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Three Naughty Schoolgirls – Part 4

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It wasn’t long before the three girls were back, Charlotte, Kate and Stephanie had been playing truant. Three best friends off with a cold the same day? Their notes in the same hand writing and word for word the same. I got them in the detention room.

“Your choice is simple, admit your guilt and you will get the plimsol a dozen each, make me ring your parents to find out the truth, and it will be a dozen of the cane each, on the stage in the Assembly Hall, before the school. What’s it to be?” I asked.

“I told a fib and am sorry Mr.Jones. I played truant.” Said Charlotte.

“I did the same, sorry Sir.” Said Kate.

“Me too Mr Jones.” Confessed Stephanie.

“Then get in a line again and bare those naughty bottoms for me.”

“Yes Sir.” “Yes Sir.” “Yes Sir.”…

“I have put the form their for you to kneel on. I want you all on there kneeling, hands to the floor, bare bottom up.”

With all the girls in position, ‘bottoms up high’, I pulled their crisp, white school knickers down, left to right.

And there they were, presented, three bare bottoms for spanking. Each slightly different, but all lovely specimens of the female bottom.

I studied them, and made them wait, in shame, squirming in embarrassment.

I made my way right to left, standing at their heads, my legs each side of their ears, my left hand in the small of their back and gave them all a hard dozen with my size fifteen plimsol.


I know you want to see their red bottoms, but in a shoot it is not that easy sometimes. I do eventually cane them over a vaulting horse, one at a time as the other two girls hold ankles and wrists. But I wanted to cane from cold, my favourite and theirs. So on this occasion I did not spank.

As you will see.


Sent Home from School with a Note, and Spanked…again!

Only a little set….boooo!

But it is part of a bigger story with lots if red naughty bottoms…hooray!

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After her caning at school, poor naughty Kate had to go home on the bus with a note, saying what had happened, and its consequences.

Mummy took the note…”you have been caught masturbating with a cane? The handle inside you!! You naughty girl!”

“Now you can stay there, with your school knickers around your ankles and bare bottom on show until your sisters and Daddy get home! Then you can read this letter out aloud! I am going to ask Daddy to use his belt on your bottom young lady! Before your sisters! Then you can stay there, in disgrace, whilst we eat our tea!” Shouted an exasperated Mummy.

“Yes Mum.”

You Naughty Girl Samantha! Get to my Office, Now! Number – 1

Samantha is such a naughty girl. The sweetest of smiles, the politest of attitude, and she could charm the apples off the tree. But she gets into all sorts of mischief.

Today I have had enough, she wrote formulae all on her upper thigh, thinking that no teacher would be brave enough to ask her to lift her skirt. But as she leaned over to her bag, in the exam hall, she fell off her chair, only six feet from me. I could see the whole of her knickers, never mind her thighs, covered in ink. How the rest of year 12 laughed, especially when I grabbed her ear to take her out, telling her that a bare bottom slippering was heading her way!

She is in the toilets as I speak to you, washing her thighs. Oh, there is a knock….”Come in!”

I have a long leather Chesterfield sofa in my office, you will notice that the arm is very worn, I often bend a girl over the arm, and years of wriggling has made quite a scuff mark. It is a tradition that on a girls first couple of visits they go over the sofa.

“Right young lady, I view cheating very seriously! You are getting a dozen of the tawse across your cheeks! Now get to the sofa, and bend over!”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

I must say, that she presented her bare bottom very well, don’t you agree?

I’ll just get the red leather tawse and wrap it around her bottom. My word! She is going to jump and squeal!


My Tribute to the Spanish Spanking Artist Mario Laboccetta

As with my other tributes…

click here… 

…this is not a copy of his fabulous work. It is just a tribute, how his work inspired me.

To see his work go to…

…Click here…

…you have to scroll down quite a way, but it is an interesting journey to scroll through!

I find his work unusual, such as the long fingers, maybe an influence of the flamenco dancers and their castanets…(however you spell it!). This one, did it for me…

Two women being passed a martinet as they look at the bottom and pussy of another, fascinated. Getting ready to redden her cheeks…

So in one of my studio rooms I set up a simple arrangement, and asked Kate with her fine Victorian rump to play the girl to be spanked, and Stephanie and Charlotte to be the observers. The shading in the art work made me think of candle light, and oil lamps.

Then a thought struck me…

In the art work, maybe they were passing the martinet back, perhaps her bottom was red and striped and they want to masturbate looking at it.

What do you think? Pre or post spanking?

Maybe they fingered her pussy after her spanking? Then rubbed their own to orgasm after…

More tributes to follow.


The Effect of a Wooden Spoon on a Naughty Bottom

Have you read ‘The Wooden Spoon and Charlotte’s Revenge’?

Well Charlotte took a great wooden spooning and here are some photos I did not use…(for continuity I have used a couple I did use too)

Mummy then put her on show for you, and remember, that this of course is her real Mummy…see

Here she is on show, the difference between a hand or slipper spanking is the concentration of the marks…

Kate and Karen Spanking and Caning in one of my Boudoirs

Some of these will be chosen for ‘The Inveigle’.

All my girls love looking out if the windows of the Victorian house, sometimes people look back up at them. Whatever do they think?

They decide to spank each other by the window…but first a few strokes of the cane…

Then they spank…

And to finish, they went back to the cane…

As you can see, they swapped over at the end.


Blushing Buns Cafe – Extras

Hopefully you have read my stories about this cafe, click here for part one…

And here for part two…

Like most shoots I do, I tend to overdo the quantity, here are some I did not use in the stories. Nothing wrong with them, you’ll like them.

I love it here, it is the building where I sell my antiques. I got all my desks from here, and shot the naked shopping trip here. All the people know what I do and let me have my girls serving friends sometimes. I put on events now and then and these followers came for an evening cup of tea and a scone, any mistakes by the waitresses punished by a spanking.

I often sit here, when vanilla customers are in, completely unaware that over coffee I am writing my stories, or editing photos. I feel quite daring!

Also, when I have had a client for a spanking, and afterwards they want a chat about all I do and our shared interest, I bring them here. The girls in the cafe know, and love to make my clients blush by putting. Cushion on their seat.

“Oh gosh! Do they know?” They ask.

… ‘Of course!’ I reply with a smile, and blush they do, especially when they bring pink iced buns out, free of charge. One each, and I add, “…welcome to my Blushing Buns Cafe.”