looked down at them. The mantelpiece had flowers and a clock, which ticked away slowly and solidly. A whatnot stood in one corner with her little keepsakes on, mostly miniature china tea sets. The bay window looked out onto the street below and on the window ledge were pictures of cats. In the middle of the room was a large oak table with a deep green table covering, in the centre of it was an oil lamp. Two more oil lamps were on the walls. At one side of the fireplace hung a leather strap, at the other side rested a cane. A dresser was full of fine bone china. Winged deep green chairs stood around, and some wooden ones were pushed under the table edge. The carpet was thick, and a deep maroon in colour.

‘Well I ought to introduce us I suppose. I am Deborah, I own this place and if you want to, you will work for me here, full time. On Saturday nights we put on a show in my theatre, which was at one time next door, but I purchased it and had doors knocked through. So that half to my right is where we perform, and this half is where we live and entertain our guests.’

She smiled to the girls stood around her as waved her arm gracefully in a sweep, to show them off. These are my main girls.

Charlotte and Samantha smiled at each other and looked happily around the smiling faces. They then looked back to Deborah who was looking more magnificent by the second, her perfectly kept eyebrows held them transfixed.

‘The theatre is not huge but big enough to allow us to perform what we do. Yet it’s small enough to be intimate. I charge half a crown a seat for Saturday nights and it full every single week. That money all comes to me, and in return I provide food, lodgings and protection. I have some rough tough friends in the Irish Quarter, they look after us, and I pay them well. We have rehearsals twice a week, and although we try to keep to the same theme, ‘spanking’, we vary the portrayal of it as much as we can. All the main girls have individual acts too, I’ll expect you two to be trained and to do an act, and I have one in mind. It came from the photographs.

Victoria has told me of your talents, so has Mr.Trentham.’ She showed the coloured photographs to the girls, and the crowded room gasped in admiration.

Deborah told her assembled favourite performers that they were all to have some coloured photographs in their rooms and that Mr. Trentham was going to take them. From now on, every show was to have photographs taken, to be sold as souvenirs.

They all knew him from previous photographic encounters. He stood up and smiled, then sat back down quickly. A room full of provocatively dressed ladies, especially stood so close, was quite oppressive.

‘I can have a studio set up for you here if you like Mr Trentham. These coloured photographs of yours are going to be popular, so if you think it acceptable, we can come to some arrangement about free rent and a cut of the profits for me, what do you say?’

He nodded the affirmative and smiled. ‘Yes please, sounds too good to be true.’

‘I look after those who do well for me.’ She walked to the fire, took the strap and cane in her hands and her tone altered. ‘However, be warned, if anyone crosses me, they will know I am not pleased, and that includes you Mr

He blushed and agreed to the terms. The girls giggled, especially Victoria. ‘Oh he’d like that!’

Mr Trentham slid down deeper into his chair, but there was no escape, his blush was seen and admired by all.

‘As I said….Be warned, this applies to everyone, the punishments could be in here, or, if I deem fit, on the stage before all the other girls, even before an audience, depending on what you have done.’ Deborah hung the weapons back onto their hooks.

The girls looked to one another.

‘Talking of ‘all the other girls’, you’ll see a lot of them. I have a set of girls I call the ‘Inveigle Chrous Girls.’ And a few younger girls whom have been recommended from other establishments, they do jobs like guiding women to their seats, taking coats and so on. The same rules of discipline apply to them.’ She stood with her arms akimbo.

She turned to her favourite girls. “These girls are my shining stars. They need me, and I need them.’ She indicated those stood around the room.
Charlotte and Samanth sat enthralled, nervous, shy, and excited.

She carried on explaining how life at ‘The Inveigle’ worked. Charlotte and Samantha drank the nformation in, like puppies drink warm milk, eagerly.

‘You can be as busy as you like the rest of the time. Any money you make is split between you and me, seventy five percent to you, the rest to me. All our clients are women. No men allowed, except Mr. Trentham, and the odd Irish lad I get to fix things.’

Charlotte and Debbie looked at each other and nodded, then smiled broadly.

‘Nothing to sign girls, if you like it and keep me happy you can stay. If you are unhappy, then you leave, I’ll not hold it against you. Not that anybody ever leaves do they girls?’ She turned to Victoria. “Not really.”

They all laughed at the idea. The happiness and togetherness of The Inveigle shone through to them all.

‘Good! We are a family here, I am your Mum, I look after everything. Tell them what you call me girls!’

To a person they all spoke proud and loud. ‘Mummy Bear!’

Deborah stood, and did a twirl and laughed. ‘That’s right, I am Mummy Bear.’

They had much to learn and explore, but for now many questions had been answered. They were shown to a large room on the top floor, by Mummy Bear, it was theirs for as long as they wanted it. A four poster mahogany bed stood at one side. Along the wall next to it, in the seductive red of the Inveigle was an odd but erotic looking chaise lounge.

‘Put any washing in the basket, the girls will see to it. They will fetch hot water for baths, and wash you too if you like. They are happy to serve. Spank them if they displease you. Right!” She laughed. “I will leave you to it, then when you are settled, go downstairs, out of the front door and across the road to the ‘Three Bells’, you’ll meet your new friends there. So bye for now, I’ll come up here around ten in the morning for a chat, the girls will light a fire for you, I need your skin, hair, nails and teeth to be as perfect as possible, so you don’t do hard work anymore.’ She walked from the room and back to her parlour, where she looked at the photographs with the door locked and a smooth ivory satisfier in her hand.

The girls cried in each other’s arms. They had never been so happy and excited in all their life.

Sat in a booth at the ‘Three Bells’ were Sapphire, Marie, Fae, Amber and Victoria. They all had a glass of Gin, the bottles, one full, one half empty, were in the centre of the table, with two spare glasses by its side. So to was another unopened bottle, champagne. Victoria told them about the girl’s history, and the others listened intently. By the time the door opened tentatively they all felt a need to embrace and comfort their new companions.

Another new experience awaited them. No matter what tales you may have heard about Victorian London, nothing could prepare anyone for this. The girls pushed through the varnished doors, both with etched windows of bells.

Oh what a sight!

Artists, models, street girls, poets, dancers, singers, circus performers and The Inveigle chorus girls, were all chattering away and laughing. It was a Bohemian den. Smoke hung in the air like a thick mist, the smell of beer and spirits hit the senses. Photographs adorned the walls, there was hardly a spare inch. Famous people from the music halls, and such like, as well as all the girls of The Inveigle were represented in sepia. Their eyes soon found the Inveigle Stars, and with waving beckoning hands they were summoned to the most welcoming table in London. Two Gins were poured, the first of their lives, soon to be followed by two more, and then two more.

Within an hour the house was singing uproariously to Sapphire on the piano and the tunes being led by the huge voice of Marie. Arm in arm they rocked left and right at the table, ‘Down at the old Bull and Bush la la la la laa!’ Sapphire had her top hat at a crazy angle over her forehead and wore a monocle. To finish, they toasted their futures, with champagne in Italian Crystal flutes.

Next morning they awoke with their first hangover, with two young girls gently tapping them on their shoulders. They were wrapped naked around each other on top of the bed. The girls found the state of them amusing, and giggled.

Two tall freestanding hot baths were stood scented and steaming before the coal fire, by the side of them were two mahogany tables with twisted central legs. On these tables were two tea pots, cups and milk.

‘Oh Samantha, I’m going to get used to this very quickly.’ Charlotte said as she stepped gently into the bath and slid down into the water.

‘Me too Charlie!’ Said Samantha as she slid down into hers and felt the soothing warm water cover her body.

‘Shall we wash you?’ The taller of the two girls asked.

‘Yes please.’
‘Yes please.’

Agreed the two new stars, eagerly.

The sun shone through the window, steam rose gently into the air and caught the sun to make shafts of sunlight stream into the carpets. The fire was well stoked and the flames lapped merrily. Two gilt chairs, with purple studded velvet stood each side of the fire place with white soft towels. The girls were dismissed after giving them intimate washes.

Charlotte stood up first and walked to their chaise lounge. Samantha soon followed and they dried each other.

Close to the fire, they embraced and looked at the time, it was only nine fifteen. They sipped tea naked and talked. Their voices faded, their love shone through their eyes.

‘Let’s finger each other Charlotte, I need you, do you need me?’

‘Oh God, yes.’

They fell to the floor in each other’s arms to roll on the thick cream fireside rug. Kisses were as deep as their probing fingers, tongues played with tongues. Then they both kneeled, nipple against nipple, eye to eye. They licked each other’s fingers free from their covering of love juice.

They mirrored each other’s actions then as each right hand gently caressed a tight firm stomach and slid down through pubic hair, to slip two middle fingers into their pulsating cunts.

Then they fingered hard and fast until they came, as they stared into each other’s eyes.

Still naked, lying on the chaise lounge they spoke of love, and then there was a knock on the door. ‘Come in.’ Called Samantha.

Mummy bear walked in with a smile and sat between them. The fact they were naked and obviously in some post orgasmic state of bliss did not strike her as unusual or embarrassing at all. With a hand on a cheek of each girl’s bottom she asked if they thought they would like it here.

They both said yes.

They looked across her face into each other’s eyes and smiled.

Simultaneously they lifted Mummy Bears’ dress to reveal a naked groin. Then they gently lifted a leg each and placed it over their laps. The door was wide open, as now was Mummy Bear’s pussy. One fingered and the other rubbed as she reached an orgasm laid on her back.

‘That’s how grateful we are Mummy Bear.’ said Charlotte.

‘Yes, we are so very grateful.’ Ascertained Samantha.

‘Oh Good.’ Said Deborah, and she lay on her back for a full five minutes more. Not knowing where the idea came from, Samantha picked up a soft hairbrush and began to comb the pubic hair of her new Mistress. Charlotte picked up another and in alternate brush strokes they made the dark triangular bush look a smart, well tended, beautiful lady garden.

‘I have spoken to my stars, and all have agreed to donate the day to you.’ She spoke as the girls continued to brush. Arousal took hold again.

They both nodded and looked pleased.

‘All I want you to do today is go to each of their rooms, talk to them, each one on their own, and learn what they do. Then tomorrow I want you to spend the day with me, we will dine out and later take afternoon tea. We will try to create a format for your act. On the day after, Saturday, you will see how we prepare, and then you can have a box in the top tier, wear masquerade masks and watch a show.’ She smiled.

‘Yes Miss, thank you Miss.’

‘You can thank me as you did before, a few minutes ago please.’ Mummy Bear asked with a small blush.

She reached another orgasm quickly, kissed the girls and told them where to start their exploration. ‘If I was you, go to the foyer and work your way up through the rooms, you’ll see the girls making masquerade masks, they sell like hot cakes, or maybe I should say hot bottoms!’ She stood to leave and looked at her two new starlets with a kind warm stare.

They looked back and blushed a little, she liked that.

‘Bye bye for now my treasures, if you have any questions just pop along to see Mummy Bear, and I’ll try to answer them.’ She walked to the door, stopped, looked over her shoulder, smiled again, and left.