Friends Bring a Book – Part Three

You ought to read parts one and two really, here is a link to part two, which has a link to part one,

After their masturbation, the girls decided it was time for spanking each other. Kate eagerly agreed to be first. Charlotte wanted to spank, which satisfied Samantha, as her legs were still wobbly from her orgasm.

They stood up together. “I love baring my bottom for a spanking, especially after being told to! Let’s pretend we have just been told to by a Headmaster or Headmistress!” Suggested Kate.

The others agreed eagerly…”ooooh yes, let’s!”….”and slowly!”

So slowly, their deliciously soft yet firm, spankable bottoms were bared.

They put their little aprons on.

Looking through the pages of the book, each girl was going to pick a position to be spanked in, Samantha flicked through the pages for the first pair to pick.

The decision was made.

What a lovely moment in my life this was, it was as if I had disappeared and was moving around the room like a spirit. The warm sun came through the window, casting lovely shadows and a great light for photography, as my three girls spanked. The noise…ohhhh the noise! The smacks, the giggles, the comments, and little squeals. The sight of bottoms having little shock waves running through them, wriggling, gasping, squirming…

This was beautiful spanking, everything I have ever wanted, was there, before me…right before my eyes. This was what I have patiently worked for…

To know these three so well, to witness what I see, to invent and then direct a scene with three beautiful curvy women who know and love spanking as much as me.

I am not sure what has brought us together. Me, all those years ago deciding to become a spanking photographer, knowing nothing about it! Slowly finding my way. These three, all starting their modelling careers in different directions. Yet somehow, we end up living within three miles of each other.

Friends, with a love of tea, cake, long chats, and spanking.

Fate I suppose…