An Unusual Relationship – Part 3

You ought to read part one and two really, to understand the real relationships of these women. Click here to go to part two, which gas a link to part one

It was time for the removal of her daughters’ knickers…

Charlotte’s facial expressions are priceless, look at her trying to get a peek at her own bottom being spanked, and the look of horror as Mummy pronounces…’time for your knickers to come down young lady!’

One of my favourite programmes in recent years was a horror one called Grimm, it had six series, and I have watched them three times! There is an actress, or do we call them all actors now? Her name is Claire Coffee, she played Adalind, her facial expressions fascinated me! She is just the same in ‘Bone Collector’ what she is in now. Look her up, she is so similar to Charlotte!