After the bath…

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After the bath, Samantha let the secret out. “All this talk of spanking, and my disciplinarian, how does it make you feel?”

Kate and Charlotte said the same, that they were excited by it, wanted it for themselves too, and were envious.

They heard the gate click.

“Just as well then. Because by the sound of it he is here!”

“What?” “What!?”

“He’s here, I have left him a note on the desk, Mr Jones will be reading it now. So we had better get ready! We ought to bend over the end of the bed really girls!”

Charlotte and Kate were both excited and scared.

Samantha noticed this and reassured them. “Don’t worry, he knows what her is doing, he’s an expert…..hurry!”

They could hear movement so quickly got into position.

“What’s he doing?” Asked Kate.

“Probably picking his implements and locking the door.” Replied Samantha.

“It’s gone quiet.” Whispered Charlotte.

A tread on the stairs creaked. I stopped, and could hear them whispering… “He’s coming up the stairs, shhhhh, push your bottoms out.”

I arrived on the landing.

I stood in the doorway. “I see your bottoms are already pink. Have you been spanking?”

All three replied together. “Yes Mr.Jones”

I spoke sternly. “Well that is very naughty of you all. And you know what naughty girls get don’t you?”

“Spankings Mr.Jones.”

“Red bottoms Mr.Jones.”

“Hot sore bottoms, Mr.Jones.”

“Indeed they do!”





It was obvious to me, even after the first half a dozen whacks each, that I was literally ‘hitting the spot’, for each of them. They pushed their bottoms up eagerly for every smack. The whole situation aroused and excited them. Bottoms wriggling against other soft bottoms, squeals and smacks intermingling, the whole scenario thrilled them to their core….

More to follow…Asa