Betty Pauline

From Irving Klaws stable, more of a Spanker than a spankee, which is a shame because of her delightful, more than ample bottom. Working with Betty Page and Betty Bromner etc

If you are a fan of girls fighting, cat fights in underwear etc, you will have come across Betty.

This is one I have colourised…

See what I mean about her lovely plump bottom for spanking? This shows it better…

Here is her other side!

And a few more of her bottom and her spanking…

Certainly a fuller figure and very nice it is too.

Annette French

Another girl from the 1960’s who liked to have her naughty bottom spanked on camera, this time a secretary (and avid stamp collector!) from Glasgow.

She loved to play a girl in a predicament, like this naughty girl caught scrumping, who tries to run away only to be caught up in the barbed wire. She is then caught by the orchard owner who after pulling her panties down…(oh, I ought to say she was a collector of knickers too!)…spanks her!

Here are some more predicaments for her…

If you behave like a spoilt naughty girl Annette, you can act like it before my friends! Now get to the window with your doll’s pram and keep hold of it whilst I spank you before them!

What the hell are you doing on a sledge in summer? Silly girl! Stay as you are, I’m going for my slipper!

What more does a man want? She likes to be spanked, collects underwear and loves to show it off whilst you….well, you know!

This is a wonderful ‘I need a spanking’ look isn’t it?

Yes dear, I do love your bottom and would like to spank it!

Pat and June

Don’t know much about them really, except Pat was a Native American descendant of the Blackfoot tribe, and born in Oklahoma in 1939, and she shot with this lady called ‘June’ a lot!

Here is one of Pat which I have colourised…

I love to see the shape of the pussy in knickers like this, I must take more of them.

Kate’s Third Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Click here for part 2 which has a link to part 1

Miss Kenworthy lived alone, and after school she often thought of the girls she punished and the sights and sounds of those young round cheeks being spanked or caned…

Two girls out of the hundreds she had to punish in her job as Head of Discipline at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls came to her mind frequently as she rubbed her wet pussy. ( see )


They were Charlotte and Kate. She imagined owning them, like maids in frilly outfits, to punish and use.

Unbeknown to Miss Kenworthy, Kate felt the same, and she too thought of her whilst masturbating.

Usually at her desk, the smell of the school and cool wood on her bottom made her think of her spankings.

Charlotte had another year to go, but sadly Kate was leaving soon, and unusually had asked if she could come to see Miss Kenworthy a week or so before she did. So after school Miss Kenworthy waited at the allotted time. A knock on the door was followed quickly by Kate, who burst into the room crying!

“Oh Kate! Whatever is the matter?

“You! You are the matter!” She sobbed. “I have fallen in love with you….and..and…”

“And what?”

“I love my punishments! I don’t ever want them to end! I need them so much. I think I am going mad. I leave soon, and feel like my life is coming to an end! I am so sad….” Kate spluttered through her snot and tears.

Miss Kenworthy sat her down and explained her own feelings and offered her the post of live in maid! Kate was dying to get her own place and leave her home, so she said “Yes, yes! Fucking hell! YESSSSSS!” So, in the briefest of moments their wishes came true.

“First, you need a bare bottom caning for bad language!”

“Oh yes please Mistress! Can I call you Mistress in my job?”

“You may. I will pay you, but I shall expect jobs to be done correctly, perfectly, or else!”

“I will make sure I am very lax in my duties then Mistress.”

Miss Kenworthy laughed. ” Cheeky maid! Get over there and bare your bottom!”

With her bottom presented high and bare, Miss Kenworthy laid it on hard and fast.

No matter how much a submissive wants it, the pain of a cutting cane never fails to surprise and schock, especially when given full force and at speed. Both were in spanking heaven…

You can read about Kate’s subsequent role in the service of her Mistress in other photo sets…

Anne Cherie and Jane.

Three lovely models of the sixties appeared in many magazines, I have featured them in other areas of my blog, and how nice it is now, to know their names.

Like lots of models at the time they had professions too.

Anne was a nurse. Cherie had a degree in music and was pursuing a future in that area, and was a little more serious about a career in modelling too, winning a fair few beauty contests. And Jane was a salesgirl, who also had a promising future in modelling.

Anne Grainger, Cherie Scott and Jane Rennie.

If you search you can find lots of shoots they did. My favourite was this, a picnic…

Here are some I colourised…

Jane on the left, Anne being spanked and Cherie on the right.

Here are some more…

“Bet you can’t catch me Mr Jones!”

‘Oh yes I can!’

“Will you spank me when you catch me?”


“Oh dear, my heel is stuck in the mud, looks like you have me Mr.Jones!!!”

I love the idea of girls this age behaving like young school girls.

Cherry Lennox

Another ‘student’ this time from Edinburgh. She was fond of going out in typical school wear or teenage wear to show her stockings, knickers and suspenders to photographers! These are taken around the mid sixties as can be seen with the hairstyle and authentic underwear.

Now let’s be honest, it is lovely seeing up her skirt, but we must remember that in this time, and at her age, she would quite likely be spanked if Mummy or Daddy found out! Makes it even better doesn’t it?…lol

Here is one I have colourised…

Here are some more…

Love the headscarf and posh stockings!

She looks a naughty madam in this one, how I would like to spank her just dressed like this, for being a naughty girl and flashing her underwear!

That’s the Missus!

Say hello to Holly Faram, a bondage/spanking model for John Willie. He married her eventually.

He used to have a black and white photo of her tied to a tree, framed and hung in the entrance of his house. He’d say, as he hooked his thumb towards it…’That’s the Missus!”

I have colourised this photo of her…

Here are some more…

What a lovely profile, I would like to get my girls in a row like this!

How submissive is this?

She was a regular in ‘Bizzare Magazine’

The Slave Girl – Part 4

If you go to part three, it has a link to part two etc etc

…it was time to see how her new slave girl reacted to punishment. Charlotte was excited, Spanky the slave girl was too, but also anxious and desperately wanting to please.

“Follow me.” Said Charlotte, and she took her to a small frame, to position her.

She tied the rope from her Gorean Slave collar to the frame, and told her to stand with legs apart and straight. “I am giving you six of the best with my cane.” Announced Charlotte.

She walked to Spanky’s left side, flexing the cane, she could tell by the movement of her head that her slave girl was following her feet. The vast empty room went eerily quiet. Distant sound of traffic, bird call, and a barking dog were noticed by them both. She took her stance.

As she took aim, the sun went behind a cloud, cool air drifted in through the open windows, and made goose bumps cover their flesh.

It was like some kind of ceremony, Charlotte stood there for a whole minute, cane raised, watching the nervous quivering body, and the twitching expectant bottom.

CRACK! The silence was broken by the whistle of a swishing one metre length of best German yellow rattan which struck the glorious cheeks dead centre. Spanky let out a long wail…

“Owwwwwwwww, oooooooh oh ohhhh.” But held her position well.

The scream and whack echoed through the open windows into the outside world, Spanky gripped, and Charlotte raised the pulsating cane again…

To be continued…

More ‘BORS’

It’s possible that you might somehow have found this section as a stand alone set of photos. On my site (click ‘back to web site’ above) you will find VINTAGE….section 5 was getting very large and I think some people might get fed up scrolling down it, hence this….

I came across a lovely set of Biederer photos I had not seen before…

More to come, call back often…

Franz Rehfeld’s Dommes ~ ‘The Berlin Belles’

Every now and then, ….well, maybe more often ::chuckle:: lust gets the better of me. Only when there is a ‘y’ in the day though!

I don’t know much about this photographer other than he worked in Berlin and specialised in the notorious ‘Berlin Dommes’.

Now this is the bit where I get rude…I like to spank and photograph the female bottom. But I also like to see a Domme punish another girl…love it actually. But….lol….get ready! Sometimes, I could watch a Domme get all hot and sweaty after using a sub, then take the Domme, bend her over something, spank her, then fuck her like there is no tomorrow!

I suppose you have gathered by now, especially if this is your first visit, that this is not the most educated well written blog….but it’s sexy! Full of spanking and female masturbation, so go on….like my site! Save me as a favourite and come back often!

So let’s have a look at the Berlin Belles :-

All taken by Franz, good man, glad you took them, thank you! What a record of a bygone age.

This is one I colourised…

Look at the glimpse of stocking top

This pair worked together, love their boots, I would be tempted to shoot them in boots, evening gloves and their crops.

When I started this web site and blog, I never knew it would get so big! No! Not my manhood from looking at so much naughty stuff…the size of my blog. So….it kind of got too big to handle. I have tried to sort it for navigation, so it is better. But other Dommes pop up all over the place!

Off you go then, consider it a quest! Start by finding my spanking time machine…you’ll find some there.

Bye, see you soon, I hope.