A welcome return for Mr.G.Reece! His latest offering is here…

Hi Asa
Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately but
the Summer has been a whirlwind of friends
visiting, weddings, parties etc.

Anyway, now the season is coming to a close
I thought it was time to get my lurid imagination
back into action (Not that it ever went away!!!)


So as usual, one of the Pics on your blog sparked
my imagination. Actually the pic in question was
sent by one of your Girls so I hope it is alright
to use it. As you know I would hate to offend
anyone. I want to make Cocks hard and
Pussies wet … not upset anyone.
So maybe you need to ask for consent
or ask me to crop the photo so only those that
consent are visible.

Well, here goes anyway.
The story is called…
A chance encounter.

I have often wondered how I would feel if I
met a Mistress in a normal day to day setting
that I had previously visited for a severe Thrashing.
For example, a chance
encounter in a bar, restaurant etc.
Would I feel embarrassed?
Would I endeavour to make contact, as
long as I was sure my approach was welcome?
Who knows but in my story this is what my imagination
conjured up…..

I have just finished work and I have nipped into
a local Wine Bar to have a drink to wind down from
the day’s stresses. I order a glass of wine and sit at
the bar. I look around at the other people drinking and
suddenly I can’t believe my eyes. There at a table
with a group of friends is Miss Kenworthy whom I had
the pleasure and privilege of visiting a couple of
years ago. My buttocks clench together involuntarily
as I remember the pain that I felt across them the last time
I was in the company of this stunning and sexy Lady.
As my mind spins, I see her catch my eye and it is
obvious that she seems to recognises who I am.
She looks away and I see her chatting to her friends.
After a few minutes she catches my eye again and to
my surprise she raises her hand and beckons me across.
I look behind me to make sure it is really me that she is
signalling to and then pick up my wine and walk over
to her table………
I stand next to the table and politely ask if she
remembers me……

I endeavour to make polite conversation but the truth
is that I am rather overawed to be in the company of such
alluring Ladies. (Two at least, who I know love nothing
better than making a ‘Boy’s Bottom pay for his misdeeds!!)
My slight awkwardness makes me keep my gaze lowered
but unfortunately Miss Kenworthy misinterprets this!!

I am mortified that she thinks I am leering at her
cleavage and stammer to explain the reason for my
lowered gaze. Unfortunately my explanation is
not at all convincing and Miss Kenworthy makes
this obvious as she speaks to me….

“It seems you haven’t changed your ways since we last
met, Mr Reece. I am sure you remember what happened to
you when I caught you looking up my skirt a couple of
years ago. Perhaps you need some more discipline!!”

I feel myself start to tremble as my mind conjures up
an image of what she did to my poor Bottom, during
our last encounter……

Miss Kenworthy senses my nervousness and I have
the distinct impression that I am being lured
into a ‘trap’ as she speaks to me again…

“I hope you are not mentally undressing me Mr Reece.
That would be VERY bad for your Bottom. We are
not very far from Asa’s studio and I do have a key!!!
Tell me that you are not having lewd thoughts, Mr Reece
and you don’t deserve to receive a severe thrashing!!!

I have never been very good at lying and the fact of the
matter is that I am indeed having very naughty thoughts
as I sit next to this sexy Lady. She has planted seeds in
my mind about mentally undressing her and I try desperately
not to think of her without her clothes and to convince her
that this is the farthest thing from my mind. My silence, as far
as she is concerned, proves my guilt.
Of course, she is right because I know exactly what I
am thinking, at that precise moment………

I try my hardest to block out my lewd thoughts and
I endeavour to engage in some mundane conversation
with the Ladies sitting around the table.
However, they are not listening…..

“Come on Girls… drink up we are off to Asa’s studio
for some fun and games. We can buy some more
wine on the way…..
You too Mr Reece, drink up. You are going to be our
star attraction for this evening!!!……….”

20 minutes later…..

After a quick stop at the local Vintners to buy wine,
I watch as Miss Kenworthy unlocks the door to
Asa’s studio and the four Ladies usher me inside
the lobby. It is a place I have visited on numerous
occasions and once again my buttocks clench
together knowing that when I am finally able to
leave later on that evening, those same buttocks
will be in a VERY different state!!

Miss Kenworthy locks the door behind us and
speaks to me again….

“OK Mr Reece… take off everything apart from your
underpants and walk up the stairs in front of us.”
As I do as I am told and mount the first step, I can hear
the Ladies behind me shrieking with glee and one
even wolf whistles as I feel a hefty slap to my

“Giddy up Mister… up those stairs NOW!!”

….then another voice….

“No, I’ve got a better idea make him take off
his pants and then make him crawl up the

It was going to be a LONG night!!!!

The End

Hope you like this Sir!

Asa’s Note….of course I did my dear naughty boy.

One thought on “A welcome return for Mr.G.Reece! His latest offering is here…

  1. Up to you very high usual disgusting standard! Well done, keep it up!
    Good grief, what a thing to say to you! Does it ever go limp?!?

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