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I have added a little group of Claudette Colbert….

These two are stills from a couple of vintage spanking films, I have quite a collection….I bet that does not surprise you really….lol!

The first of the two is full of movement isn’t it? In the second, the girl has been spanked and was stood in the corner, it turned her on so much that when the teacher is looking the other way, she masturbates!

In various sections I have added around another 30 today.

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Speech Day – Part One

Speech Day, a very important event in any school calendar. They day of rewards and awards. Where all the good girls proudly walk up on stage, to collect certificates, cups, and accolades.

The naughty girls are told to behave, and basically keep out of the way.

Kate as you know has been caught doing all sorts of things, and mostly it was to do with masturbating with things she shouldn’t, who can forget the cane handle, or the school bell incident! Click here to see and read about them and more…


So Kate set off to school, dressed beautifully, like all the other girls for this special day. But ‘Speech Day? Me? Really?!?’ Thought Kate.

Nearly all the staff, students, and parents of good girls were all in the assembly hall. Which meant that classrooms and such, normally occupied, were empty. ‘God! I love Speech Days!’ She chuckled to herself at the thought of the good girls getting their good girl rewards. ‘It’s time for this naughty girl to get her reward!’

She walked down corridors normally teaming with schoolgirls and noise. I wonder why she has her hockey stick? There are no games today.

She walked from room to room in the stillness. Distant traffic, bird call, and the noise of the school building creaking were her only company. She began to feel sexual anticipation, down below.

Room after room just did not seem quite right, she did not know what she was looking for, but knew she would find the right one…no rush. Somebody had just got the first award, she heard distant applause.

She found one which was just right…perfect! And went in, deliberately leaving the door as open as it could be…wide open.

The spanking stool that every class room had was in position, the cane and other implements were well stocked, varied, and lying around here and there.

She opened a window, wide, it was late spring, the heating was still in use. But it wasn’t for temperature control, she opened it, like the door out of naughtiness. She expected a loud orgasm, and wanted the noise of it to fly!

She arranged a couple of things and found a suitable desk.

Then she said, rather loudly…

“I am now going to take my knickers off, play with my pussy, then fuck myself with my hockey stick!”

The words flew out of the window and down the corridor, and in the distance she heard clapping from the school hall. She smiled, ‘oh? Is that for me? I had better do a good performance then!’

In the hall a good girl sat down with her award, and as suspected, nobody even realised Kate was not there…

More to come


Miss Kenworthy puts Charlotte on the St.Andrew’s Cross

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It might not seem like a school story if you join at this point! But it starts there…


Having watched Charlotte orgasm on her little spanking rocking horse, Miss Kenworthy needed to cum herself. She took Charlotte to the cross. Her pussy was moist, and inside her whole body, she felt extremely excited. Watching a bottom react to her crop, seeing a submissive react to her voice, listening to the crack of crop on skin, and the little piercing screams that followed, had ticked every erotic box in her sensory list.

Slowly Miss Kenworthy’s moved her hand sensually on herself as Charlotte pushed her bottom up and out willingly, to please and excite her Mistress.

Miss Kenworthy knew what Charlotte was doing, watching her up on tip toe was thrilling, the curves of her bottom viewed from up above was absolutely sexy, but best of all, was resting her free hand, on Charlotte as she whacked… feeling her body react, and the shock wave from the impact travel through her bottom and up to her own finger tips.

When she moved her hand back to her own body, it was as if the trembling, sensual, vibration was transferred with it.

Slowly her free hand made its way to her slippery slit, she felt her pussy juices running. The first step was her own thigh.

She put her hand gently on her thigh, her senses were not focussed on her hand, she could hardly feel her soft well shape thigh. But her well shaped thigh could certainly feel her hand, especially as it moved up.

Her fingertips played with her stiff little clit, which she could feel easily through the thin material of her knickers.

The continued whacking of Charlotte’s bottom, coupled with her fingertips jiggling on her clitty was like an electric shock, running in spirals up and down her wet slippery slit.

Something quite magical happened then. The only thing connecting the two were united minds and the crop held against Charlotte’s bottom. Miss Kenworthy came very hard, almost frighteningly hard, like a seisure of pleasure. The vibrations of her orgasm juddered down the crop, and Charlotte felt them. They travelled through the soft flesh of her ripe, plump, rump into her own wet pussy.

Pussy…it does not sound decadent enough at this moment….

Two delicious wet cunts, pulsating in unison as each pumped lubricant and orgasmed through that wonder that is spanking, Domination, and submission. The height of the orgasm was colossal….both not moving other than convulsions running from body to body, back and forth via the crop.

Covid stopped us here….

More when I can.


Detention Room – 3

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You are now almost dying to orgasm, still you look through the keyhole at the astonishing events unfolding. There, before your eyes, is the headmaster, teaching a mummy, how to best spank her daughter…

Once the spanking was over goodbyes were quickly said and mummy said her new regime would begin immediately on her daughter’s return home with a new pair of slippers she had purchased that very day. They walked straight towards you!

You run quickly to the room opposite to hide. The door does not quite close however. You sit on a desk, thinking of what you witnessed. However, unbeknown to you, they did not come out of the door straight away, Mr Watson looked at the slippers, an excellent choice it seems, and described the double whacking technique, where you hit on the down stroke of a girl bent over and hit again on the upward returning stroke…very efficient at getting a very red bottom as there is little rest between whacks!

You assume the have gone, your pussy needs urgent attention…

Soon your knickers are down and stretched between open legs. And you finger your cunt wildly…

At that very moment, Charlotte and Mummy leave, to hear quite clearly you saying…..”oh I am a naughty girl like Charlotte I wish Mummy and Mr Watson were spanking me now….oooooh I need spanking…yes…yes…yes”

You never hear them come in, until you hear a cough… “Ahem!!…so you have been spying on us! “

Your orgasm hits…..”Ooooooooohhhh mmmmmm!” You cannot stop your fingers!

Madam, pass me a slipper, you take the other! We shall grant this girls wish!

Before you know it, before a giggling Charlotte, your bottom is high!

Well! I did warn you!


Detention Room – 2

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Just a reminder you are looking through a keyhole, you are actually on the corridor, looking through the keyhole in the door where they (punished girls) exit. Are you masturbating? Very risky, and if you get caught…well…you will be next. But I can’t say as I blame you!

Once her bottom was bared, the spanking picked up pace, and ferocity!

Then it was time for two surprises, as you will see. What a view you have! Don’t forget to keep looking up and down the corridor…

You stare from her bottom, to pussy, to her face and his. The smacking sounds, the reddening bottom, her wriggling and little yelps, are such a turn on for you.

You are now so fascinated you can hardly move your eyes, or blink. He kneels her on the chair. Her delicious bottom is pointing right at you. He threatens her with the cane! You hear a knock, and turn, but all is quiet, you realise someone has just knocked on the outside door and entered the School Secreteries Reception.

The intercom buzzes….it is Mr Watson’s secretary. “She is here Mr Watson, shall I send her through?” He leans to the desk to press a button, ‘Yes, Marjorie, send her in.’

You look an listen in disbelief, who can he possibly invite to look at the punishment.

A smart looking middle aged woman walks in, just as the cane cracks across Charlotte’s bottom…..whack! “Owwwwww!”

“Oh please don’t cane my daughter Mr.Watson…please! I know that on parents evening I said I would get her in hand, and I haven’t, but please!”

“I was going to give her a crisp dozen! I thought you had forgotten our arrangement Madam. But you are here now, so let us continue.” Said Mr Watson with an air of authority.

How embarrassing for Charlotte, the Headmaster and her Mummy had a long conversation over her bare bottom!

“Well, first of all I apologise for being a little late. But please, as we discussed, teach me how to spank my daughter. I promise I will discipline her every time you send her home with a note. And to your standard.”

You could not believe it! She was here for spanking lessons.

By the look on her face, Charlotte could not believe it either!

“Start off by giving her twenty good hard smacks, on each cheek, if she is not screaming and crying by the end, I will guide you!”

Mummy looked down at her wayward daughter and began!

More to come


Molly’s Visits

Molly is a lovely client of mine who answered one of my adverts. She has been a few times and on her last couple of visits agreed to reenact her visits for me, so long as I do not reveal her real name and show close up views of her face.

Visit one…click here


Visit two…click here


Visit three…click here


More to come one day… Asa

What happened at home after Kate got punished at school for smoking…

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After her punishment at school for smoking, the journey home on the bus was horrid, with the goody goody girls making fun and saying what would happen when she got home. The looks from the older people did not help, especially some of the men who almost salivated at the thought.

She passed the note to Mummy and Daddy with a trembling hand…it was like a ticking bomb…






“SMOKING! BLOODY SMOKING! You naughty girl! Mummy, get the spanking bench out, I’ll fetch your brothers and sisters! Mummy! Open the curtains wide, and the window too, let the neighbours see and hear!”

With her grinning siblings stood in an arc, the distant noise of outdoor chatting filtering in, Kate got in position. Daddy got a size ten slipper, mummy got her size six, and taking a cheek each they whacked away for fifteen minutes, only stopping to change sides… twice!

Note…..you might like to know that I have got a mummy, and a teacher, but they are for later crimes, be patient! But next is this….Kate said, “Please can I not get caught, let it be speech day, and I sneak off to a classroom….you can photograph my orgasm!”

How could I possibly refuse? The photos are already taken….and are coming soon.


Bare your bottom Molly, get up on the piano stool, hands on the floor…

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Last time she came, she said she wanted the tawse on the piano stool, so I obliged…

It was her first time with a tawse, so I did not lay it on too hard. She squealed and shed a few tears, but loved it and was so grateful for it.

As she left she asked if she could be caned from cold on her next visit.

But alas, Covid -19 stopped that.


Over the stool you go Molly!

On her second visit, just a week after. Molly went over the stool for the plimsol…

For her first visit, click here…


To say it was only the second spanking of her life, she did very well to take the plimsol. I put her over the piano stool to display her spanked bottom for you, telling her I use it for giving naughty girls the takes on.

As she left, she looked down blushing and said, ‘You know that piano stool, you told me if and the position for tawsing a naughty girl.’


‘Well I would like that next time Mr.Jones.’