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Not the largest photo, but this is my personal favourite,

Louis Malteste 1862 – 1928

Try to imagine him if you will, working under oil lamps at his desk, in his wood panelled study, creating these beautiful works.

This is why I do what I do, he inspired me so much! I can draw and paint a bit, but could never do anything so good as these, so I use my own photographs to illustrate my stories.

Here is some of his work, (lots more to come)

Number 1 – An After School Birching

Alice had long been long overdo a good birching. Coming from a well to do family, her Daddy was a Governor of the school and she thought herself immune to punishment.

But today, Miss March thought differently, she had been a nuisance all day, and had been told to stay behind when the bell was rung.

She thought it would be lines again, but no! Four years of pent up feelings were about to be imprinted on Alice’s bottom.

“Oh no young lady, it is no lines tonight, this time we are going to stripe your bottom well! Hold her still Miss Merryweather! Let me pull her bloomers down, and then we’ll begin! We have two birches for you Alice, and I expect to see them both almost devoid of twigs by the time we have whipped your cheeks!”

“Noooo noooo you can’t! My Daddy is a Governor.”

“Let me correct you on that young lady, he was dismissed from that post this morning!”

“Nooooooooooo awwwww blahhhhh!” The girl began to scream and cry wildly.

And the thrashing has not even started!


Number 2 – The Enima Birching

Look at the glee in the maid’s face.

You see, Gertrude was the ladies maid of the eldest daughter, the young lady, stood on the right, Eleanour. In the middle is the mother, Lady Howton.

Like all maids, Gertrude knew her place, and tried not to complain. The daughter has recently become very pompous, due to some friends who encouraged such behaviour. She found it great fun to ridicule the maid as often as she could, pointing out her low rank in society and life.

Eleanour witnessed this first hand and had asked the maid about it, she got the full story and went straight to tell Mummy. Mummy took matters in hand and thus the scene you witness…

“I cannot believe what you have turned into Margaret! A spiteful, selfish young girl who finds it fun to ridicule our faithful maids! You are getting the birch on your bare bottom, thirty six strokes, administered by Gertrude! Last time you were birched you emptied your bowels after three strokes and made a terrible mess!!…”

“No Mummy, stop! Don’t talk so loud, stop telling her that!”

Gertrude could not help but laugh.

Mummy continued. “To stop the same happening again, Gertrude is going to give you a warm soapy douche up your bottom, then thrash you, mercilessly! I mean that Gertrude, show no mercy at all!”

“Noooooo Mummy…..


No3 Figging

The young woman turns to her Domme. She is is a victorian flagellation brothel for women (yes, the did exist, and I have researched them, see my story ‘The Inveigle’). Her Domme has a bit of what first appears to be carved parsnip.

“What are you going to do with that!?”

“Shove it up your rump hole my dear!”


“The last time you came, I saw that you needed more, so you are being gigged my dear!” She spat on the piece of hand carved ginger root and inserted it into her fine plump rump.

It began to burn, especially when she tightened her anus onto it, so she relaxed….THWACK! ….and on it went, every time she relaxed she got a thwack from the hard hairbrush!

a note on FIGGING

It was first recorded as a punishment for female slaves in Ancient Greece.

In Victorian times it was used in prison on both male and females being birched or caned. As described above, the purpose was to make the person being punished relax their buttocks, and at that moment they would strike! Relaxed buttocks feel much more pain! Fiendishly clever, because on deliverance of a brutal judicial stroke of a half inch diameter five foot long cane, the first reaction is to clench the buttocks. On doing this the intense burning around the anus was by all accounts unbearable, so they relaxed! THWACK! The cycle would continue with regular insertions of fresh ginger, which hurt more.

It seems when a woman was sentenced to three months and twelve (of the cane on the bare buttocks) the man who would deliver the thrashing was put in charge of her. She had to behave, because he decided on the severity.

Damn clever these Victorians!

No 4 Mrs Walter’s Spanking Bench

If ever you go to Bristol in England, get yourself a street map, look for an area called Clifton and search for Oakfield Road, number 53.

A Mrs Walters used to live there, in Victorian times, and ran a house of correction for Wayward Girls. Yes, it’s true, (look it up) people who had wayward daughters would send them to her, maybe for a year, maybe for a week, maybe for a day. For one reason….discipline!

There were newspaper accounts of her, (easy to find). She was known as ‘The Lady of the Birch’

Yes, she made a good living from spanking, birching, and caning naughty girls bottoms.

The girls had a uniform, a long dress open at the back, like an extravagant hospital gown! Imagine that, all firm young women, with long dresses, open at the back, to reveal bloomers, all ready for spankings….the bloomers would have open backs you see. And yes, women. The girls could be sixteen, they could be twenty one, it was a finishing school.

I am writing a story of it, it is in the photo story section.

Here she is, in one of her famous punishment rooms.

Doors permanently hooked back, a small raised Dias with a spanking bench. The day before, at tea time, a notice would be put up outside the room on the information board. The girl, the crime, the punishment time, number of strokes, and implement, could be read.

The girl had all night and next day to worry and be taunted.

Girls were encouraged to watch and jeer as the unfortunate girl was thrashed, wiggling and screaming. Nothing she could do, she was there for that reason, to have some sense birched or caned into her, and her parents were paying handsomely.

Like I have just said, she could be twenty one.

So, if you go, and stand to look….imagine what happened in there, every day, to naked rumps, for decades.


The second artist I am showing is another great favourite of mine, Cheri Herouard, also known by his pseudonym Herric.

1881 – 1961

He illustrated lots of spanking novels, and I will come to them, these he did under the name of Herric.

Very 1930’s film star aren’t they? (Sorry this is blur on the left)

But in his own name he illustrated in colour for a society magazine in Paris, called La Vie Parisienne. Not all were as cheeky as this, in fact, a lot wasn’t, but I am not showing those!

Here he is in his studio. He used the same girl models for both sides of his work, how they must have giggled at times.

Not all these were spanking related, but even working for them it was never far from his mind! I am starting with those…

A little gift for you! All wrapped up in a pretty how, holding a martinet. I wonder what on earth you will do with her. Be a nice one to post for Christmas wouldn’t it, and a bit of editing it would make a lovely suggestive card too.

I bet bet this Governess did not stand for much nonsense!

And like I said, even when the article he illustrated had little to do with spanking, often it was about fashion houses, art, literature, society etc, you could see it was never far from his mind. Just look at her cheeks. I think the lady is some sort of disciplinarian with her sub, in his mind it was probably an erotic art school….or is that my mind…lol



Book covers from girls books often depict schoolgirls who need a spanking! ( in my mind anyway!)

I mean look at these smoking in an out of bounds store room! Surely the whole lot of them should form a line and bend over for a bare bottom spanking! Except the ringleader!

She can bend over before them all for six of the best on the bare!

….and as for this girl!

It looks to me like the word ‘prefect’ will be rubbed out soon. She has been caught stealing from jacket pockets in the cloakroom.  Miss has asked if anyone else knows of any misdemeanours she has done, and all are putting their hands up to tell. I think it will be knickers down before the class for six of the best, then corner time!

Now this young lady has been sent home from school in disgrace, for cheating in exams. Mummy is talking to her…

“You can kneel on that chair and bare your bottom! Stay there whilst your sisters come home, and remain there until Daddy comes home! I have just rung him and he says it is the belt on the bare for you, young lady!”

Oh!! …you naughty girls! Peeking at Miss Antoinette, the French Mistress getting undressed!

The girl taking her turn says…”Let’s take our knickers off and finger ourselves as we take turn to look.”

i cough…”Ahem!! Yes, you can take your knickers off girls! Then get to my office for twelve of the best each, and with the senior cane! Come on! Off with your knickers, pull your slips up and run…come on! I am not bothered who sees you! And after you can stand on the school stage bent over, throughout dinner!”

Oh dear Brenda! It looks like a public thrashing for you my girl, what have you done…tut tut…

Look how the girls are giggling and getting excited at her plight! I think she will soon be over that desk, gym slip up, and knickers down, being spanked with a plimsol. I bet she is one of those haughty girls who thinks she is better than the rest. How nice to see those get their come uppance!

This book cover says to me that he is going to spank her bottom as he rides all the way back to his tent, then…excuse me for this, fuck her brains out!

As for this one, in conjures up this in my naughty mind. A man has never really thought of tying his wife up, until one day she loses control of her dog as it chases round and round her.

He tells her she should be more careful, especially as her bag drops to the floor and money is on view. He pulls her lovely panties down on the spot and spanks her, much to the onlookers delight. That night she sexily asks him to tie her up and spank her again!


I bet the postman had a wry smile when he delivered these, and I admire the senders bravery! Not forgetting the publishers.

I bet he gets an ace! Thwaaaack!! Imagine her jumping over the net holding her bottom!

Not the most subtle postcard phrase is it?

I have a guess this was a private joke, hand delivered to someone called Arthur, probably spanked like this as a boy. Maybe his older brother never letting him forget it!

At least this one has a clever holiday caption and a message.

A good old fashioned saucy English sea-side postcard, I remember seeing this exact one as a child, that is why I purchased this one!

It’s hard to believe this was intended to go through the post, obviously not censored by Mr Horatio Tumblr like nowadays!

Good advice, that is what I did! And look where it got me!! …

Oh look, here are Samantha and Kate’s ancestors. I just knew it was in their genes…..God! Have you seen their bottoms in jeans? I walked behind them the other day, it was like watching two people eating a mouth full of toffee!

Probably the oldest colour one in my collection. Nice isn’t it. Wish I knew what it said, maybe a reference to a real event?

I trust you are going to raise her attire and lower her bloomers Sir! I should open the door too. After knocking of course.

Skegness !! I used to go there for my jollies! Never saw this though….shame!

Not all postcards were for posting of course, but they could be. Many were for collectors.

I have seen this in colour and sepia too. Looks like a nice place for a holiday and a quiet outdoor spanking!

Anyone fancy translating this for me? Be nice to know what it says, I should have listened at school. But too busy thinking of my girlfriend Rowena, the first girl I spanked!

This too please, looks a lovely country scene, what had she done? Let me know please.

Well, so is this! So my dear little postcard, you have ended up in just the right place….”we are having a lovely time. Wish you were here!

This is colourful…

Not sure it is a postcard, but it seems to fit in this section doesn’t it?


That’s a sexy cover! I never had comics like this did you?

and how about Harley ?Quinn? She has always deserved a spanked bottom! Just for looking like she does!

Maghella is always getting in bother! And her bottom does invite a spanking!


Come and have a look in some of my books. Sit down, leave the busy world. Put another log on the fire and share a glass of port with me. Let’s talk about spanking as we look at these naughty bottoms….

Maybe one of my girls, or me, can read to you whilst you…er

…relax ::smile: turning the pages, looking at the bottoms.

Outdoor spanking, mmmmm yummy! Always exciting and a bit risky!

Not sure what he is up to really, it looks like her hand is busy on herself. I posted this for her bottom, and the inviting room. Warm isn’t it…

A little bit of bondage here, look how the Domme is thrusting her pussy to the plump rump of her sub. I love the idea of vintage sub/Domme.

Two dear friends of mine, Miss Iceni and LUCY, are so much like these!

….it inspires me to dress them up in vintage clothes and duplicate it!

What a lovely domestic discipline scene.

Self spanking….oh yessss! I love the idea of a girl who loves to be spanked, desperate for one, and thrashing her own bare bottom. In my mind I am looking through the key hole masturbating hard, hoping that soon she will be rubbing her pussy too.

Corner time, and in this case, naked. I think this is before the punishment. I am guessing she has been told to stand there until a knock on the door. It has just happened, and she is opening it to let the witnesses of her punishment in. Maybe she is a young Mistress and the maids of the house are going to walk in.

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