The Unusual Punishment of a Naughty Victorian Maid

The girl had become somewhat lax in her duties, and her Mistress had decided that at the next sign of her lackadaisical ways she would take action. She had watched her closely, and knew that the dreamy girl often rested in the study.

She understood that being a maid was a busy job, but she knew that the girl was taking liberties. She needed reining in.

Mistress found her asleep on a chaise lounge, when she should have been beeswaxing the wood in the room. Lady Kenworthy seized her opportunity and pulled out her riding crop from behind her back. “Caught you!”

The girl, still half asleep was taken aback, and stood up quickly.

Lady Kenworthy briskly pulled the little rocking horse, which was hers as a young girl, out from the place it stood, often with an aspidistra on top. It had great sentimental value, and an erotic past.

You see, it was on this little horse at a tender age, that Lady Kenworthy discovered the delights of rocking back and forth on it with a little extra pressure on her pussy. Indeed, her first orgasm was achieved on it, and her second third and fourth on the same day!

This punishment was not an impulsive action on the part of Lady Kenworthy, she had thought long and hard over the last few weeks, and fantasised about spanking her maid to orgasm on it!

“imagine that!” She thought to herself, and last night had achieved the climax of self arousal thinking about what was quite possibly going to happen, right now.

“Right young lady! (The maid was only three years younger than her Mistress, but such was the way of things in 1874) ….You have a choice. You can either accept corporal punishment, on my beloved Neddy here, or leave. But one thing is for sure, you are not going to carry on in this ‘come day go day’ manner any longer! What is it to be? Hmmmm??”

The girl said she did not want to leave.

And so she began to straddle the little horse.

“Lift your uniform and petticoats, I want that bottom bare!”

‘….awwww, yes, yes Mistress.’

Holding her under garments up, Mistress began to lower the girl’s bloomers.

To bare a fine plump victorian rump, just ripe for a thrashing!

The sight of those soft round globes of delicate flesh aroused Lady Kenworthy, and she spanked the girl.

Then, pushing the girl down, she told her to rock, as she whacked the crop on her fine buttocks repeatedly. The girl galloped like she was on a country chase!

Soon, Lady Kenworthy was swinging the crop with all her might!

The girl squealed and bucked, her back pressing against the moist excited pussy of her Mistress, whilst her own dripping wet slit pushed hard on to the now warm smooth mahogany horse. Rocking violently beneath her.

Both reached a shuddering orgasm together. And the horse slowed to a trot.

Both knew without doubt that the other had climaxed.

As Lady Kenworthy stood, she knew she had to stamp her authority over her girl quickly….

“I have not finished with you yet, pull your bloomers up, and get over my knee, right now!”

The crop was viscious in its landing on the rump of her maid, as her fine bottom pushed through the open back bloomers.

A lesson was learned by both.

Naughty behaviour has its rewards….a magnificent orgasm!

The girl developed into an extremely naughty maid, and Mistress was so pleased!


Deborah’s Daughter

Deborah was a well respected member of the local community. She presented herself and her house well. But…

She he had a very haughty, naughty, wilful, headstrong daughter.


‘Naughty Charlotte’ as she was known to everyone. “I am glad she is not mine!” Was an often heard phrase. “It needs someone like Deborah to keep a girl like that in line!” Was another.

Living close by would be a spanking enthusiast’s dream!

I can hear a commotion now! Let’s go and see what all the fuss is about…

Oh dear, she has been caught smoking, again. In the outside privy this time!

“You naughty girl! Don’t bother pulling your knickers up, it’s the hairbrush again for you, young lady! Come here!”

Charlotte was pulled by the ear to the windowsill.

Where, much to the girls (who lived each side), and the two boys (who lived behind) delight, she got spanked with the hairbrush (Mummy’s favourite implement).

“Noooo Mummy, everyone will hear owwwwwwwwww, ooooooh!”

Laughter, from the neighbours, could be heard through the screams, whacks, and yelps, but it was short lived, because it  began to rain hard.

Mummy dragged her inside. “They will still hear your squeals Charlotte, I am leaving the door open!”

Once inside, the spanking really began!

A protesting, kicking, squealing Charlotte was pulled over Mummy’s knee for a jolly good, long, hard, bare over the knee, domestic spanking.

A naughty gir learned a very, very, sharp, painful lesson!

This is what every naughty girl needs! A good old fashioned disciplinarian. A mother who is not afraid to whack her naughty bottom long and hard, whenever it is needed.

Picture the scene  in the dimly lit 1960’s house, the kicking legs, the firm grip, the wriggling red cheeks!

A proper good old fashioned spanking!

But did Charlotte learn?


The very next day! Can you believe it? Naughty Charlotte was caught smoking in the toilets and was sent home in disgrace. Mummy was contacted at the cafe she worked at, and stormed home to find her naughty disgraced daughter trembling in the hallway.

“Oh you are in for it this time young lady!”

She immediately bent her over, by the stairs, with the front door still open!



“You naughty naughty girl!”



Soon there was quite a crowd at the gate, watching the spectacle! However, once the humiliation part of her punishment it was time to go upstairs. “Get up to your room!”

The power in the hairbrush and her demeanour was tangible.

Once upstairs, Charlotte knew the drill, it was time to sit with the cane in her mouth, to wait. This wait was a ‘calculated wait’ , a different length every time. Charlotte sat in dread listening for a creak on the stairs.

After half an hour the tell tale creak was heard, steps got closer and the door slowly opened.

Mummy took the cane and stood behind her, cane raised. “You have excelled yourself today haven’t you madam?”

Charlotte stood up and bent over without a word being said. Hoping that obedience and a well presented bottom might impress her.

Mummy grabbed the hairbrush again.

“Silly girl, nothing will save you! The boys are in their garden! I am going to open the window so they can hear! Get over there girl!”

“Hands on your head!”

“But they can see my twinkle!”

“Shut up!”

Smack smack smack! The heavy wooden brush fell at speed. Charlotte saw the boys looking, and tried not to make a fuss, but soon she was screaming and pleading for mercy. She received none whatsoever.

“Turn around, bottom to the window!”

Then it was back to the mirror, ‘to see her own shame!’

Finished with a dose of corner time, back down in the living room. “Your Aunty Liz and Amber are coming for tea, we are having shepherd’s pie. You are having bread and jam! You can stay there throughout our meal! Now…you can rub!”

Did this cure her wanton behaviour?

No, of course not. I went by tonight and heard a voice shout, ‘No no no Mummy! Not the belt!

I wonder what she has done this time?

Some girls never learn!

I’m so pleased!




This will be a huge section,  I am slowly going to fill it up with my old tumblr photos. Be patient!

Just a note before we start. I love to spank maids, and it is a rule in my studio, that any naughty model when shooting a maid scene, gets a spanking before the others. Here I am upholding the law!

So! Off we go! My girls in Victorian attire….

This is Samantha acting the part of a Victtorian Mistress, reprimanding Kate, who is acting the maid…

Click here for a little story with eleven saucy victorian spanking photos of Samantha and Kate…

The Unusual Punishment of a Naughty Victorian Maid

Here is a set I have done in black and white of Samantha as a Victorian Mistress in corset and bloomers, with Cherry as her submissive…


Here is a little sequence played by Samantha, of a maid going over the stool for the first time

“Go to the stool Samantha.”

“Bend over.”

“Dress and petticoats up girl!”

She turns, trembling.

“Hold your position for six of the birch. Do not move! If you do, we will start again!”

‘Yes Master.”

And now you have met my two maids. Rather nice are they not!

Much more to follow, pop back often.

There is something delightfully erotic about a naughty maid, neatly turned out in her fine starched uniform, a good God fearing young woman in a time when they were taught to respect their elders and betters, and corporal punishment was normal.

I know my version is a fantasy version, and in real historic times, things were hard. But here, I love to see the mass of uniform with its aprons, mop caps, and petticoats etc lifted to reveal a beautiful Victorian rump, for spanking!

And my dear friends, I do!

When I spank a girl in these outfits (all made in Edinburgh by a seamstress, to original drawings, even the bloomers) I escape this world. The only thing in my whole world right then is the delicious bottom bared for one reason…


I am back in time, I am a Master with a naughty maid. It is so real! I love it!

So let’s go and look at the bottoms….. Rumps! We must call them rumps in this section! Some spanked, some ready for spanking. You will find my other girls in similar attire in my stories too, but for now, let’s feast our eyes on the naughty rumps of Samantha and Kate…

What a beautiful look
I love a winking eye!
All on show for Master!
Looking worried
Higher girl! Higher!!
Please Sir, spank me

The beautiful winking eye of Kate…waiting…

Waiting for starters orders
Up high and ready
Waiting on Neddy
Keep still
Bottom presented well
Ready to gallop
Bend over
The bloomers open
Push out dear!
Ready and bared
Ripe for spanking!
Hold it there for me
What a beautiful target
Ohhhh, the shape!
You are a naughty maid
Spanking profile


HERE YOU WILL FIND 5 SECTIONS, all are in their infancy, but I have loads of material to add, so please, call back from time to time.






YOU HAVE TO PATIENTLY SCROLL DOWN THROUGH THE LOT!! (WordPress did an update and I am finding the new version hard! This is the easiest way to do it….for me!)




Not the largest photo, but this is my personal favourite,

Louis Malteste 1862 – 1928

Try to imagine him if you will, working under oil lamps at his desk, in his wood panelled study, creating these beautiful works.

This is why I do what I do, he inspired me so much! I can draw and paint a bit, but could never do anything so good as these, so I use my own photographs to illustrate my stories.

Here is some of his work, (lots more to come)

Number 1 – An After School Birching

Alice had long been long overdo a good birching. Coming from a well to do family, her Daddy was a Governor of the school and she thought herself immune to punishment.

But today, Miss March thought differently, she had been a nuisance all day, and had been told to stay behind when the bell was rung.

She thought it would be lines again, but no! Four years of pent up feelings were about to be imprinted on Alice’s bottom.

“Oh no young lady, it is no lines tonight, this time we are going to stripe your bottom well! Hold her still Miss Merryweather! Let me pull her bloomers down, and then we’ll begin! We have two birches for you Alice, and I expect to see them both almost devoid of twigs by the time we have whipped your cheeks!”

“Noooo noooo you can’t! My Daddy is a Governor.”

“Let me correct you on that young lady, he was dismissed from that post this morning!”

“Nooooooooooo awwwww blahhhhh!” The girl began to scream and cry wildly.

And the thrashing has not even started!


Number 2 – The Enima Birching

Look at the glee in the maid’s face.

You see, Gertrude was the ladies maid of the eldest daughter, the young lady, stood on the right, Eleanour. In the middle is the mother, Lady Howton.

Like all maids, Gertrude knew her place, and tried not to complain. The daughter has recently become very pompous, due to some friends who encouraged such behaviour. She found it great fun to ridicule the maid as often as she could, pointing out her low rank in society and life.

Eleanour witnessed this first hand and had asked the maid about it, she got the full story and went straight to tell Mummy. Mummy took matters in hand and thus the scene you witness…

“I cannot believe what you have turned into Margaret! A spiteful, selfish young girl who finds it fun to ridicule our faithful maids! You are getting the birch on your bare bottom, thirty six strokes, administered by Gertrude! Last time you were birched you emptied your bowels after three strokes and made a terrible mess!!…”

“No Mummy, stop! Don’t talk so loud, stop telling her that!”

Gertrude could not help but laugh.

Mummy continued. “To stop the same happening again, Gertrude is going to give you a warm soapy douche up your bottom, then thrash you, mercilessly! I mean that Gertrude, show no mercy at all!”

“Noooooo Mummy…..


No3 Figging

The young woman turns to her Domme. She is is a victorian flagellation brothel for women (yes, the did exist, and I have researched them, see my story ‘The Inveigle’). Her Domme has a bit of what first appears to be carved parsnip.

“What are you going to do with that!?”

“Shove it up your rump hole my dear!”


“The last time you came, I saw that you needed more, so you are being gigged my dear!” She spat on the piece of hand carved ginger root and inserted it into her fine plump rump.

It began to burn, especially when she tightened her anus onto it, so she relaxed….THWACK! ….and on it went, every time she relaxed she got a thwack from the hard hairbrush!

a note on FIGGING

It was first recorded as a punishment for female slaves in Ancient Greece.

In Victorian times it was used in prison on both male and females being birched or caned. As described above, the purpose was to make the person being punished relax their buttocks, and at that moment they would strike! Relaxed buttocks feel much more pain! Fiendishly clever, because on deliverance of a brutal judicial stroke of a half inch diameter five foot long cane, the first reaction is to clench the buttocks. On doing this the intense burning around the anus was by all accounts unbearable, so they relaxed! THWACK! The cycle would continue with regular insertions of fresh ginger, which hurt more.

It seems when a woman was sentenced to three months and twelve (of the cane on the bare buttocks) the man who would deliver the thrashing was put in charge of her. She had to behave, because he decided on the severity.

Damn clever these Victorians!

No 4 Mrs Walter’s Spanking Bench

If ever you go to Bristol in England, get yourself a street map, look for an area called Clifton and search for Oakfield Road, number 53.

A Mrs Walters used to live there, in Victorian times, and ran a house of correction for Wayward Girls. Yes, it’s true, (look it up) people who had wayward daughters would send them to her, maybe for a year, maybe for a week, maybe for a day. For one reason….discipline!

There were newspaper accounts of her, (easy to find). She was known as ‘The Lady of the Birch’

Yes, she made a good living from spanking, birching, and caning naughty girls bottoms.

The girls had a uniform, a long dress open at the back, like an extravagant hospital gown! Imagine that, all firm young women, with long dresses, open at the back, to reveal bloomers, all ready for spankings….the bloomers would have open backs you see. And yes, women. The girls could be sixteen, they could be twenty one, it was a finishing school.

I am writing a story of it, it is in the photo story section.

Here she is, in one of her famous punishment rooms.

Doors permanently hooked back, a small raised Dias with a spanking bench. The day before, at tea time, a notice would be put up outside the room on the information board. The girl, the crime, the punishment time, number of strokes, and implement, could be read.

The girl had all night and next day to worry and be taunted.

Girls were encouraged to watch and jeer as the unfortunate girl was thrashed, wiggling and screaming. Nothing she could do, she was there for that reason, to have some sense birched or caned into her, and her parents were paying handsomely.

Like I have just said, she could be twenty one.

So, if you go, and stand to look….imagine what happened in there, every day, to naked rumps, for decades.


The second artist I am showing is another great favourite of mine, Cheri Herouard, also known by his pseudonym Herric.

1881 – 1961

He illustrated lots of spanking novels, and I will come to them, these he did under the name of Herric.

Very 1930’s film star aren’t they? (Sorry this is blur on the left)

But in his own name he illustrated in colour for a society magazine in Paris, called La Vie Parisienne. Not all were as cheeky as this, in fact, a lot wasn’t, but I am not showing those!

Here he is in his studio. He used the same girl models for both sides of his work, how they must have giggled at times.

Not all these were spanking related, but even working for them it was never far from his mind! I am starting with those…

A little gift for you! All wrapped up in a pretty how, holding a martinet. I wonder what on earth you will do with her. Be a nice one to post for Christmas wouldn’t it, and a bit of editing it would make a lovely suggestive card too.

I bet bet this Governess did not stand for much nonsense!

And like I said, even when the article he illustrated had little to do with spanking, often it was about fashion houses, art, literature, society etc, you could see it was never far from his mind. Just look at her cheeks. I think the lady is some sort of disciplinarian with her sub, in his mind it was probably an erotic art school….or is that my mind…lol



Book covers from girls books often depict schoolgirls who need a spanking! ( in my mind anyway!)

I mean look at these smoking in an out of bounds store room! Surely the whole lot of them should form a line and bend over for a bare bottom spanking! Except the ringleader!

She can bend over before them all for six of the best on the bare!

….and as for this girl!

It looks to me like the word ‘prefect’ will be rubbed out soon. She has been caught stealing from jacket pockets in the cloakroom.  Miss has asked if anyone else knows of any misdemeanours she has done, and all are putting their hands up to tell. I think it will be knickers down before the class for six of the best, then corner time!

Now this young lady has been sent home from school in disgrace, for cheating in exams. Mummy is talking to her…

“You can kneel on that chair and bare your bottom! Stay there whilst your sisters come home, and remain there until Daddy comes home! I have just rung him and he says it is the belt on the bare for you, young lady!”

Oh!! …you naughty girls! Peeking at Miss Antoinette, the French Mistress getting undressed!

The girl taking her turn says…”Let’s take our knickers off and finger ourselves as we take turn to look.”

i cough…”Ahem!! Yes, you can take your knickers off girls! Then get to my office for twelve of the best each, and with the senior cane! Come on! Off with your knickers, pull your slips up and run…come on! I am not bothered who sees you! And after you can stand on the school stage bent over, throughout dinner!”

Oh dear Brenda! It looks like a public thrashing for you my girl, what have you done…tut tut…

Look how the girls are giggling and getting excited at her plight! I think she will soon be over that desk, gym slip up, and knickers down, being spanked with a plimsol. I bet she is one of those haughty girls who thinks she is better than the rest. How nice to see those get their come uppance!

This book cover says to me that he is going to spank her bottom as he rides all the way back to his tent, then…excuse me for this, fuck her brains out!

As for this one, in conjures up this in my naughty mind. A man has never really thought of tying his wife up, until one day she loses control of her dog as it chases round and round her.

He tells her she should be more careful, especially as her bag drops to the floor and money is on view. He pulls her lovely panties down on the spot and spanks her, much to the onlookers delight. That night she sexily asks him to tie her up and spank her again!


I bet the postman had a wry smile when he delivered these, and I admire the senders bravery! Not forgetting the publishers.

I bet he gets an ace! Thwaaaack!! Imagine her jumping over the net holding her bottom!

Not the most subtle postcard phrase is it?

I have a guess this was a private joke, hand delivered to someone called Arthur, probably spanked like this as a boy. Maybe his older brother never letting him forget it!

At least this one has a clever holiday caption and a message.

A good old fashioned saucy English sea-side postcard, I remember seeing this exact one as a child, that is why I purchased this one!

It’s hard to believe this was intended to go through the post, obviously not censored by Mr Horatio Tumblr like nowadays!

Good advice, that is what I did! And look where it got me!! …

Oh look, here are Samantha and Kate’s ancestors. I just knew it was in their genes…..God! Have you seen their bottoms in jeans? I walked behind them the other day, it was like watching two people eating a mouth full of toffee!

Probably the oldest colour one in my collection. Nice isn’t it. Wish I knew what it said, maybe a reference to a real event?

I trust you are going to raise her attire and lower her bloomers Sir! I should open the door too. After knocking of course.

Skegness !! I used to go there for my jollies! Never saw this though….shame!

Not all postcards were for posting of course, but they could be. Many were for collectors.

I have seen this in colour and sepia too. Looks like a nice place for a holiday and a quiet outdoor spanking!

Anyone fancy translating this for me? Be nice to know what it says, I should have listened at school. But too busy thinking of my girlfriend Rowena, the first girl I spanked!

This too please, looks a lovely country scene, what had she done? Let me know please.

Well, so is this! So my dear little postcard, you have ended up in just the right place….”we are having a lovely time. Wish you were here!

This is colourful…

Not sure it is a postcard, but it seems to fit in this section doesn’t it?


That’s a sexy cover! I never had comics like this did you?

and how about Harley ?Quinn? She has always deserved a spanked bottom! Just for looking like she does!

Maghella is always getting in bother! And her bottom does invite a spanking!


Come and have a look in some of my books. Sit down, leave the busy world. Put another log on the fire and share a glass of port with me. Let’s talk about spanking as we look at these naughty bottoms….

Maybe one of my girls, or me, can read to you whilst you…er

…relax ::smile: turning the pages, looking at the bottoms.

Outdoor spanking, mmmmm yummy! Always exciting and a bit risky!

Not sure what he is up to really, it looks like her hand is busy on herself. I posted this for her bottom, and the inviting room. Warm isn’t it…

A little bit of bondage here, look how the Domme is thrusting her pussy to the plump rump of her sub. I love the idea of vintage sub/Domme.

Two dear friends of mine, Miss Iceni and LUCY, are so much like these!

….it inspires me to dress them up in vintage clothes and duplicate it!

What a lovely domestic discipline scene.

Self spanking….oh yessss! I love the idea of a girl who loves to be spanked, desperate for one, and thrashing her own bare bottom. In my mind I am looking through the key hole masturbating hard, hoping that soon she will be rubbing her pussy too.

Corner time, and in this case, naked. I think this is before the punishment. I am guessing she has been told to stand there until a knock on the door. It has just happened, and she is opening it to let the witnesses of her punishment in. Maybe she is a young Mistress and the maids of the house are going to walk in.


This will be a huge section, and I hope, never end, as my search for new items goes on and on…

…welcome to my Flickering Images of Spanking, enjoy!


One of my all time favourites. It reminds me of Mrs Beeton, a lady famous for her cookery books! She also wrote for magazines of the day aimed at the upper classes, and wrote articles about the punishment of maids, especially spanking!

This next one is lovely isn’t it?

Imagine it in a grand old theatre foyer. Mummy has found out that her daughter and niece have decided to take an afternoon off school to go to a matinee. She is stood in wait, and before the laughing and jeering crowd of theatre goers she bares their bottoms for a spanking. Maybe lots of smacks all the way home with the added threat of ‘Just you wait until Daddy finds out!”

Testing canes ready for shipment to various schools. I remember each teacher at my school had their own. She must think of caned bottoms a hundred times a day!

I love the idea of a victorian maid spanking her Mistress. The relationship between maid and Mistress has been widely explored, and without doubt, it must have happened, quite a lotI think. All those quiet moments together.

Just think, one minute she is combing her Mistresses hair, and then a few minutes later, she is punishing her.

Vintage Domme – No 1…

Here is Lily Elsie  ready for her next client…could it be you maybe?

From the 19Imagine the shock on the Police Seargeant’s face when he recognises his daughter in the protest! “Take her out of the way and give her a damn good spanking, then take her home to her Mummy and let her know the cane is coming out when I get there!”

I saw a girl get spanked in my local park when I was young!

It was very much like this. I hoped her Mummy would pull her knickers down, but she didn’t!

Imagine the scene as people pass, some stopping to look and gloat. Other children making fun of her as the crisp smacks land on her bottom and Mummy scolds the naughty girl, bottom up for all to see!

the local Bobby often took a naughty girl home who had been caught doing something she shouldn’t, with a threat of prosecution. The alternative was a spanking, either to be meted out by the parents as he watched until satisfied the crime had been paid for; or by himself for the less able.

Our Bobby (policeman) was known as Bobby Harrison, he knew everybody, and everyone knew him. Very often if caught scrumping he would clip you around the ear and that would be it. But if you saw him leading a girl by the scruff of the i neck, we would shout…”you will be getting the black glove!”

He always spanked with his glove on!

Vintage Bondage No 1

Rather wonderful isn’t it?

Could this be a real caning someone has captured?

It looks like some naughty girl is getting it on the school entrance steps to me. I am not putting it any bigger, it distorts.

Obviously this next one is Lima a photo like I might take. But this one does make me think. Spanking was accepted in these times, and maybe office discipline in some places took place. Especially between a boss and a secretary, having an affair, and after many sexy conversations she confesses her need of a spanking.

Lovely scenarios and a great vintage feel anyway.

I love this one, just for the strictness in their faces! Remember the 1970’s t.v. Interview about the feather duster? Something like….’the cane was banned, so we use a feather duster now, well of course, if you turn it around it is a cane!

I am not sure of their names, but I think they had a brother called Murphy.

Sisters of Murphy….chuckle.

….on to the next after that attempt at a joke!

The abolishment of the cane, was supported by many and made lots of girls organise a protest. I agree that the idea of measuring the length of a skirt is a bit harsh, but rules are rules girls. Some girls went too far and risked being very naughty, but we’re soon sorted!

Look at these naughty girls….some forgot that it did not come into force immediately and ended up like this girl.

Vintage Bondage – No2

I could just pull those down and spank her, couldn’t you?

The idea of a public spanking always appeals to me, does it to you? How sexy, to be a witness with a good view.

Before the class is bad enough for the spankee, but before the world’s press, that is amazing!

Lots more of them later, let’s go back to the home, maybe a daughter or a girl in service.

Or even a naughty wife! This chap has a wife with a lovely fine rump to keep in line, doesn’t he?

It doesn’t really matter who they are does it? All we want to see is a naughty shapely bottom get a good spanking with lots of protests and wriggling. It is just so lovely to see a haughty, stroppy young woman get her come uppance!

Lets go back in time again, a sensual situation.

Imagine this girl, back in the late 1800’s reading her spanking novels, probably illustrated by the fabulous Malteste, Herric, Wighead or similar. Laid on her tummy, her husband, playing her Master, says. “Put the cane by you, keep bobbing up and down like you do on your pussy, when you get to your favourite part and you go faster and faster, say ‘now’ and I will cane your bottom!”

She thrusts her growing hard and fast, pushes the book to one side and says “Now!”

She takes it well, he puts cane back and begins to masturbate as he watches her, and listens to her moans…

And on their deliciously naughty life goes on. How happy for like minded spanking orientated people to meet.

The next night, another book, another favourite scene…

Vintage Bondage – No 3

What wonderful apparatus. I love having a woman restrained, either for me to spank or watch another woman do it to her.

Shall we have another public spanking? Well, caning.

I have been asked to keep the location and names secret by the descendants. But this is a real ‘finishing school’ public caning.

You can sense the tension as the first stroke approaches can’t you.

A real naughty girl.

A real punishment! Perfect.

Let’s go to a dormitory. We spanking devotees love a dormitory spanking. One of these girls is soon to be over the edge of the bed, bottom bare, getting spanked as all the others watch. Friends will sympathise, rivals will laugh.

She looks a strict merciless Matron, and I think she is looking at the girl second up on the left.

Come on, follow me! We are off to the theatre. Jump into the carriage!

This exotic dancer has let the troop down, and the lady in charge will not stand for it…

“Do that again young lady and this will take place on stage, before the audience!”

Sounds like a scene form my Victorian Theatre story, ‘The Inveigle’ doesn’t it!

I often come back here, she is a strict Theatre owner, and does it often. She did the same with another girl last week….

Vintage Dommes – no 2

Isn’t she fabulous? Just right to make my girls crawl to when they have been naughty!


As you must know by now, I love maids, especially naughty ones!

This one overslept, again! I am guessing she awoke wth quite a shock when The Housekeeper pulled back the covers and thrashed her bottom!

Mind you, it was a fabulous job for a girl who liked to be spanked, like my dear Lucy. Here she is at night time, remembering it, getting ready to masturbate.

I am sure you have heard of Mrs Walters from Bristol who kept a house if correction for wayward girls. An expert with the birch. I am writing a story of her…out soon.

I am pretty sure this is her…

So too is this, not the best quality though…sorry.

Bloody hell! Look at this woman!

Strewth, I don’t think there would be much point in asking her not to spank you too hard!

Flagellation Brothels, for women seeking women,  were very common in the late 1800’s, see my research in ‘The Inveigle’. I am sure this is a French picture of one. Photographers went to take photos I read once.

Corner Time, what is there not to like about corner time? It does not have to be a corner of course, anywhere will do. It is just a place to put someone after their punishment.

Like this young lady sent home from school with a letter of her disgrace. She was spanked at the gate, and has now been made to stand their as the other young ladies from the finishing school walk by on their way home.

Let’s walk by together you and I, and give her a couple of smacks each, just to amuse the other girls. If she makes a fuss, her Mummy will come back out and give her some more!

Vintage Bondage – No 4

From the Ostra Biederer Studios. Always very inventive and original.

Lets all pay homage to the ‘Saint Helena Finishing School for Wayward Girls’ and it’s fine uniform. Their days out were famous, always a spanking or two, or three…or…or…more!

It doesn’t really have to be a spanking, just the pose with a naughty girl element is enough! Look at this 60’s ‘mod girl’ in her hippy hat!

Surely it portrays a naughty girl caught smoking and who is made to smoke a cigarette all the way from tip to the stub as she is spanked.

Or is it just my dirty spanking mind!

…lol probably! Fits the scene though.

But nothing beats a spanking does it? Even in the movies like this still…

Here is the youth club I used to go to! I loved playing with the table tennis bats!

The King of spanking, good old Elvis! He seems to be enjoying himself, perhaps she spilt something on his blue suade shoes!

Here is my Great Great Grandad, a photo from the family album. Having a lovely time isn’t he? It is nice to know where my spanking genes came from.

I think this one is probably a birthday spanking, everyone seems happy about it. Except the spankee, I suspect someone is doing it a bit hard.

The spankee does not want to make a fuss, and the old lady knows it!

Now this one is such fun isn’t it?

Two cheeky girls thinking they are safe, giggling away, spanking each other.

Then I come around the corner! “I have been listening to you two! The fun is over, anybody could have found you!! Bare those bottoms….now!!”

Vintage Domme – No 3      Yva Richard

along with Diana Slip she was one of the main purveyors of bondage wear in  late 1800’s Paris.

Many of the Ostra, Biederer photos used their products. They were attributed the honour of being the introducer ofthe ‘Achilles Boot’

Think ‘killer heels’…

Here is a shop window with them on display.

Here is Olga modelling them for you…

Talking of Olga, she is Vintage Domme No 4

She was one of the main Ostra Studio models.

Back to another lovely spanking scene…

I think the idea of a Domme sub relation ship quite beautiful “Please Mistress, punish my naughty bottom, give me many stripes.”

“Of course my dear, beg me again, and again, and I will.”

Just think, people are passing by,  just the thickness of a pane of glass away. It makes you think what has happened behind all those windows you have walked or driven by in life doesn’t it?

These two pictures are very sexy. Spanking does not have to be taking place. Just a girl suggesting it is enough isn’t it? Knowing it is vintage, makes it seem just that bit naughtier.

Look at these! I have caned two girls like that, one on top after the other. They said that the shock waves from the other were thrilling!

Imagine Doing it to these, I think they are stunningly jaw dropping!

Pass me my crop……quick!

I love the way the lady spanking is sat on a table, to get a better swing! I love the kicking leg too, always a good sign that you are ‘hitting the mark’.

Ohhhh what a delightful old photo this is. It just shows that spanking has been in the minds of people like us forever! I wonder who took this, and what was said just before? What led up to it! What was said afterwards?

we’ll never know, just another spanking frozen in time…

Now this naughty schoolgirl is being very naughty! I suspect showing her underwear to her boyfriend for this photo.

I bet her knickers didn’t stop up long after this shot, and I do not mean for a spanking!

…although she should get one! “Excuse me, young lady, what do naughty girls get?”

“Spankings Sir.”

“Are you being naughty? I think you are young lady.”

“Awwww….yes Sir.”


“I will take my knickers down and bend over Sir.”

“This is very nice Miss, and may I say that you look determined and have a great spanking face. However, may I suggest that you lift her dress, and lower her drawers. A little humiliation helps the spanking to stay in her mind longer.”

“Oh thank you good Sir, I will.”

I think. that is why the spankee is looking at us like that, to say thank you for our contribution!

“Oi!!! You!!! Get back here! It is no good trying to creep of this page, get those French knickers down, crawl to me and ask for a spanking!”

Crikey! The masked spanking marauders strike again, with a birch and a martinet. I must say, you have picked  a lovely bottom to leave your mark on. Is it a letter ‘Z’ like Zorro used to leave?

“No, it is lots and lots of crossing over lines.”

Hmmmm….good choice! Carry on girls!

At first sight I thought she was using a carpet beater! But it is just a picture on the wall, she is using a birch.

i have made a few birch floggers, and enjoy using them. I suggest fast and furious to get the cheeks ablaze.

I have a bench just like this!

This is realistic isn’t it. The person who sent it said it was, but the shadows look like studio lighting so am not so sure.

But their room could have lots of table lights, and the flash could be reflecting. So let’s keep to that version…

A real spanking!

Vintage Bondage – No 6

A well known piece of apparatus…

A thought tfor you…

We all have these urges to do things, and our brain tells us what good ideas they are at the time. I bet she thought the same….chuckle.

I think she now realises it was not such a good idea to play out in reality!

i think this is the oldest photo I have come across. I bet the gardener thought that outdoor lessons were a really good idea! I bet he is behind the bushes masturbating like crazy!

Mummy has gone away to relatives for a few days and has told her oldest daughter to keep an eye on her younger sisters.

i think she is doing a great job and seems to be enjoying her role.

These knickers are so bottom hugging, they almost don’t need pulling down.


This is a little game they play at ‘The Inveigle’, always in open back bloomers. You see, the winner spanks the loser, bent over the table.

it appears it is a very popular game and you have to wait ages for a table.

i wonder if it is a spectator sport? Shall we go and see?

Surely this is the girl from up there, who was sat on the table!

What a lovely bottom to spank, don’t you think so?

“Why can’t you four just go to the park like other girls and play nicely! Right, all of you, bend over and bare those bottoms! I think evey girl in the park will come over to see what the noise is. And it will just serve you right! Afterwards you can all bend over the other way round as they make fun of your red sore bottoms!”

Two lovely bottoms all ready for a good spanking. Fancy helping her?

I have lots of implements, take your pick.

I love the diaper position, pulling the knickers down after putting them there is the trick, like this good fellow. So much more rewarding to do the reveal with a blushing bottom and pushed up pussy.

Here is a row of naughty girls just about to bare there bottoms in a row, ready for a spanking on the school stage, before the school, for messing about during a school play!

I like to keep my vintage girls nice and trim, so it is time for some exercise! I encourage them to keep going at a pace with some very important gym equipment…

My Size 13 Plimsol!

This simply is not good enough girls!

Samantha, Paris, pull your legs up to the diaper position!

Lucy, Kate, bring your legs down!

I am pulling all your navy blue knickers down and giving each cheek, not bottom!! Six with my trusty plimsol!!

Afterwards I send them for a shower.

Then, next day….

Good grief!! I thought yesterday was a shambles, right!!! All of you, naked …now! Hands on the floor, knees on the stools. It’s the cane for you all!

The keep fit for spanking campaign grew, they all loved being together and exercising. Although occasionally I found some hanging around and had to spank them!

I introduced cycling for them too, which was quite eventful and unusual, to say the least.

The seats needed a lot of polishing, they always came back to the bike shed a little sticky. I never did figure out why.

After all the exercise, I decided some relaxation would be good, so I took them to an opium den!

Anyway…back to spanking!

Two girls have been caught scrumping! Time to make four rosey red apples, using their bare bottom cheeks!

Having been a teenager in the sixties, mini skirts, frilly knickers and beehive hair-do’s were a familiar sight. I still get a buzz from that era, I had a scooter and was a mod. Look at this group of beehive bunnies getting into a spanking scene.

I imagine them working together as typists, their conversation somehow got around to spanking. They decided to meet somewhere privat to talk more and one thing led to another!

I came across this picture of a t.v. game show the other day, have a study of it….it has an automated spanking paddle, where I presume the loser of a competition of some sort has to bravely position herself! Maybe the winner sets it off. Look at the arrow on the game show counter, is that signifying the number of smacks?

As a young man attending the local technical college, I had been to the pub for lunch and a game of poker with some mates. On the way back, down a rough area of town, through some old ‘back of the houses passage ways’ and behind a factory, I came across of bunch of women screaming and shouting. Two factory workers from the Trebor Sweet Factory were having a real good fight!

I stopped to watch, because it was near the end, one girl was straddled the crying vanquished. The older women baying for more shouted ‘Rip her knickers off!’ And she did!

I saw everything.

The same old women shouted to me, “I bet yer enjoyed that duck, didn’t ya!”

I agreed, enthusiastically! Then added, “I should give her bottom a few smacks!” 

She did….honestly, she did. Such cheers went up and they were so hard! The poor girl must have been really pleased that I came. I wonder if she got her knickers back? The winner threw them to the old women you see.


Lets watch a girl fight…

Oh I say! One has a clothes brush, and the other a riding crop. I wonder what they are fighting about?

It looks like they are in a student bedsit, so maybe rent, one doing more than their fair share of cooking, or cleaning? Maybe a boy! Who knows…who cares? Let’s watch some more!

It seems evenly matched doesn’t it? Who will win? Let’s see..

Looks like the long haired girl. 

I have two more from the sixties here, this really does remind me of the one I witnessed, but they had more clothes on…shame!


I live in Derbyshire and we are prone to snow, the highest village in ENGLAND is not ever so far from me! It is snowing as I write this.

I suppose I ought to tell Kate to come in soon. But she was soooo naughty! Another ten minutes then I will fetch her in and spank her cold bottom, that will warm her up!


There will be much more to come here, so keep popping back…


The Girl on the Stool

Last night in your girlfriend’s bedroom you had a sexy conversation about spanking, she confessed that she wants to be spanked often and masturbates about it all the time.

Of course, you were delighted and said that you did too. You gave her a little spanking, but her Mum and Dad were downstairs, so nothing heavy.

However, she said she would try to get spanked in class tomorrow!

The next day dawns and true enough she is naughty all day! At 3.30 p.m. She was called out to the front by Miss Kenworthy, and made to bend over before the class.

To her surprise and your delight, it was on the bare!

Sat at your desk, your cock almost lifted the wooden legs off the floor!

it was a good spanking, her bottom was red by the end of it.

She was made to stand before the projection screen, you could hardly take your eyes off of her bottom.

You could resist no longer, and taking a huge risk you began to masturbate under the desk, hand in pocket, which had a hole, flicking wet slippery tip back and forth with your finger tips, a handkerchief wrapped around its glistening purple head.

Before you, just feet away was the humiliation stool.

For the last ten minutes she was made to sit on it. Other girls giggled, but the boys were in awe.

She looked at you and winked. She knew what you were doing, and sniggered.

“Turn around! Face your naughty bottom to the class, and be quiet! Unless you want a couple with the cane!” Shouted Miss Kenworthy.

She turned. You rubbed harder and faster, feeling the sperm begin to rise.

And you shot your load into the handkerchief.

Nobody knew.

Just us…..

…naughty you!

A Managerie of Naughty Girls – a series of short stories.

Some naughty girls need their own accounts of their time at my school.

Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.

Please, come and meet some…a selection of naughty school girl stories.

Here is the first…

One of the girls who got punished the most was Lucy, she wasn’t the naughtiest, she would never steal, bully, do damage or be peevish. But she was an annoying little brat! Cheeky, quick with a sarcastic comment, challenging, defiant and always thought she was right!

One day Miss Kenworthy got so annoyed with her constant answering back and cheek that she lost her temper and made all the class stand at the back of the room, whilst she thrashed Lucy’s bare bottom with a plimsol!

She made her get over a stool and told all the class she was going to make an example of her. She whacked and whacked her bottom full force with the thick rubber soled plimsol for a good five minutes. The whacks echoed around the room.

Lucy tried her hardest not to make a fuss, but by the end she was crying, squealing and begging for mercy!

Miss Kenworthy bent over and told her that next time it would be the tawse!

All the girls had a crush on Miss Kenworthy after that.

Lucy could not sit down for the rest of the day, and how the girls giggled and tormented her.

But it made little or no difference to the troublesome little minx. In fact, it became a challenge, almost a battle of wits between a formidable, beautiful disciplinarian and a brat.

As we spanking aficionados know, there could be only one winner.

Just one week to the day, in the same lesson on the weekly timeable, the brat and Miss Kenworthy faced each other again. Like some kind of duel on a dusty street in some old Wild West town, they eyed each other as they walked into class. Miss Kenworthy full of menace and serious. Lucy full of brash bravado, showing off to her friends. Which she continued to do for another fifteen minutes, constantly being told to behave.

As the class went on, the room became full of atmosphere. Then at 2 o’clock Miss Kenworthy walked to her tan leather briefcase and withdrew a Tawse.

“I am warning you Lucy. Do not test me any further.”

The radiators gently hummed as the hot water ran through the cast iron pipes. The old oak clock ticked away. Rain and hail pelted the high windows.

Lucy sat arms folded, doing nothing.

When asked why, she became rude and arrogant. She overstepped the mark, deliberately. “I am fed up, I’m not absolutely sure you know this subject well enough to teach it.”

She expected Miss Kenworthy to explode, but instead a calmness fell upon her. “Everyone back to the walls like last week please. You young lady have been impertinent and very offensive to my professional reputation. I do know the subject. This will not develop into a discussion Lucy. I am going to give you twelve with the tawse. Out here now! Bare your bottom, and bend over the stool.”

Out came Lucy, she smiled to the class. They could not decide wether to admire her, or think her stupid. But every one of the twenty two girls stood watching, was glad she was ‘getting it’ again.

Some through contempt, some through desire, some simply because they wanted to see a bottom get the tawse.

As she bent over, every girl stared at her beautiful bare bottom. They all agreed on this. It was indeed, soft and beautifully shaped.

Then the thrashing began. The leather cracked like a pistol, as Lucy’s cheeks wobbled. She held her position as Miss Kenworthy let her have it without any mercy.

Miss Kenworthy looked to the pale faced onlookers, the severity of the thrashing had made some feel queasy. They all lowered their eyes as she looked at them.

She circled Lucy about five times, listening to her wimper and looking at the red swellings rise.

“Class dismissed. Up you get Lucy. Off you go.”

Miss Kenworthy was being very clever, using few words and keeping things simple. Lucy began to feel a little unsettled. All the other teachers would have ranted and raved by now, but this woman, this beautiful dominant woman full of authority was the opposite, calm and collected. Like a snake.

Another week passed, and another, and another, each week getting slowly more and more extreme. Miss Kenworthy grew to admire the girls resilience, and in return, Lucy almost fell in love with this Godess of Discipline.

There was only one route for this to take. THE CANE!!!

First of all the traditional ‘crook’ handled school cane.

It started with twelve of the best.

Then eighteen.

Then twenty four.

Yet still the battle went on, and end of term, the time for Lucy to leave, was approaching.

This girl needed bringing to her knees, and beyond, so Miss Kenworthy hung up the traditional rattan, and purchased a dragon cane. A girl only had to look at the swaying flexible weapon of bottom destruction to feel pain. It was a terrifying disciplinary tool.

But finally it got the result, it bought her to her knees, squealing at the top of her voice, saying sorry! At last.

Did it end there? No!

Miss Kenworthy decided on some private humiliation for Lucy.

enter…. The Head girl

This is the next story, (or part two of this)

The Head Girl of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls was a well presented young lady, very polite and correctly spoken.

She was loved by the staff, and mistrusted by the girls. She was a teacher’s pet, who told tales and delighted in seeing a naughty girl get punished before he, especially if she had reported her. Which was very often the case.

Soon after Lucy had ‘bent the knee’ the Head Girl reported her to Miss Kenworthy for taking items from the stationery cupboard.

Over the years a rumour had grown and grown amongst the schoolgirls. It was that sometimes, just to see them spanked, she would make a story up about them.

Lucy accused her of lying when confronted by Miss Kenworthy.

However Miss Kenworthy would hear nothing of it. “I trust our Head Girl implicitly, how dare you accuse her of lying! She is above reproach. For that, I am going to punish you before her!”

The Head Girl began to cry…”I am only doing my best to keep naughty horrid girls like Lucy in line Miss….sniff, and she says I am lying, it is so unfair, I’m a good girl, I don’t lie….sob, sniff.”

“I know you are a good girl, now you apologise to your superior Lucy!”

“Apologise to that lying, two faced toe rag! No way! She should be bending over for me!”

“Lucy!! Shut up! Ohhh you have done it now you disgraceful girl!”

“We will begin with a bare bottom spanking, get over my knee young lady!”

The Head Girl dried her tears, and sat at the desk.

Miss Kenworthy turned to the Head Girl, “Would you pass me the hairbrush, it is just behind you on the desk.”

“Of course Miss, anything to help.” Replied a delighted Head Girl.

She then witnessed the spectacle of Miss Kenworthy in full merciless flow with a heavy hairbrush on tender young flesh.

“Oh bravo Miss Kenworthy! That is just what a naughty girl needs! You are magnificent!”

This encouraged Miss Kenworthy to give ten more! Lucy could not resist any longer and through the pain screamed “You lying bitch, I fucking hate you! This should be you!”

The room went quiet, apart from heavy breathing and sobbing. “Right!” Said Miss Kenworthy menacingly.

Lucy went as quiet as a mouse, but knew it was too late.

“You foul mouthed girl!”

More to come soon….be patient

One girl I have spanked many times is Kate. It got so bad that instead of spanking her on the spot for a misdemeanor I started making her wait, for days. To come to my office. I came to the conclusion that she needed firm discipline with a degree of humiliation. So I positioned a mirror, on a chair, to the side of my office door.

The idea being that the girl can see herself being punished and see how ridiculous she looks crying and wailing with her bottom wiggling and legs kicking. Then I would make her do corner time before it, and stay ther, no matter who, or how many people came to my office. Anyone from the postman, to visitors, to my secretary, and other girls.

She always walked in without a care, and the day after would always say a cheery “Hello Mr Jones” on the corridors.

I came to the conclusion that she was a natural submissive who enjoyed being punished! See what you think, here are some photos…

I always tried to vary both apparatus and implement.

So too the corner time, which also included leaving her with her red bottom high in the air. I always remember the milkman dropping a pint of milk as he entered once!

No matter how hard, how embarrassing for her, or other people, she was back every week, sometimes twice!

Can you see what I mean? She came too often, just too often, compared to other girls.


Here is a little vintage set of real schoolgirls, from various on line archives, to give you a feel of what is was like back in the day…



One of the most endearing, yet cheekiest of all the girls I have had to punish, and in her case on several occassions, was this girl. Cherry Blush. Blush by name, and looking at her bottom after a spanking, often it was Blush by nature!

She was always smiling, apart from when being caned! Always cheeky. Even in corner time I caught her winking at her classmates with her bare bottom on show once!

Such was the nature of the girl….delightful, yet naughty. Even the afternoon after a morning six of the best, just like Kate she would greet me in the corridor with a cheery “Hello Mister Jones!” Maybe it is a sign of the girls who rather like a good spanking!

Oh she appeared in my punishment book many times!

Along with the Goverment Code of Practice for punishing naughty girls bottoms, I always did it fairly and with respect. Apart from the odd occassion when a girl had been caught stealing or some other serious nonsense. Then I would thrash the bare buttocks mercilessly.

I remember one of her first crimes, and I knew then, that she would be back many times. She was charging the boys fifty pence to look at her bottom, £1 to feel it, and £2 for masturbating as they did so!

Mind you! Who could blame the boys!

Yes, she ended up on the corridor naughty stool for the whole afternoon for that!

Before that I spanked her soundly before the class.

I made her stand before the board, so that day she spent a lot of time contemplating the rewards of being naughty!

Did it make much difference? Nooooo….she ended up in corner time on many occassions!

To be honest, I think she damn well enjoyed the bloody experience! I think she was quite an exhibitionist!

She usually took her punishment well, but on the odd occassion I had to do it hard. Following the guidelines you see! It is no good caning just the same for every crime. Like when she bared her bottom on the M1 on a school trip. I made her pay dearly for that, with added humiliation!

Oh my word, I saw that worried little face very often!

Even taking her own knickers down was different, almost a striptease show! What a naughty girl!

Her worst crime was being caught playing with herself before the class when the School Governors were on a visit!

Before the class, and the Board of Governors I thrashed her hard in a very well presented position, oh she squealed and cried, but I did not relent! Standards must be maintained you see.

She has left now, and is a model. I still bump into her, and she always greets me with a cheery smile and a wink!

She is a lovely girl. Did I do her any good? I think so, but one thing is for sure….it was fun trying!

Mr Jones

The Desk (a few short stories based around a school desk)


Oh dear….sometimes I wonder if any of the girls at this school have any commen sense at all!

These two have decided it is a wizard jape to draw penis diagrams in our Geography text books. It was so easy to catch them. I gave them two books with no drawings in, witnessed by my good friend and colleague Miss Kenworthy. On return of the books at the end of class I looked, and they they were.

I have sent them to the punishment room to write a three side essay on why they should not deface school property.

I can hear them laughing and giggling as I approach. I was going to smack their naughty bottoms on receipt of their work, now it will be six sides of A4, and four strokes of the cane!

I enter the room….”Quiet!”

“Stand up!”

“Stand up straight, look to the front, hands by your sides! No talking. Now….remove your knickers! I am going to cane you both, and it is now a six page essay, handed in tomorrow morning after assembly!”

“Yes Sir…Yes Sir”

“Bend over!”

I swish my cane…..swiiiish…..swishhh

“Right girls, no nonsense now, let’s get it over with!”


“owwww oooooh owww-wwww ohhhhhhh ooh!!!!!”


“owwwwww, ohhhh my, ohhhhhhhh, Oooooh!!!!!”

The punishment was swift and effective, both girls blushing, red faced and red bottomed.

“Sit down!”

“Books out!”

“Write out fifty times….’Naughty girls get red striped bottoms’…in your best handwriting!”

Both girls were sniffing and wriggling, it was obviously stinging a great deal.

“Now both of you, sit in the humiliation row. The rest of your class will be here shortly to hear you read your lines out loud.”

The rest of the class come in giggling. I make no attempt to stop them.

“Right, first you Samantha, then Kate, stand up, no rubbing your bottoms! Read your work, loud and clear!”

The room explodes into laughter as they do so.

……two more naughty girls dealt with!


…you would have thought an intelligent girl like Samantha would keep her head down after that wouldn’t you?

But oh no! Not naughty Samantha, two days later she was in my class and I caught her reading a naughty book!

“Samantha! What have you got there?”

A book fell to the floor. “Nothing Mr Jones!”

I gasped…”Do you think me stupid, we all just heard it fall, do you want me to make you read some to the class?”

“No…no….er…no Sir!!”

“I thought not! Get out here, now, young lady!”

The rest of the girls snigger and whisper.

She stood slowly, and silently walked to the front of the class.

It was time to use embarrassment. I made her squirm.

“Please turn to face the class Samantha.

I told her to lift her slip and lower her knickers. The class giggled but I did nothing to stop them.

“Bend over you naughty girl and please be good enough to tell the truth. You were reading a naughty book were you not?”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“Legs apart!”

I then gave her a crisp dozen smacks. She squealed loudly. “Turn around!”

I gave her another dozen, much harder, with a plimsol. The class was quiet. I was setting an example.

“Now stay there until the end of class young lady. Let your peers see hat a naughty bottom looks like!”

You are sat at the front desk, she glances at you. But you have no chance to convey any sort of message, sympathetic or otherwise.

“Eyes to the front girl, and legs apart please!”

And ther she stayed, her privacy exposed and her sore bottom screaming out to be rubbed, until the bell rang. Crying.

Another lesson given!


Sarah and Charlotte…

“Just how many times do I need to tell you two to be quiet! This is a test, you are supposed to be working on your own. Stop laughing, I told you two to stop laughing!”

“I said stop giggling, this is important! Stand up, the pair of you, perhaps a sore bottom apiece might teach you two to behave! Stand up I said, and lift your gym slips!”

They continued to giggle! “Excuse me young ladies! You still find it funny do you? Lower your knickers!”

Charlotte let out a snort, which made Sarah laugh aloud. “Oh I see, so you do think this is funny? And you expect me to stand here and be ridiculed do you? Well know this girls, you will not get the better of me! Bend over!!”

The pair did bend over, to push their delightful bottoms out and wiggle them to the class, which erupted in laughter. They thought, and indeed, so did I up until this point, that it was going to be nothing more than a spanking.

But I was not going to stand for it!

I picked up a tawse and a cane. “Out to the front, the pair of you, let the class see if you find THIS amusing. Charlotte bend over, present your bottom. Sarah, you stand there!”

I gave Charlotte a few with the tawse as Sarah looked on, horrified and afraid.

Then I caned her!

Sarah’s face was the epitome of a naughty girl seeing her fate unfold, my cane hit hard and true on Charlotte’s bottom.

“Right, swop places!”

It was Charlotte’s turn to watch.

I gave Sarah a caning too, and sent them to stand at the front of the class, bare striped bottoms on show, as I lectured the class.

I gave all 33 girls a very stern lecture. The thrashing had upset some, who were sniffing.

I then made the two naughty girls put their noses to the projection screen for the last half hour of the lesson. Both were crying.

I can assure you, they found it funny no more!

Two more naughty girls dealt with.

….more to be added soon


Mrs.Walters Finishing School

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, PLEASE CALL BACK OFTEN TO SEE IT DEVELOP, it will change lots as I go along, and revisit pages, a lot of what you read will have dropped straight from the inside of my head to the page, so it won’t be polished, so to speak…

This story is based on the true recorded events of a finishing school in Bristol, England in the late 1800’s.

I have researched the accounts of ‘the Lady With the Birch’ as well as I can. I have narrowed its location down to Oakfield Road, in Clifton, near Bristol. A rather well to do and respected residential district. I have scoured as many Victorian photographs of dwellings in   that typical middle class suburban district as I can find, here is one of Rokeby House.

Lovely isn’t it?

But I do not think that is the house we are looking for. I think this one, is the one I want it to be for our story…

Can you see the little brick arch in the centre at the top? Perfect for a school bell isn’t it? Along with the central gate, it looks more like a finishing school than any other I have found.

(The actual address given for the school was 53 Oakfield Road and an apartment there was recently up for sale, at the end of the story I will show you a photo of it as it is now.)

I say school.

It was not a school as you know them today. It was for girls and young women, many of them over twenty. It taught music and art, as well as all the usual subjects. But it also taught deportment and manners. In other words it taught the Victorian young lady how to behave. In particular a certain type of young lady.

Naughty girls and young women to be accurate.

Or brats, as we would call them today, the type of girl who considers many people who try to help her become an adult, stupid. She answers back, she says ‘you are wrong… ACTUALLY.” With emphasis on the words she feels make her sound important and clever. Usually spoilt, and spared the rod. Girls who become hysterical easily, stamping their feet, making a fuss over nothing. With weak parents or Uncles etc, who do nothing but let it proceed unabashed.

The house where the school was is up for sale, and I am driving down today, stopping overnight, and looking around the place tomorrow. Would you like to come? We can talk about spanking and bottoms all day long!

We have a lovely journey and lodge at ‘The Great Western Hotel’, a beautiful, elegant old railway establishment. I love steam trains, that is why I decided to stay  there, Mrs Walters must have passed by on a tram or trolley bus many times.

We sat up late drinking and talking of corner time, implements, bottoms, bloomers, school knickers, and our spanking exploits etc. Did you come to my room? Maybe…but we will keep that secret.

Excitedly we eat breakfast, a full English. We remark how fried tomatoes look like a well paddled bottom with their dark, almost burnt rings on their skin. We check out of the hotel, and jump in my old car, go to pick the keys up from the Estate Agent as I have arranged, and drive to the area with a lady from their office. Both of us a little worried that it will look very modern and not at all how we hope, but what a lovely surprise greets us, it is almost like going back in time

I take charge of the exploration, I am a little like that I’m afraid, but you seem happy to let me be the leader of the expedition. Funny that, most people do.

We are alone, the house is completely empty, the young woman who has accompanied us is happy to stay in the car, looking at her phone messages and the like, no doubt. She has told us to take our time, and just ask if we need anything. Other than coming to check everything is locked when we depart, she is happy to leave us to it for as long as we like.

She has complied to my earlier request to be left alone, happily. I am pleased, she would not have understood the need for silent contemplation.

Let’s walk through that gate, up the short, pretty garden path, to the front door. To the left is what was probably the parlour of Mrs Walters, the proprietor. To the right of the tiled entrance hallway, next to the wall mounted mahogany coat and umbrella stand, is the door to what must have been her study. Let’s peep in, quietly. Just think, her coat has probably hung on the chapel style hat pegs times aplenty.

I ask you to let your imagination work. “Let’s drift back in time. There might be ghosts here, maybe we will hear distant cries of young women being birched…who knows?”

You take a step closer to me, your eyes wide, looking around into the shadows.

“Shhhhhh, don’t make a sound, can you see her?” There, in the bay window is sat the lady in question. A tall woman, sat straight, dipping her pen in the inkwell, let’s look to see what she is writing.

We look over her right shoulder, her pen is busily scratching away. It is such an evocative place that we can almost see an aspidistra, and lots of pale pink bilberry glassware, the smell of beeswax and coal smoke fill the air. A grandfather clock ticks heavily, as if counting the beat to a birching.

She is penning two advertisements, it seems three girls have successfully left and she has spaces.

What you are about to read are two real adverts out of the many she put in the local newspapers. I will verify everything you read at the end of this story, by showing you copies of actual newspapers.

On the 5th October 1889 this advert appeared in The Daily Telegraph.

‘Bad Temper, Hysteria, Idleness etc. Cured by strict discipline and careful training. Three girls received’

…it seems a strange way of saying it, but I assume it means she will receive three more girls. I believe it was a little like a Victorian version of Twitter, an advert was only allowed so many characters.

She gave an address to reply to, that of Mrs.Clapp. Of St Johns Wood, Bristol. This was a company who made birches. I have no idea why the applications did not go straight to number 53. I summise that they were close friends and associates.

A few days later this advert appeared in The Times.

‘Intractible girls trained and educated. Excellent References.’ It also advertised her papers for sale at a shilling each. They covered various subjects such as; Hints on Management of Children,  and The Rod.

Her own address given this time.

Now let our minds continue as before… A girl, Lucy is almost dragged to the door. Her parents have had enough, they have answered the advert and have been interviewed. They deem themselves lucky to have their twenty year old daughter accepted. Lucy thinks otherwise of course.


The girl is unceremoniously taken by the hand and led inside, with her solitary bag. “It doesn’t do to make a fuss Mrs Hastings, it only unsettles the girls. You can visit next Sunday, you will see how she has settled in then, and be able to take tea with her…goodbye.”

The dark oak, stained glass door shuts firmly, the shiny brass knocker rattles three times before it settles. Mrs Hastings looks at the door and up to the upstairs windows, where three girls look down and smile politely. Sniffing back her tears, she walks away.

“Rosealee! Come and take Lucy’s bag up to your room. There’s a good girl.” Says the crisply spoken Mrs Walters, who turns to look at the bewildered Lucy. “Follow me!”

Lucy walks nervously behind the lean frame of Mrs Walters, into the parlour, and sits down.

“Don’t you dare sit down before me girl! Have you no manners at all? Stand up! Stand up this instance you silly girl!”

Lucy stares defiantly, without moving.

A sinister smile spreads across the face of Mrs Walters, as she reaches over for a bell, and rings it.


A young woman walks in, trim of figure, and a handsome disposition. Lucy was to find out that this was Tamara, the daughter of Mrs Walters, who taught Music and Art. “Tamara dear, would you fetch Lucy’s welcoming present please?”

Tamara curtseyed, turned and left.

Lucy smiled, the same willful smile she gave mother, when she won another round of ‘the contest’. “A present? This is going to be easy!” Thought the girl.

Tamara returned with two boxes, a small delicate one, and a large plain cardboard one. The former was wrapped in pretty paper, the latter was just the well made box, with the name CLAPPER stamped on the side.

“There you are dear, a welcoming present, something to keep you nice and warm.” Said Mrs Walters as she took the big box and put it on Lucy’s lap. “But open this first.” She said passing the inviting small box.

Lucy sat looking positively pleased, and grinned at Mrs Walters, tearing open the pretty paper, not bothering to read the label. The paper fell to the floor.

Tamara looked to her mother, who stared back, with her face flushed. Dropping paper on purpose was a very big NO.

Lucy held up a bundle of ribbons, all delicately embroidered with her name and flowers, bright yellow daffodils. She discarded them, letting a few slip to the floor as she reached eagerly for the big box. Within seconds the lid was removed, to reveal a brand new, exquisite birch, it smelt of the fresh countryside.

Lucy looked at Mrs Walters, she had never seen one before. “What am I supposed to do with this?” She asked mockingly, frowning at the birch as if it was a silly little toy, like a doll, meant for young children.

Mrs Walters stood, and Tamara went to stand behind Lucy. “Well, first of all, you take a ribbon, and tie it in a bow, just here.” Instructed Mrs Walters in a kind soft voice.

Lucy did so, with an annoyed ‘tut’ gently and deftly. “Now what?”  She asked with a bored look to the sky.

In a very matter of fact way Mrs Walters told her. “You take your dress off, bend over the chaise lounge, and take a beating with it dear!”

Lucy’s face turned ashen.


Unusually for Lucy, she did not hesitate. She had never been ordered to do such a thing, and had never seen such a strong determined figure telling her to do as she said.


Tamara, like some kind of smiling assassin took the wrists of the girl, saying sweetly “it is for your own good”

And there she was only fifty minutes into her year at the school, bottom up, bloomers open at the back, feeling six good hard swats of the birch on her bare rump.


“That is the only time you will get just six young lady, I never sentence a girl to less than twelve. It may be reduced to ten if you take it well, make a huge fuss and it will have more added and quite possibly start all over again! I will not tell you again! Rosalee! In here now!”

The girl came marching in, straight and quiet.

“Show Lucy to your room. This is your room mate, learn well from her. If you get punished in your room, she gets the same. If she gets punished in your room, you get the same. Off you go, tea is in one hour. Do not be late!”

Lucy stood rubbing her bottom, tears filling her eyes. “Yes Mrs.Walters.”

The two girls left.