Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Volume 4 – Chapter 3 – Part B ~ Menace Grows…

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They began to make themselves noticed in the background of her life, giggling and pointing at her. Charlene began to feel worried. They looked two formidable, older, frightening girls….

Like all bullies, once they sensed fear in their prey, they became crueler and bolder.

Samantha looked to the sky as a prefect walked by and said,

‘Well done Charlene! Everyone thinks you’ll win us the ‘Sir Hansi Cup’ this year!”

Modestly and blushing slightly Charlene said that she would try her best for the team and why stop at the cup? 

“Let’s go for the double!” she shouted back to the prefect.

Samantha pretended to throw up.

The next few weeks saw Charlene’s popularity grow and training was going very well. In fact it was going so well that Charlene and Samantha’s jealousy and contempt rapidly grew. It would be true to say that it was turning into some sort of hate, and they could be soon described as her tormentors or bullies. And it was not just with Charlene. They  threatened other girls if they were seen with  Charlene.

Things were growing out of proportion in their minds. All Charlene had done was to play well, be selected and modest about her talents.

Frau Beauer had introduced tactical sport’s lessons. She called them her ‘Theory of Sport’ lessons. Hockey figured predominantly, but so too did netball, football and athletics.

She had used Charlene, dressed in her training kit, to demonstrate various skills to the class, All except two were avid Charlene fans. Samantha and Kate pushed their way to the desk behind her, and began teasing her, calling her ‘Gretchen’s Special Little Pet’.

Charlene tried to ignore them, but she had never been bullied or disliked by any school ‘friends’ before. It upset her. She was naturally popular and this was new to her.

They began to pull her hair, and told her she should shower more because of the bad smell. They were really very horrid to her.

Gretchen was no fool and had some idea of what was going on. A couple of times she had turned around quickly to see Kate and Samantha doing something. There was one thing she hated more than anything else in school life and that was bullying.

As the first match approached, Frau Bauer noticed a dip in Charlene’s form,p and arranged a private chat with her.

However, Charlene just said she had been under the weather but was now feeling better. Nevertheless, Frau Bauer decided to keep a close watch and soon it became obvious as to what was happening. However, she decided that it might be best just to keep an eye on things for the moment. With luck, this could be a situation the rest of the team sorted. It would be good for team building and morale.

As the days went by, Charlene became more resilient.  She began concentrating on her school work and hockey, whilst avoiding Samantha and Kate. She had plenty of friends her own age when in class or about school, and the team loved her. They had seen the nastiness and rallied around her.

So much so, that the two bullies began to feel lonely and excluded. Their hate grew.

The two bullies hatched a plan, and, on the day the team sheet was posted for the first match, they found Charlene and sat with her pretending to be friends. They even apologised for being nasty and horrid towards her.

Charlene thought that they were genuine and felt that it must be her good playing in practice that had won them around. They told her of an old tradition… that when you played in the team for the first time, you bared your bottom for the coach, self spanked it, and then asked her to spank it for you. It was an initiation ceremony of sorts. She was told to say nothing, and that it was a closely guarded hockey team secret. Every girl had done it, and every girl had kept the secret.

“Really? Is that true?”

“Of course!” said the bullies, very convincingly.

Charlene was engrossed, “Tell me more!”

Charlene being younger and gullible believed them, and swore to keep the secret. She found it really funny, and laughed with her new friends.

But Frau Bauer was watching. ‘Hmmm, what are those two nasty pieces of work up to?’ She had never really taken to these two girls. There was a certain degree of nastiness to them. She was pretty sure that the smiles and friendliness were false, but because Charlene was happy, she decided to stick to the same tactics of watch and observe.

More to come…

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  1. Looking forwards to seeing Samantha and Kate get their just desserts. I wonder if we may see Frau Bauer’s pert looking bottom too?
    Perhaps she could be caught in the process of punishing the girls by the Headmaster and end up getting a dose herself?

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